Taboo Phone Sex with Chloe

Goodness…my tight cunt has been so horny lately! And would you like to know what I’ve been thinking about while I rub it late at night? Well, I have been thinking that I would really love some taboo phone sex. I’ve been just lying here at night thinking about how hot it would be if an older man just opened the door to my room one night and walked in just in time to catch me having an orgasm. I wonder if I would be embarrassed or if I would just tell him to come on in and join me. Let’s be real – I’m not that shy, so I really doubt that I’d be embarrassed. Knowing me, I’d probably just spread my legs wider and tell him to get down there and make me cum again. Of course, if he did that, I would be more than happy to let him fuck my tight pussy.

Taboo Phone Sex

Do you like that idea, or is there another taboo phone sex fantasy that’s been on your mind lately? I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ll talk to you about anything you want, so don’t be shy when you call me! Even if I’ve never done the fantasy you have, I will! You can teach me all about it, as long as you don’t mind doing that. I love helping men cum and if whatever makes you shoot your load is considered morally wrong by most people, well, that doesn’t matter to me. It might even make me want to do it more! Yup, I’m that kind of girl. So just go ahead and get on the phone so you can give me a call. I will be here, ready and waiting for you!

Just dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Chloe!

CFNM Phone Sex Goddess Belladonna

You can probably hear my evil giggle in your head as you think about how much fun I’m going to have when you call me for CFNM phone sex. I mean, seriously, how fucking precious is it that you have no choice but to be bare-ass naked immediately and I get to wear clothing the whole time? You know you’d love to look at and touch my naked body, but the fact of the matter is you simply aren’t worthy of it, so instead you must bare your entire body for the privilege of just talking to a Goddess like me. Be warned that when you do so there’s nothing left to hide. I can see everything, including your hard cock, and know if it’s worth fucking or making fun of – don’t expect me to go easy on you. I’m a picky bitch. The whole point of CFNM phone sex is your humiliation, after all, and I absolutely thrive on putting you in your place.

CFNM Phone Sex

You’ll love being my naughty little CFNM phone sex slave. Before long you’ll be stroking your throbbing cock, with my permission of course, while we talk about you serving all of my lady friends and me while you wear nothing but your birthday suit. I’m sure you can imagine all the naughty things we’ll request of your naked body, and how much fun we’ll have at your cock’s expense, and any time you blush from the embarrassment you can bet we will know! You won’t be able to hide ANYTHING – that’s the beauty of CFNM phone sex! You’re completely fucking EXPOSED!

I can’t wait to see those cheeks all pink with humiliation or just from being spanked. Call 1 888 70 Hot4U and ask for Goddess Belladonna for CFNM phone sex – make sure you’re appropriately UNdressed!!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Delaney

Well hey there you dirty foot fuckers! Are you in the mood for a foot fetish phone sex fantasy today? I bet your eyes are always looking at the feet of sexy chicks everywhere you go. Go ahead and take a look at my stocking feet. Is your mind just racing at what you would like to my sweet feet? Let me give you a little tease of how I would make you squirt all over my feet. First–I would take out your dick and lick you from balls to head, getting you nice and slippery wet. Then I would pull your cock from my mouth letting my spit drip all down your shaft. Now that I have you good and hard—your foot fetish phone sex fantasy is about to get really intense.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Just lay back and relax baby. I’ve got this! Spread your legs for me. I’ll sit at the end of the bed propped up against some pillows, stretching my legs in between yours. I want to watch your face when I first glide my feet over your shaft slowly up to the head. Mmmmm you like that don’t you? I heard you gasp and I saw your eyes roll back in your head. Ready for more? As I am rubbing every inch of your shaft with the balm of one foot, the other one is going to be massaging and squishing your balls with my toes. I want you to really experience every joyous moment of your foot fetish phone sex fantasy. But that is all I’m going to tell you for now. If you want to cum….you need to call. And then I will tease your cock and balls into a frenzy with your foot fetish phone sex fantasy until you explode all over my feet!!

Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Delaney

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Olive

You dirty old men sure are everywhere. You need a crafty 18 teen princess that knows exactly what to do with you. There are so many bratty domme phone sex uses for you dirty old creepers. I’m talented at it all too. You know, I know exactly how to get under your skin and make you weak and silly. It won’t be long before you start begging me to let you take me shopping. You want to dress up your hot new brat in whatever outfits she likes. I like to be spoiled absolutely rotten you know. So I want those Jimmy Choo white cage high heels, that hot pink Lela Rose mini dress, and jingling new bangle bracelets. Oh yes, I want it all and you are going to give it to me.

Bratty Domme Phone Sex

I’m going to have you so addicted to my perfect and slender princess body that you won’t even fully realize that you’re on the verge of having a full-blown findom relapse. It’s only natural, baby. I’m an addictive bratty domme phone sex princess and honestly, the second I have you cornered and utterly addicted, I want to rake your ass over the coals. I’ll be sitting in your lap and thumbing through wallet while I give you your very first relapse humiliation task. You’ll be so desperate to do it, too!

