Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Delaney

How many times a day would you say you jerk off? Come on fess up. You can tell me. Is it 1 or 2 times, or 5 times? For me, I would say I probably masturbate at least 3 times a day. I have to cum every day. If I don’t I get really cranky and bitchy and nobody wants that We can cum together on mutual masturbation phone sex calls. I love hearing a man shoot his load, moaning and groaning in my ear, saying “I’m cumming!”, knowing that I am responsible for that load. We can tell each other how we are touching ourselves. We can even instruct one another on how to masturbate. I have no problem telling you every single detail of what I am doing to myself. I will probably start out using my fingers to tease my clit and slide them in and out of my pussy getting them wet and slippery. Don’t be surprised if you hear me sucking and licking my fingers clean. I really love the taste of my pussy juices.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Do you want to hear me fuck myself with a dildo? I can do that! We can pretend you are actually here fucking me on our mutual masturbation phone sex call. Tell me how you would slide your cock in me. Would it be slow and gentle, or fast and deep? Would you be rubbing my clit while you fuck me? I can do that on our call while I pound my cunt with a big thick dildo. I’ll close my eyes and imagine it’s you inside me. You see? It can be so much more fun getting off with me than yanking your meat all alone for a quick nut. Give me a call baby. Let’s cum together. Just dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Delaney.


Bratty Phone Sex with Chloe

Listen up, motherfuckers. I might look sweet and innocent, but I’m not. Not to losers like YOU. What you’re going to get with me is the bratty phone sex Princess you never even knew that you needed. See, you idiots don’t normally even realize how fucked up you are. You need guidance from a barely legal Princess like me. I can help you get your life together and figure out what your true calling in life is. Some of you have a life purpose that involves getting dressed up in panties and lingerie and being the best sissy slut that you can be.  But you should know that this particular life path involves you getting down on your knees to suck cock and eventually bending over to take dick in your sissy cunt. Do you think that’s something you can handle? I know you want to – you’re thinking about it.

Phone Sex

I mean, just imagine it right now. You’re on your knees with a giant black cock in your mouth. You might even be gagging or have tears running down your cheeks because that’s just what happens sometimes when you’re sucking cock. Especially really big cocks. And while you’re sucking that dick like your life depends on it, you feel another one pushing up against your tight virgin pussy hole. Do you think you’d be nervous or do you think you’d wiggle your butt and let him know that you’re ready to take his giant dick in your cunt? I guess only time will tell. What you need to do right now is call me for bratty phone sex so we can figure out exactly what YOU are meant to do with your pathetic life. I will be here waiting to help direct you. Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for bratty Chloe.

Cum Denial Phone Sex with Delaney

I always have so much fun taunting a horny guy with cum denial phone sex. Seriously, it really taps into my mean streak as I just love to torture and tease you, making you beg me to allow you the privilege of cumming. I edge you again and again letting you think that this time I’m going to allow you to cum. And when I don’t, you practically cry which only makes me laugh at you for being so pathetic. Don’t you know that the more you grovel the more I will deny you? I like telling you how to stroke your dick for me, making you feel so good, having you under my control. I can always tell when you are close to cumming. That’s when the fun really begins. That’s when I edge you even harder, challenging you to not cum until I say so.

Cum Denial Phone Sex

But of course, you’re so weak you always fail the test and your dick starts spurting out of control. No man has ever been able to refrain from shooting his load on cum denial phone sex with me. It’s my fault really. I just enjoy torturing you too much. I get carried away with teasing you and edging you and making you beg because I love to hear you beg me to let you cum. As if you could reach a soft spot in me to have sympathy for you. As annoying as it is to hear how pathetic and weak you are, it also thrills me knowing I’m causing you agony by not letting you release. And then of course, you end up making a mess by nutting all over yourself. See, no self-control. And nothing brings me more joy than to play on that!

Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Delaney for cum denial phone sex

Cream Pie Phone Sex with Gabrielle

Baby I have some cream you have in your mouth! It tastes so sweet. I want you to taste every inch of white cream that you can. I know Ive never had any complaints about the taste. It’s very sweet and silky too. Once you have one taste of this creamy cum you will want more and that’s a fact. One time is all it takes. I’ve been told before that when I get horny, I get soaking wet. I mean I can cum and squirt at the same time. My pussy juice is all it takes, baby . You’re a dirty little freak to be licking cum till it’s all gone. I want to ride your big cock right now and then lick the cum off of your dick so I can taste my own pussy juices. Once you have cream-pie phone sex with me you won’t want to have it with any other woman. I will demand when I want you to eat my pussy till i cum or beg you to stop. Now be a good little slave and get on your knees and eat all this cum from my pussy. Beg for it, wait for it and crave it baby. You need to be a good slave if not then no more cream-pie phone sex for you!

