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Stocking and Leg Fetish Phone Sex

Hello, its your GFE pinup fox, Maxine! I am the sweetest tease and boy, do I love body worship. Its so sensual and erotic! I am whats known as a stocking and leg fetish phone sex tease. As a matter of fact, thats not the only place on my body that one could fetishize! There is my gorgeous hair, my sexy feet, my round ass, my panty covered, hairy, pussy, my boobs, my name it! I want you, to want me, from head to toe!

As a pin-up queen I love to play dress up and I have a huge collection of vintage lingerie. Silky stockings are a favourite of mine. And just for an FYI? You cannot wear stockings without garters. How tacky! The kind that stay up by themselves are just trashy! I only wear the best and the sexiest. Have you noticed just how long my legs are, and how curvy my gams are? Does the naked bit of thigh at the tops of my stockings driving you insane? Would you like to see my panties? Would you sniff and lick the wet spot in them? Did you know that I have a hairy pussy? Thats a fetish all by itself, yes? I am a retro chick who loves the art of teasing and pleasing or even teasing and denying, if I am feeling a bit wicked that day.

When you kneel, in front of me, with that giant cock out I want you to massage my legs and slip off my heels so you can suck, erotically, on my toes. Oh my! That is such a turn on. Body worship can be so hot! Want to roll one of my stockings off and wrap it around your cock? You could beat off with it while you suck my toes! Oh and I love missionary position, with my ankles on your shoulders, so you can suck my toes while you pump your fantasy fetish girlfriend to orgasm!

We could even roleplay that I am your sexy boss or neighbour, who wears sexy stockings, heels, and short skirts! I know how to be a good phone sex tease and slowly un-cross and re-cross my long legs! Want to watch me put on my stockings or adjust them? What a sexy peep show that would be!

Or maybe you are the peeping tom…the sexual fetish variations are endless!

kinky phone sex

I’m into kinky phone sex…it allows me to be a nasty slut and cum all over myself. I enjoy making men cum everywhere reaching for the ceiling or their faces leaving them dripping in cum. I love sucking a man until he cums so hard in my mouth that it spills out all over my face making me look like a real cum slut. I once had a few guys squirt their cum all over my body so I could be covered in cum … I know I’m so nasty. I like licking, tasting, sucking, rubbing, bathing, dripping, eating, swallowing, wearing, and devouring your cum.  Nothing makes me happier than to have a nasty man to play with me on the phone,  making me become that cum craving slut that I like to be.

Kinky phone sex really turns me on as you can see but what makes me crazy is when I find someone who enjoys it as much as me. Anyone can have vanilla sex I want that rush that OMG moment that blows you away. Think about it if you are going to have sex do you just want to get off or do you want to fucking explode? I would rather explode all over everything making it worth my time and getting the most from my experiences. I dated a guy once that fucked just to be fucking not sure he ever really enjoyed himself after him I said Fuck No I want quality and some really smoking hot kinky sex. So now I take pride in my nasty slutty ways and my sex life is thriving and steamy. I know you will want to join me and have some really good sex and cream yourself while I’m playing with you.

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Do you know what would be fun? Having a few drinks with a pretty girl and unwinding. Do you know what would be really fun? Having a few drinks FOR a pretty girl as she directs you to get drunk for her and then takes advantage of your state of mind. Let me be very clear. I am not talking about forced intox with blackmail where I take personal information from you and use it to make you do what I want. I may be the girl next door, but I am a Goddess, and you do what I want because I want you to, the alcohol just lubricates your brain and lets your inhibitions fall away. I’m not interested in pulling information about you out of your mouth while I tell you to drink for me. I am interested in making you do humiliating things, sexual things that you’ve been curious about, and having you pamper me at your own will. Of course I like being pampered, and I like when you adore me so that you want to spoil your Mistress.

If forced intox makes you more generous, more submissive, more vulnerable, well that is what I want. Isn’t it what you want, when you think about your forced intox phone sex fantasies? It makes you so horny when a pretty woman wants to pour liquor down your throat and manipulate you into being her play thing.