It’s okay, you can admit that it feels so good to be dominated by a younger girl. It feels good to be used by a smart findom princess that knows how to milk your cock and your bank account. Older perverts like you make it a cakewalk too. I’ll be walking all over you like my brand new area rug. You can’t say I didn’t warn you, creeper. You knew what you were getting into. All it takes is one look in my eyes and you know I’m a wicked thing. You know there’s no escape and you know your next findom phone sex relapse is coming. So don’t delay the inevitable.

Call Olive for addictive bratty domme phone sex. 1-888-70-HOT4U

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex with Delaney

Are you one of those shy guys who has trouble talking to younger sexy girls like me but you are just bursting to get your hands on us? Are you intimidated by my hot curvy body and pretty face? We can work around that, you know. You should call me for girlfriend experience phone sex and we can start to help you with your hot girl phobia. All you need is a little practice and I am thrilled to help you with that. . You just need a loving nudge to help you feel more confident. That’s where I come in as your virtual girlfriend on girlfriend experience phone sex. I’m the one who will greet you at the door and take you by the hand leading you into our bedroom. You can tell me about your day or anything you feel like talking about. You just get comfy and enjoy the show as I start to slowly strip everything off in front of you, kissing you softly with every piece of clothing I take off.

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

Then I’ll gently make you lay back on the bed and tell you to just relax as I slide your cock into my mouth…slowly milking you with my lips and making your dick grow harder and harder, licking up your pre-cum, and massaging your juicy balls. I may even surprise you with a little lick around that rim of yours and a bit of tongue fucking your asshole. I just want you to feel good and to take care of you like a girlfriend should. I want you to be able to have everything you have ever wanted with a girl during our girlfriend experience phone sex. Let me be that girlfriend you’ve always dreamed of having. Call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U.


Intoxication Phone Sex with Princess Lola

We all have our “me time” rituals that usually involve some sort of personal licensing. If I do “x” I can splurge on a new dress or a meal on the weekends with girlfriends. And I think it’s time you add me to your personal licensing routine! What I am trying to tell you is, that it’s time to give yourself permission to treat yourself and call me for intoxication phone sex. I’m issuing you a Lola License right now and all you have to do is hang on the line to pay your cum tax. Now pick your poison or poisons and give me a call. I’ll be there waiting for you with open arms and sometimes open legs (only if you’re a super freak with a big dick!)

Intoxication Phone Sex

My “me time” usually involves a nice meal, an edible, a bottle of dry wine, oral sex and a taboo role-play. The seven deadly sins, baby! What kind of intoxication phone sex makes your cock the hardest? Sometimes when people party, their minds head to some darker places. I am sure you’ve been there. That’s the best part if you ask me; Lose all your inhibitions and be a sexual deviant with me. I’m not too judgmental; I’m encouraging! Unless you thoroughly enjoy some humiliation with your intox games. If that is the case, this princess is up for that too!

Don’t drink and drive, drink and call Princess Lola instead. Besides, it’s a lot harder to jerk off while your driving. When I take control over you as your bossy little princess, I’m really doing a public service. I’ll be waiting to dispense some intense intoxication phone sex fun for you. Call and confess to me your deepest darkest secrets. Do you like to be taken advantage of? Do you remember something extra kinky from your past that you just need to share? What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? I want to hear your stories and share some of my own filthy exploits. It makes my pussy wet to think about the limitless phone sex we could have together.

I bet a real dirty boy like you even likes to be coerced, taken advantage of and dominated during intoxication phone sex. Don’t you? After you loosen up, you’ll confess to me all your deep dark secrets and that will make you so much more malleable. I could turn you into my own personal little boozer loser party boy. Before you are even aware, you’ll be down on your knees and ready to submit to my every wicked whim! I think it’s time we got this party popping off, don’t you? I promise it’ll feel amazing to shut the rest of the world out, free your mind, and focus on me!

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Princess Lola for fun intoxication phone sex!

Facesitting Phone Sex with Belladonna

I know you love ass worship, but do you also love breathing? I know, some guys like that smothered feeling when the ass on their face is a big one, but for some, that’s not as exciting. You’re that guy – you love a hot ass like mine, and now that you’re looking at it all you can think about is facesitting phone sex with my cute and petite ass. You want to feel my tight ass cheeks bouncing and grinding on your face, taste and smell that delicious ass of mine, and the idea has your cock so hard that it’s in your hand right now. Am I right? I know I’m right.

Facesitting Phone Sex

Facesitting phone sex can be fun with my ass and pussy. I don’t have to move around too much for you to get both of them on your face at once. There’s no need for special furniture like a queening stool – those things just lessen the experience by literally coming between my ass and your face. I can really sit on your face, no need to try and support myself to relieve the pressure when my cheeks touch your cheeks. Instead, I get to rub my ass all around, wiggle and jiggle, even twerk while riding your face. You can easily get your tongue in whichever hole you want it in and trust me – I love it when you tongue fuck me! I’m all about facesitting phone sex because I want to be pleased by you. You can’t look at me and tell me I do not deserve it, can you?

Now do as you are told and lie on your back. It is time to put your tongue to work. I am all in for facesitting phone sex, so call 1 888 70 Hot4U and ask for Mistress Belladonna.

