18 Teen Phone Sex with Chloe

Hi guys! It’s Chloe and you wanna know what I am really in the mood for? I could really got for a hot and steamy 18 teen phone sex call right now. I’m totally horny ALL the time and guys tell me all the time that I’m everything they could ask for – hot, barely legal, horny & willing. I mean really, I agree with them. What more could a man possibly want?!

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It really is up to you what we talk about when you give me a call for 18 teen phone sex. I can get turned on by just about anything. What’s most important to me is that YOU are turned on. That will totally make my pussy wet. And I have no limits whatsoever. So if you want to talk about dirty nasty things that you thought nobody would ever talk to you about, then that’s totally fine with me! I mean, to be honest, it’s kind of fun to talk about more than just plain old vanilla suck and fuck calls. That’s fun too, but you know what they say – variety is the spice of life!

I can’t wait to hear what kind of fantasies and fetishes turn you on. Do you have a foot fetish? Maybe you want me to tie you up to the bed and tease you. Ohhh or maybe you want to do a roleplay that is super naughty and taboo. I’m up for all of that and so much more!! Like I said, I have no limits at all. Your pleasure is mine and I will make sure you get every ounce of pleasure that you deserve!

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Lyric

Hello there, boys! Your favorite redheaded vixen, Lyric here. Are you ready for another one of my naughty stories? You should already know about this one. Considering that I am your wife, you should! That’s right- I am your cheating wife phone sex slut. Since the day we got married you haven’t kept me satisfied in the least. Don’t get your knickers in a bunch, love. I won’t leave you, as long as you let me sleep with whoever I want, whenever I want. I mean, if you can’t meet my needs I have to get them met SOMEWHERE, don’t I? The only thing that really needs to be discussed is if it’s going to be a secret rendezvous that you and I never talk about, or blatant and in your face? Are you the kind of guy that wants to know, or wants me to hide my slutty indiscretions?

In fact, that is the only way I would even consider really getting married in the first place. My sex drive is pretty high, and so are my standards. Do you think you can meet them? I highly doubt it. I bet you would stay with a woman like me even if I was whoring myself around the town. It doesn’t repulse you, no. It gets that cock of yours rock hard. If you play your cards right you might be lucky enough to get to be in the room when it happens. If you make me mad, I might just send pictures of what I’m getting up to and send them to you while you’re at work. When you call me for cheating wife phone sex we can talk all about what we can do to turn me into the slut of your dreams. Just call 1-888-70-HOT4U, and ask for Lyric.

Taboo Phone Sex with Chloe

Hi guys! It’s Chloe here and I’m really in the mood for some super hot and wild taboo phone sex. And when I say taboo, I mean the craziest, nastiest, most twisted fantasies you can come up with in your dirty mind. I want you to try to shock me with the stuff you wanna talk about. You probably won’t, cause I’m a nasty girl and I love to be wild with you! When I say I’ll do anything you want to do, I mean it. There is nothing that’s off limits when you call me! I just want to take you to those dirty places that other girls promise but never deliver on.

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Do you have a super hot fetish that you wanna teach me about? I’m kinky, but obviously I don’t know EVERYTHING right now because I’m still only 19. So maybe you can school me on some really fun stuff that I don’t know about yet! But make sure that you keep it really taboo because that’s the kind of stuff I love to talk about! Mmmm. I am getting excited just thinking about what kinds of stuff you’re gonna teach me. I am gonna be a real pro at fucking by the time you’re finished teaching me everything I need to know.

Are you ready for some hot taboo phone sex now? I hope so because I am super fucking horny and I wanna masturbate with you. I know your dick is really hard just thinking about my sweet voice, isn’t it? I want to know just how you’re stroking your big hard cock and I’ll tell you how I’m rubbing my hot bald cunt.

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BBW Phone Sex with Lyric

Hello there, boys! Your favorite redheaded vixen, Lyric here with another story of me being- ME! Dirty, naughty and oh so very kinky! Don’t get your knickers in a bunch, love. I’m going to tell you everything! I know most women think guys are attracted to super skinny blonde girls, but I know different. I mean, a BBW phone sex girl like me may not be the kind of girl that is on a magazine, but trust me boys like a girl with curves. They may think a skinny girl is pretty, but they want to get down and dirty with a real woman. That’s right! Men love a girl with a little more to love, not just a stick thin barbie doll.