I want you to pick your drink and grab your favorite shot glass or whatever you prefer to drink from and settle in for a forced intox session with the lady next door. I don’t appear to be dangerous, and no one would suspect that I’m capable of making you do the things that I plan to make you do.

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phone sex chat room
Hey guys! We are happy to introduce a brand new phone sex chat room for our sites. This new chat room is not java so if you have had issues getting into chat, that should no longer be a problem. The chat works on tablets now too. One of the great things about our new chat is the ability to add your favorite girls to your friends list so you will be able to not only message in chat, but you can send them offline messages too!
If you scroll down this page toward the bottom is a floating box that says click here to chat. Just click that, sign in and get ready to chat with the hottest phone sex girls around. If you have questions about chat navigation once you’re there, don’t hesitate to ask the Mod or any of the girls who are chatting. We’re always happy to help you.
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kinky phone sex

If you talked to me as the dirty phone sex woman that I am now it might be hard to believe that my mouth wasn’t always so filthy. Many dirty and perverted things went through my head, but I kept it all inside and even when I tried to talk dirty to men I would get all shy and whisper. Those days seem like a lifetime ago, or that person seeems like a stranger to me. Now I let it all out when it comes to nasty talking and dirty phone sex. I don’t just talk about it either, I do it. I’ll take ice cubes out of my water and hold them to my sensitive hard nipples until I can’t stand it, and then roll my fingers over that frigid water and watch my aureola and nipples pucker up from the extreme cold. Oh, and then I imagine your hot breath blowing down on to them to relieve that intensity.

These days I am really not the least bit shy about what makes my pussy wet and in need of a hard pounding. I want to hear all of your nasty talk to while we get off with one another. Call me anything you want and confess whatever taboo thing that comes to your dirty mind when you hear my sexy voice.

I’m Stella, you can reach me at 1-888-704-6848

CBT phone sex

Hello there, boys! I know that a lot of you pain sluts are huge lovers of CBT phone sex, but have you ever been told what to do by a hot woman with a British accent? Trust me, once you hear my sultry voice instructing you to spank, cut and do harm to your cock and balls… well, you’re never going to be satisfied with anyone or anything else.

You know, some guys call me and they like the idea of CBT, but when it comes down to it they just don’t want to do it. They say things like “Lyric, I don’t think I really want to do that. It might really hurt me.” And you know what my response is to that? I say, “Don’t get your knickers in a bunch. You called me for CBT phone sex and that’s exactly what you’re going to get.”

You technically could decide what you are going to use for your CBT session with me, but it’s much more fun when I am the one who gets to choose. You’re such a pussy that you would probably pick something that wouldn’t cause you very much pain at all. So, yeah… you don’t get to choose. I’m not sure what I’ll be in the mood for when you call, so have the following things ready and available: shoe strings, rubber bands, wooden spoon, hair brush, ice, melted candle wax, icy hot. That should cover your first CBT phone sex session with me. It’s going to get a lot more extreme each time you call. I won’t have any mercy on you, even from day one, so I hope that you’re not looking for a softie. That is not me. Never has been and it never will be.

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foot fetish phone sex

Hello there, boys! This redheaded vixen is craving something… something I know you want too, love! I am craving foot worship phone sex. I need to come home from a long day at work, wearing my 6 inch stilettos, to a nice bubbly soak for my feet. I’ll kick off my heels, and peel off my stockings. After that you wouldn’t mind massaging my aching toes, and my mile long legs now, would you? It would help them feel soo much better! They are so sore, tired, and achy, and your hands know just the right places to touch to cure those aches and pains troubling my soft and supple tootsies.

Don’t get your knickers in a bunch, love! I like to give just as much as I receive in my seductive British accent. That means you’ll get what you want too, love. I am sure we will be able to come to some sort of understanding, if you explain what it is you want. It couldn’t be what I think it is, now could it? It couldn’t be my bare feet causing that huge tent in your pants like that, love, could it? Is there something you’re thinking about that’s causing your member to rise to the occasion, so to speak? It couldn’t be those toes that are grazing your thighs, could it? Now, baby, the sky is the limits during our foot worship phone sex session. I have absolutely no limits, and I really hate to use the word “no”, at least in that context, love. All of the possibilities have my head spinning, and my thoughts wandering to places it probably shouldn’t go. Please, love, don’t keep me waiting for too long!

