I’m 18 with big blue eyes and a slender, petite body but you can already see that from looking at my photos.
Oh yeah, I should introduce myself, my name’s Olive.
You must be the guy perving on my small tits and slim body. Nice to meet you, creeper. 😉

So like, I’ve always loved being naked. Ever since I can remember I was running around like some excited escapee, giggling and throwing laughing fits while my parents would chase me around desperately trying to get me to put clothes back on. It was fun being a spoiled brat causing a ruckus all the time. I still run around and say crazy things and prance around my room singing and screaming at the top of my lungs. I can’t wait until I’m 21 and can legally drink. I can see things spiralling out of control from there and I’m gonna love it.

What am I into? Well, I love young voice phone sex and barely legal phone sex roleplays since I have a young voice, I guess that’s kind of a given right there.

So I’m 18, a totally legal adult now and I can do whatever the hell I want! It’s fan-fuckin’ tastic! #YOLO! That must make all the pervs in my neighborhood really happy. It must put me on the market in their eyes and I’m no longer jail bait. I’m not stupid I’ve always been hip to their pervy ways. I’ve had pervy teachers, babysitters, and plenty of other dudes trying to get looks at my sugar pot for a long time now.

I don’t think I purposely dress sexy or slutty but maybe I do. I know I act wild and say whatever I’m thinking and I can be a real entitled little brat because I know all those pervert thoughts you’re thinking. I bet I can get you to admit some. I love no limits phone sex and nothing is too taboo or whatever it is I am supposed to hint at without actually saying it. I do whatever fantasy or roleplay involving my cute young voice that you want. Except, I don’t really care for sissies that much. Those guys freak me out. Just gross.

I like being that tiny fuck doll that you just want to violate and do naughty things to, but I also like to throw the fact that you’re a perv in your face sometimes. It depends on the mood. You’ll love me if you’re into spunky little runt 18 teens with a wild side.

If you’ve got a need for a barely legal phone sex brat, call Olive, and have no limits taboo fantasies handed over to you.

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