Most guys start at my head, their eyes sliding down my long red hair. They always stop at my perky tits, and hug every curve of my hips. I love the feeling I get when they finally get their hands on my body. They love to savor every inch as they let their fingers trail down my body. Of course I love to show it off with tight, form fitting clothes that barely cover anything. That just leaves you thinking about how you’re going to take everything I am wearing off of my curvaceous body. Of course I do everything I can to make it impossible for them to take their eyes off of me. Why should I make it any easier for them? I have the kind of body that should be utterly worshipped during BBW phone sex. If you want see what is so tempting about the soft curves of my body I need you to do something for me. I need you to pick up the phone,and dial 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Lyric.

18 Teen Phone Sex Slut Chloe

I can’t help it – I’m a slut in real life. That also means I’m a dirty 18 teen phone sex slut, too. I love talking to all you dirty guys about the stuff that gets your cock hard. Now, I know that some of what gets you horny might be “wrong” according to some people, but not to me. Hello! The dirtier your taboo fantasy is, the more it’s probably going to get me off. I think it’s just the hottest thing to hear someone tell me about the no no fantasies that they have and also who they would be playing out those fantasies with if they could do it for real. But you know what? Don’t even worry – I will be that girl for you and I will play the role better than you could ever dream of.

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Do you think you could possibly dream up a cutie as sexy as me to play with? I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am pretty damn perfect. I am petite, cute, and dirty as hell. You are probably even going to be surprised by how nasty I am. I shock guys all the time (and I’m not even trying to) but they get over it pretty quickly and get down to the business of having tons of fun with me. And like I said, we can talk about anything you want – the more taboo you wanna get with this naughty 18 teen phone sex slut, the better. No vanilla fantasies today for this girl!

Are you ready to play with me? I’m more than ready to play with you, baby! All you have to do is call me right now at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask the dispatcher to talk to cutie pie Chloe for 18 teen phone sex!

2 Girl Phone Sex with Delaney

Wouldn’t it be fun to treat yourself with some smoking hot and kinky 2 girl phone sex? There are endless role-play scenarios with two girl phone sex so the sky is the limit. You can have two MILFs or cougars, a coed, a shemale, or any combination of girls that you have always wanted to fuck. Just take a look at our hot chicks and let your cock make its pick! Maybe you want us to be your girlfriend and some random slut you pick up, or maybe you are our landlord and we can’t afford to pay rent this month…see there’s never a shortage of ideas for 2 girl phone sex!

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Why kind of threesome turns you on? Are there hot chicks at your work that tease you all the time? I bet its time you showed them what happens to cockteases. You can do anything with us and you won’t ever be able to shock or scandalize us. Maybe in real life, your girl would kill you if you even suggested doing some of the things you are interested in, but on a call with me and another phone slut, we can make that happen. There are no limits or taboos on our threesome. Wouldn’t you love to have two cock hungry whores fighting over your dick to see who gets to suck it and who gets to ride it first? Who would you want me to be? You just name it and we will make it happen. There are endless options for a naughty, nasty menage a trio. And I mean come on, what guy doesn’t fantasize about a hot and kinky 2 girl phone sex fetish?

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Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Lyric

Hello there, boys! It’s your favorite redheaded vixen, Lyric here to fill your precious, virgin head with some oh so naughty fantasies. Most of you boys know that I am a dancer. That, my friends, makes me absolutely perfect for the kind of fantasy I have in mind right now. That’s right. A dancer makes an absolutely perfect foot fetish phone sex slut. Why wouldn’t she? A dancer uses her feet for so many things, why not one more just to make her sluttier?
My feet are strong enough to hold my weight on my tip toes, I certainly think they will be strong enough to wrap around something thick and round long enough to stroke until you explode all over my pretty feet. First things first, though. I will be sure to have you suck on my toes to make sure they are nice and wet and slippery before I wrap my toes around that rock hard stiffy you have stretching out your pants, love.

