Hello perverts, my name is Kennedy. I can be the cock teaser or a pouty pleaser, but no matter what I am doing I am always a bad girl at heart. You can take a good look at my rocking ass and perky tits but when it comes to getting down and dirty. It’s my imagination that will have you squirting like a garden hose.

I guess you could say that I am use to getting what I want. I use to dance and I can't tell you how many business cards I would have by the end of the night. You know, guys wanting to secretly date me, aka fuck my brains out? Well, let's just say, married perv's, who get lap dances are the grabbiest bunch of horn-dogs ever!

Did I ever take a guy up on his offer? Well, I will never kiss and tell. <wink> You will just have to decide that yourself. I will say this, I am the type of bitchin' babe that will tease and tug on a cock with my mouth so close to it he can practically feel me sucking it. All it takes, for some guys, is a few strokes and they are finis! Premature ejaculator's make me giggle. I do enjoy inflicting tease and denial play or ruined orgasms too. Most guys are left with their cum everywhere or blue balled wondering how they lost all the control with me? Its because they never really had it to begin with.


For you guys with the premium pecker-wood? Well, I want to get to know you better! So many fun things to do with a big, juicy, cock but my favorite is to stuff it in my tight twat with no condom on! I am a total cum slut, sometimes. <grins> My second favorite thing to do, is brag about all those big dicks I am getting to all my small penis friends who wished they could fuck me too, ha! I also have a knack for being a home wrecker, in case you weren't aware. <wink>

I enjoy tease and denial, ruined orgasms, super taboo fantasies, foot fetish play, revenge fantasies, cock control, teasing small peepee's, cream pies, and big cocks in my tight pussy, cuckolding, impregnation fetishes, banging you in front of your annoying wife, and being a home-wrecker, getting my pussy licked by boys AND girls, and ropey cum on my titties or pretty feet, but only if you can squirt hard and have lot's of jizz for me!



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