Dial 1-888-70-HOT4U, and ask for your foot worship phone sex slut, Lyric!

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BBC phone sex

I’m Gabrielle, and I have been having sexually fantasy about have sex with big black cocks. So now I want to talk about black cock phone sex for all you guy’s that love hearing about a white girl getting fucked with black cocks. Just think about how it would make you feel if you walked in and caught your wife or girl friend fucking a black guy. I know you would stand there quietly watching his big black cock go deep inside your white girls pussy. Watching his black cock disappear inside her wet, pink pussy has your cock throbbing so hard that you have to take it out and stroke it right there.

What really turns you on is seeing your lady sucking on that big black cock watching her head going up and down on him. I know you would love to take pictures of her with his black cock inside her mouth wow that would be so hot. It would be a mouth full for of cock for her with him being so big. She would suck it good I’m sure and he would fuck her mouth making her take it deeper and deeper. Jealous … yes I know you would feel that but she is so into his cock you can’t stop her now, especially when you are so turned on.

Then he puts your lady on all fours and stand behind her rubbing his big black cock up and down her pink slit. As you squeeze your cock he pushes his black cock deep inside her pussy making her scream with delight. He continues to fuck her in and out deeper and deeper making her explode with cum all over his black cock. He then pulls out of her wet,  dripping pussy and strokes his black cock all over her face and titties until she is covered with his black cum. I know that is when you would cum all over yourself squirting cum everywhere making a big mess.

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hypnosis phone sex

It is a dark and twisted this road we are traveling.  Sinewy tree branches like skeletal limbs line this forbidden road.  You feel like you are being followed.  A sense of fear overtakes you.  You know you are in danger even though you are lying in bed.  Something evil this way comes.  I am not a gentle erotic hypnotist.  I use extreme mind control.  If you want to experience the dark side of hypnosis, then you must call me.  I am bewitching and practice the dark arts.  I will use my wicked powers to twist your mind and make your kinkiest fantasies come true.  Or I will make your fetish ten times or one hundred times more powerful through a hypnotic curse.  Come here and find out your fate during a  Hypnosis Phone Sex call.  I will use chanting, spells, curses, mind bending, “magicke” that has been passed down from the ages.

You will be my helpless prey as I enter your mind!  I will implant diabolical thoughts and fantasies and they will take root in the hidden recesses of your weak and defenseless mind.  You will find out just how much power I have when you call me for Hypnosis Phone Sex.  Be prepared.  When you come out of a mind control trance with me, you will not be the same man as you were before we went down that forbidden road.  I’m bewitching Serena and here is the number you will dial now 1-888-70-HOT4U.  I don’t need to explain why you must ask for me, you already know you will, don’t you…

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humiliation phone sex

Gabrielle here, your new humiliation phone sex queen.  I like humiliating men and making them feel so small and degrading like your little dick…hahaha. Humiliation phone sex is what I do best with you little-dick losers. I will spare no feelings when I laugh and make fun of you. I think all you little-dick guy’s should be on my blog showing what you Don’t Have hahaha! I will make fun of your little weenie to the point you will be begging me to stop. I will also introduce your little dick to rosy palm because you and your pathetic dick will become her lover, best friend, or whatever you want to call her. So stop your whining and call me because you know I’m the best you will ever do.

I love to humiliate men of all ages I find out all your inadequacy’s then making you feel so bad for telling me about it. I will humiliate you about anything even about your ugly self or your lack of women in your life. I will never feel sorry for making fun of your short comings ever! I will leave you dripping in your own cum because you are a useless loser who has no brain or anything I would ever want. Telling my friends and having them laugh at you or writing about you on my blog is bad enough, but trust me I won’t stop there.  I will make you look like the biggest pathetic loser of all times.

You’ll wonder why girls always laugh at your penis well just call me I will tell you the truth always, I will pull no punches ever. Your little baby penis will be so happy just to get some attention from a hot lady that it won’t care if it’s good or bad.

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