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You get off on watching my toes slide along that rock hard member of yours with their pretty polish (you know I have to keep my feet well manicured, love!). If you are really sweet to me, I may even be nice enough to let you pick the color I get them painted the next time I go in to get my toenails done. You will be in heaven, finding out exactly how strong my toes are, and what they can do to help fulfill your most dirty, and lustful desires during our hot foot fetish phone sex session. Call 1-888-70-HOT4U, and ask for Lyric. I promise this vixen will leave you begging for more by the end of the session.

Some of my other hot and steamy stories are on Tumblr- lyriclovell.tumblr.com

BBC Phone Sex with Chloe

I know that you might not think a tiny thing like me could take a big black cock, but you’re dead wrong. I love fucking black guys and I also love BBC phone sex so much. It does sometimes take a lot of trying to get a huge cock inside me, but I am nothing if not determined and we always manage to get those black cocks balls deep inside me. Sure, sometimes I’m super sore the next day and it’s hard to sit down, but the orgasms are totally worth it! I wouldn’t have it any other way, really. Giving up black cock is just not something that I am ever gonna do.

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Do you have cravings for big black cock, too? I know a lot of you guys do and I think that’s really super cool! I don’t necessarily think it means you’re gay – you just want cock and that’s okay. You can get down on your knees and suck that big black cock in front of me. I want to see you take one for the very first time. I’ve never seen a dude suck a black dick for the first time and that’s something I really wanna do. I’ll even get down on my knees beside you and help you take care of that big cock. It’s gonna be a lot of fun teaching you how to give a blow job. You’ll be the best at giving head by the time I’m done with you.

Are you ready for your BBC phone sex adventure with me? Do you want to learn to suck cock like a champ? Yay! I can’t wait to teach you. Just give me a call right now at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Chloe and we will make sure you’re the best cock sucker around!

Submissive Phone Sex with Lyric

Hello there, boys! I am always looking for ways to turn you boys into mush and keep you in the palm of my hands. What girl doesn’t love to make a guy feel good? Most recently I have found that you boys love to find a girl that likes to give in to your every want and need. You love to find a girl that is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get you over that edge and make you feel good. Don’t get your knickers in a bunch, love! You don’t have to look very far for your submissive phone sex slut, I promise!

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I know my rightful place, sir. I know I belong on my knees in front of you, ready to give you exactly what you want, and follow your every command. I am certainly not one of those feminists who think that a man should never tell a woman what to do. Nope. I think a woman should serve her man. She should want to cater to his every demand, and give in to whatever it is he wants, in the bedroom at least. I love knowing that I have given myself completely and utterly to him, and being a good submissive phone sex slut for him shows him how much I am committed to doing just that for him. I believe that you shouldn’t have to beg for what you want, you should get it the first time, or without having to waste your time even having to ask. Just hearing your commands and demands of me has my pussy drenched, and waiting for you! If you want me on my knees, begging to give you exactly what you want just dial 1-888-70-Hot4U, and tell me exactly what you want from your slut, Lyric.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Delaney

I love to think about the first time I made a guy my cuckold phone sex bitch. It always gets me so hot! I had started dating this big guy — football player, super tall and crazy muscular. That is what attracted me to him in the first place. He seemed so manly. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I found out that his masculinity didn’t extend itself to his cock. It was just shy of average. But since he was such a big guy, it looked minuscule. It was such a letdown, but I didn’t want to be a bitch about it, so I stuck around.

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I was so bummed and was on the lookout for some real cock when I met one of his teammates. A big ebony Adonis of a man who was sporting a serious bulge. It wasn’t too long before I found a way to let Mandingo know that I was DTF. I invited him to my place and we got down to the good stuff in no time. It only took once to get me hooked on that massive stellar cock. It was so good that I stopped caring if my boyfriend found out. He finally walked in and caught me on my hands and knees taking that horse cock like a champ. He just stood there with his mouth open, he didn’t even say a word. We were mid fuck and not about to stop. I told him he could watch or go away, but I saw that his cock was hard and of course, he stayed and watched his teammate put on a fuck clinic. He had a front-row seat and saw the way a real man laid pipe. I was moaning and whimpering, and he had never heard me (or any woman) do that before. He furiously jerked off and came several times. He even encouraged me to fuck his teammate whenever I wanted to so he could clean me up after.

Call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and I will give you all the juicy details about my cuckold phone sex experiences.

GMAIL: SexyMsDelaney@gmail.com

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