Phone Sex Brat Olive

I know what you are – you’re a dirty old man staring at my sexy 18 teen body. You… not-so-good sir, are a filthy pervert! Lucky for you, I’m the phone sex brat that knows just what to do with you. Haha, you can look at me all you want, there’s no way I am going to let you touch me unless we do it MY way. It’s my way or the highway, creeper. So grab your keys and let’s get in your car because you are about to become my new Uber driver. Next stop: picking up some of my besties so we can get ready to shop!

Phone Sex Brat

Quit your moaning, pervert! If you want to be near a cute phone sex brat like me, you’re going to have to treat me AND all my friends like princesses. That’s right, you’re taking all three of us barely legal princesses on a shopping spree. You’re also buying us lunch a the mall’s food court. Oh. My. God. You’re still complaining!? Come on, look at how skinny and petite we all are. Lunch for each one of us is a load of semen and then a venti latte from Starbucks. *sigh*

You need to learn how to be a better loyal subject for your princess. It’s a good thing I have the time to teach and train you as your phone sex brat. That’s right, all you have to do is supervise us three caffeinated 18 teen monsters, buy us slutty outfits, and drive us back home and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. We’ll model our cute little stripper outfits for you and you’ll carry all our bags. Maybe if the timing is right you can sneak into one of the fitting rooms with us and we’ll take turns teasing and pumping your cock. Oh…. you really like us! You have SO much pre-cum leaking all over the place for us to eat. I can’t wait until we get back in the car and park at some secluded area…. then the fun will really begin. I sure hope it’s dark out by then because we are going to get naked!

Here comes the best part of fooling around with a phone sex brat and her princess friends! All three of us cuties are naked in your car and we make you pull out your cock and tell you how to stroke it while we giggle and tease you. Oh, look at how hard you are. You are our property and you belong to us now….. Can you guess what happens next? I guess you have to call to find out, pervo!

Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Olive

Fetish Phone Sex with Delaney

Let’s be honest, your wife or girlfriend just doesn’t get your kinky side, do they? This is nothing new, I hear it all the time. I don’t know why some women are so uptight about sexual fantasies or fetish phone sex calls. But see when you call me to get your fix, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Now you don’t have to sweat it because you have me to talk to about your fetish phone sex kinks. I totally get it because not everyone can accept my dirty wild side either. That’s why I really love fetish phone sex! I can do, say, be anything I want…and so can you.

Fetish Phone Sex

I mean it. I legit would never judge you, I just go with the flow and get as nasty as you like. If you could have your hottest fetish phone sex fantasy come true, what would it be? We are only limited by our imaginations and mine is crazy wild. What are you REALLY into? Not what you say you are because you’re afraid it might be too taboo. See with me…nothing is too taboo. The dirtier you get, the more turned on I get and the dirtier I get. We can feed off of each other. So tell me…what is your fetish phone sex desire? Do you wish you had a barely legal teen slut to ruin? Or are you more into the mature experienced mommies and milfs? Maybe what really gets your dick dripping is dreaming about sucking a big fat cock! Something kinkier? Like maybe…cbt, bbc, gang bangs, cuckold, blackmail, bdsm? I’m down for all of that and then some! Now all you have to do is have the balls to call me and tell me what nasty things YOU are into!

Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Delaney

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Lola

I’m in search of very naughty underwear enthusiasts to join me for panty boy phone sex. Panties are some of my favorite accessories. It’s a shame that men don’t have boxers in such exciting patterns and colors! Can I tell you a little secret? Sometimes when I masturbate, I do it through a sexy pair of panties. I love feeling the material rubbing up against my clit it also provides a bit of absorbent protection for super wet pussies. I’ll keep rubbing and massaging on top of my pretty panties until I make my slutty pussy cream all in them. I bet you would love a chance to play with my freshly creamed-in panties, wouldn’t you?

Panty Boy Phone Sex

If I caught a dirty little panty thief rummaging through my hamper during panty boy phone sex, I would have to punish you with the very same panties he was being a sneaky pervert for! Oh yes, it’s time I order you to masturbate for me… You better know how to listen to instruction, too because I am not to be trifled with. I can be sweet and sometimes slutty, but when my dominant side comes out, you best be prepared to listen. 😉 Maybe I’ll make you wrap a pair tightly around your cock like a cock-ring. Once you’re all twitchy and engorged with a soiled pair of panties tied around your dick, I’ll make you sniff another pair of dirty undies while I monitor your erection. I see you are really loving being a dirty little panty addict just for me. Well, well I will also have to make sure you get a look at the pair I’m wearing right now.

I know you want to touch my pussy through my panties, but you can’t. I need to assess just how bad you’ve been. If you’re a very naughty panty boy phone sex thief, I will just have to make you wear my slutty panties. That’s right – it’s time you felt all that material rubbing up against your swollen cock and aching balls. What do you think of that, you naughty little sneak? Oh, I bet that’s enough to drive you over the edge. I am going to effectively torment you until you leave your very own wet spot on those panties. How does it feel to be such a dirty boy wearing a pair of soaking wet panties?

Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Lola for panty boy phone sex.

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