Cream Pie Phone Sex

I am going to throw my friend into our sex game and I want you to make her moan and drain every ounce of cum she has up inside her pussy . I think I like having a threesome. It brings more excitement into the bedroom. And more cum for you to eat and rub all over your face, You can fuck me and her anytime you want and become my dirty fucking freaky slave. So any time I want you you will make yourself available for me to do as i please or also you can do as you please! But always you have to eat my cream-pie first before you stick any cock up inside me.

Gabrielle – 1 888 70 HOT4U

Twitter: @Gabriel61692643

Big Tit Phone Sex with Delaney

I know what you’re thinking when I see you staring at this big tit phone sex hottie.  You are such a slave to massive juggs, aren’t you?  I mean, you are practically drooling over there…and with your lady sitting right next to you too!  Shame on you.  I bet you have a boner hiding under the table too, you perv.  You really can’t help it, I get it. Do you have visions of your cock sliding up and down between my huge boobs dancing in your head?  Oh, I know you do!  You have that look in your eyes that all men do when they get a glimpse of my voluptuous melons.  Just like you, they all end up staring unwavering, getting lost in the beauty of my bust.  I have had many a cock slipping and sliding between these beauties.

Big Tit Phone Sex

It is not every woman who can give you a proper titty fucking, you must know.  I have sucked on many dicks pushing their way up my cleavage straight into my mouth.  Is that what you fantasize about right now?   Of course it is, they are hypnotic. Honestly, I don’t blame you.  I see what you’ve got to work with.  Your poor wife/girlfriend’s tits are nothing compared to mine.  Looks like she must be what, a  C cup at best?  Are they saggy too? Eh, that’s kind of average.  But there is nothing average about this big tit phone sex goddess.  Do you see my nipples trying to poke through my tight-fitted top?  Yeah well, I don’t bother to wear a bra.  So what you see is truly what you get.  Big, round, firm, tits!  When you walk by I’ll slip you my number.  Give me a call @ 1-888-70-HOT4U and maybe you’ll get to have some fun with this amazing bosom of mine.

Strap On Phone Sex with Gabrielle

Strap on phone sex can be very interesting especially when you call in and i am already horny. It can be very pleasurable or sometimes a bit extreme. It can be painful but if you want more intense pain I am sure that can be arranged. Now I like a little bit of sex to be rough, when it comes to being dominant I love using the strap on. Don’t worry I will use some lube for your asshole. Now me using this strap-on will get you ready for the next time we have anal sex. Oh you want to use the strap-on on me? Well let me tell you fuck tits. Hell no, if i wanted something to be probed up my ass i would use a real stiff cock! I might just call your buddy Max here to give his cock and tease my clit with his tongue. Or better yet I want to watch you probe his asshole by taking his asshole and giving him the best rim job he’s ever had, you nasty little prick. And make him scream your name while anal fucking him.

Phone Sex

See I always knew you were a freak and had a perverted side to you. I want me and you to have the best Strap on phone sex you have ever had. You know while I insert this 10 inch dildo in your ass i will make it so fucking raw you wont be able to sit down for a whole week. Then when i am done fucking your ass I am going to make you lick it fucking sparkling clean. That’s right you will do what i fucking say you little sissy boy. It makes your dick so hard don’t it you little cunt bitch. And my pussy gets so wet as we have strap on phone sex and while i fuck you in your wore out asshole. I am going to have you bent over every which way your fucking lazy body will move. And if you don’t listen to me then I am gonna have to punish you by probing your raw ass. Yes we can video record it and watch it any time you want to make fun your little nub.

Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Gabrielle now for strap on phone sex

Voyeur Phone Sex with Belladonnna

So, I have this fun-as-fuck voyeur phone sex caller who loves to tell me about all the peeping he has done. Maybe he’s still doing it too, but you didn’t hear that from me *wink* Anyway, he has this thing about people watching. He said it used to just be watching people walk through parking lots or the mall. He also had a porn addiction (cuz he’s a guy, of course), and one day both of those hobbies just seemed boring to him. He realized he still wanted to watch people from afar, but not doing the boring things they do in malls and parking lots. He wanted to see how people REALLY fucked and masturbated, not how they show it in porn. Unrealistic bodies, camera shot angles, and scene cuts filled by fluffers – none of this is reality. He now had a new obsession.

Voyeur Phone Sex

He got the most powerful binoculars he could find. He lives in a suburb that isn’t too far from a city full of skyscrapers. He has found a few good spots where people don’t think they are being watched, and he has found his new fetish. Every time he calls for voyeur phone sex he tells me about how he was on a balcony of a tall building and saw into the bedrooms of several people who thought they couldn’t be seen, or he was in his car in the parking lot of a seedy no-tell motel and could see things happening he could never tell his wife about. That’s why he needs voyeur phone sex – he needs an outlet because he’s always so stimulated by what he sees.

Then, quite often, we discuss the kind of show he’d like to catch in my bedroom window. I tell him about some of my hottest lingerie, giving as much detail as I can so he can see it in his mind’s eye. I tell him I can feel myself being watched, but it only turns me on more. I part the curtains and purposely put on a show…

Want to hear the rest of that peepshow? Call 1 888 70 Hot4U for the front row center seat of some hot voyeur phone sex with me, Belladonna! The show can’t start until you’re here.

Facesitting Phone Sex with Gabrielle

Oh baby you want me to sit on your face just like I sit on the toilet seat? Sure I can do that but I must confess I just took a dump. What do you think ? You don’t even want me to wipe first? Oh you are a very dirty man and you ? You must get off when women sit on your face and don’t wipe first. I also don’t shave my ass crack nor do I shave my pussy. That is right baby I am full bush . You are very kinky and very raunchy. As I sit on your face you must lick me clean because I am basically using your face and tongue like toilet paper. Yes that’s right, prepare to get down and dirty with me because I am also kinky and this is one of my favorite fetishes. We will then go to me spreading my ass cheeks apart and maybe even farting in your mouth a little. Cause you are kinky and kinky men get treated rough when they have facesitting phone sex with me. I also want you to stick your long tongue deep inside my pussy hole. It may take me a while to get off depending how you use your tongue and how my pussy moves back and forward on your face.

Facesitting Phone Sex

Please do it right or I will never sit on your face again. You must listen to me because I am in control, not you! You can beg me but you must know how to eat a woman’s pussy. You must go nice and slow and not fast. I tell you that having facesitting phone sex is very, very raunchy. I am beginning to get nice and wet. Spread my pussy lips apart and you can taste my sweet cum that comes from this tight little pussy. Yes, I love using your face like a slip and slide . I can cum multiple times . If I farted right now would you want to bottle that smell up and take a sniff every now and then ? You would always be reminded of me and the hot nasty dirty time we had . Maybe if you’re a good boy you won’t be spanked. If you do it right, maybe next time we can use your face again like I use the toilet.

If this excites you, call me today Gabrielle @ 1-888-704-6848 I am waiting for your phone call!
Or email me at
Twitter at @Gabriel61692643

Sissy Phone Sex with Delaney

We all have a mean streak in us, some of us, way meaner than others, of course. I think I am one of those people. Sometimes I can’t control my meanness and I have to take it out on a poor weak soul like you on a sissy phone sex call. I’m gonna put a leash and collar on you after I dress you like a cheap used-up whore and parade you around the town and pimp you out. So come on already and assume the position. Let’s stuff that puny dicklet into some of my pink thong panties, fill a bra with some falsies, slip into that really short skirt and a far too small lacy tank I gave you, and let’s go bitch! You won’t be getting pussy tonight fucker! No…instead, I’m going to drag you from bar to bar and let whoever wants to milk that prostate force you to take it hard and deep in that fuck hole of yours like the cum slut you are.

Sissy Phone Sex

And because I know that won’t be enough since you are such a greedy cock whore, I’m going to bring you back to my place and ruin that ass on with a monster strap-on. I will have so much fun humiliating and abusing my little sissy phone sex bitch that I just might make it a full-time thing. I want to make you feel so small and worthless that you cry, and then, I’ll punish you for crying! I don’t like weak bitch ass men. And what’s worse, is men who think they are entirely in control. That doesn’t work for me. So you see, you really can’t win with me. But…I absolutely enjoy treating you like a shameful little bitch and reminding you that you are not the man you think you are. Not when I’m around. Nope, you are just a sissy phone sex bitch who needs to be reminded of that at every turn.

Call me at 1888 70 HOT4U and ask for Delaney

Humiliation Phone Sex with Chloe

Do you love humiliation phone sex with a cute barely legal girl like me? Good, because that’s one of my favorite things in the world. Losers like you don’t deserve anything else from pretty girls like me. I mean, you’re over 40 years old and you have never had a serious relationship. You probably haven’t even had sex before. You might not admit that to me yet, but that’s okay. I’ve talked to enough guys like you to know the deal. But let’s just say you HAVE had sex. You probably didn’t please her, did you? I mean, if you don’t have the proper equipment to make a woman cum, you aren’t going to be able to. I guess it’s not your fault that you were born with a small dick, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to laugh at it. Sorry not sorry – I really can’t help myself, loser.

Humiliation Phone Sex

That poor excuse for a cock is perfect for humiliation phone sex. I bet you never thought you’d hear a girl like me tell you that your cock is perfect for something, did you? Granted, I’ll be laughing at you while you pay me for it, but hey, you should take what you can get. I can’t wait to tell you how utterly useless your cock is to me. I’m used to huge ones that are well above average, so seriously the only thing you can do for me is amuse me. Maybe you’re even the type who would want to suck my lovers cock and get it hard for me before he fucks me. I’d love that and I might even let you clean up his creampie when he’s done with me. I am so ready to humiliate you. Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Chloe.

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