Extreme Humiliation Phone Sex with Belladonna

Go get a fucking mirror, simp. Can you do that much right? Ok, now hold it next to my picture. Now, look at me, and then look at yourself. Repeat this process over and over until it sinks in that you will NEVER be good enough for anything other than extreme humiliation phone sex. You’ll always be too pathetic to get near a hottie like me. You know that. I know you know that. Your entire life has been nothing but a series of affirmations to your uselessness, so how better to celebrate your life than to call a hot Bitch like me for extreme humiliation phone sex?

Extreme Humiliation Phone Sex

I honestly don’t care what size your dick is, but if you want to go there it’s a good possibility it won’t compare to the amazing cocks I get whenever I want, no matter how big you want to tell me it is. Even still, I like pretty girls, so chances are you still might not interest me enough to give you what you want. I can afford to be picky, and if you’re cruising a phone sex website because you can’t get it anywhere else, then why the fuck do you think you can get anything with someone like me? Seriously, you know that you’re so pathetic that the only way to get the time of day from me is to pay me to tell you how fucking goddamned pathetic you really are.

Chances are you’re not man enough, rich enough, hot enough, big enough, smart enough, or simply enough for me. I know you know this is true, which is why you must request extreme humiliation phone sex when you call me. It’s tantamount to bowing down on your knees and offering your pittances, pathetic they may be, knowing that you could never offer enough…but you try to please me anyway.

Look, bitch boy. I don’t think you could ever please me, but the closest you can come is in how hard you try. So dial 1 888 70 Hot4U and ask for Belladonna. You’ve got a lot of work to do to try to please me, but extreme humiliation phone sex will be a damned good start!

Humiliation Phone Sex with Stella

Hey Babes! It’s been a while since I have chatted with some of you perverted, horny simps. I want to dominate you, little wimps, with humiliation phone sex. After all, I am a walking Goddess that needs to be revered. Bow down to your queen, bitches, and worship me in your presence. Furthermore, maybe you have a foot and heel fetish. If so, I will make you spit shine my heels and boots and lick them clean. Or perhaps you are looking for a mistress to cater to and become her toilet slave. Maybe you are an ass worshiper who wants to be degraded. I do have a sweet, beautiful juicy peach that is delicious; it needs to be placed on a pedestal to be honored and licked.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Although I have great pleasure in dominating beta boys, it makes me happier taking all your money during humiliation phone sex. That is my favorite part. I deserve to be paid immensely for my time. In real life, losers like you would not even stand a chance talking to a hot babe like me. Let’s be honest. I would not give any of you a chance to look at me in real life. Consequently, when you are in the presence of stunning women, you have to pay to play. I expect the best tributes from you pathetic ingrates. The majority of the beta boys have tiny shrimp dicks. That’s pathetic, and you are lousy in bed and can’t even get a woman off in real life. Some of you need to put in chastity, and I will feminize and train you to be the best bitches ever! So call this hot blonde bombshell now.

I look forward to putting you in your place during humiliation phone sex. Call me and let me dominate you, wimps! Let’s chat now! 1-888-70-HOT4U

Small Penis Humiliation with Belladonna

The only thing in the conversation that should be petite is me. If your penis is small, then the only reason it gets any attention from a hot chick like me is when you hang your head in shame and receive some small penis humiliation. You can’t possibly be proud of that pathetic lump of flesh. I bet the only way to get blood to rush to that thing is to make it blush, ashamed that it’s even there.

Small Penis Humiliation

Tell me, how do you feel like a man with that mini munchkin? Women like me only enjoy king sized candy bars, sweetie, so put that fun sized thing away. It’s not really any fun for anyone here. Well, I lie – small penis humiliation makes it possible to have fun with a silly little dingle like yours, but that’s pretty much the only way to have fun with it. I bet you can’t even have that much fun with it when you play with it, and you’ve been playing with it your whole life. Try to imagine how much more a guy with a big dick could do to give himself pleasure, all the ways he could touch and stroke it. Then go back to reality and your poor thumb and forefinger who are relegated into doing all the work. Tsk tsk tsk…super pathetic!!

I’m betting you’ve heard a lot of good small penis humiliation jokes made at your expense. I’d love to hear some of the ones that really stuck out in your memories, unlike your little pecker, which doesn’t stick out much at all. I want you to tell me how much of a loser you are because of your puny little member and your inability to satisfy a woman with it. The sooner you come to terms with your complete inadequacy, the better it will be for all the women in immediate surroundings.

Seriously, do us all a favor, like a public service, and call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Belladonna. It’s time you got the small penis humiliation you apparently deserve.

Two Girl Phone Sex with Gabrielle

I get so excited when I hear a two girl call incoming! It’s so hot when you have two of us sexy hot girls all to yourself, to do anything with you please. Nothing makes me hornier than group sex so you can imagine how excited and wet me and my pussy get when I hear we’re having 2 girl phone sex. I love hearing another girl’s voice with yours, I think it makes my pussy even wetter! There’s so much more fun to have on a two girl call. Imagine it, two girls servicing you together or me pleasing you both. We can do it any way you want in two girl phone sex and two is always better than one.

Two Girl Phone Sex

It takes a lucky man to have two girls when most have to settle for one so let us make you extra happy, pleased, and fulfilled with two girl phone sex. A two girl call will bring so much more pleasure to you and there are never any limits to the pleasure you can get or that we can give you.

Wouldn’t you love to make two girls cum from that hard cock that’s big enough for both of us to suck and lick at the same time? Or you can let us girls drain your balls of all the cum we can get because we need enough of your cum for both of us. Will you let me eat some juicy pussy while you fuck my tight holes with your hard cock? Will you let both of us worship and suck your cock and balls? Maybe you’ll let me lick your ass in back while getting your cock sucked in front.

There’s endless possibilities with two girl phone sex so call now and let’s have lots of fun!

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Strap On Phone Sex with Jamie

Hello there handsome. I saw you sitting across the bar from me the last few hours and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I noticed you staring at my tits and when I stood up you were glaring at my nice round ass as well. Not many men are allowed to touch this amazing body of mine unless they let me have a little fun with them first. My favorite thing to do is strap on phone sex. Now, don’t you run away from me I grab your arm and drag you out the door. I jump in your truck with my bag and we head off to your place.

When we get in the living room, I immediately make you drop your pants. I hike up my sexy red dress and you watch me step into my strap on! Don’t worry sweetie, it’s only 8 1/2 inches long and really thick. Your be just fine. I push you down to your knees in front of me. I grab the back of your head and make you open your mouth! You better start sucking on that strap on to get it nice and wet for your ass. Mmm look at you go! Your doing such a great job and there’s lots of spit on it! I definitely think it’s time for you to walk into the kitchen and bend over the wooden table. Place your head face down on the table and reach behind you and spread your ass cheeks. Now, here’s the deal. Once I fuck your pussy for 10 minutes, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me.

Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Okay now turn around and bend over. I slide that strap on right inside your pussy. Much to my surprise it goes in very easily. Clearly this isn’t your first time getting fucked like this. When you hear me say that you become even shyer and quiet. When I’m done using my strap on to fuck you I let you stand up and I rip my clothes off. I take the strap on off and I let you have your way with me! Enjoy eating that pussy that is soaking wet from being so horny all this time I’ve been fucking your pussy. When your readyStrap On Phone Sex to have a little Strap-on phone sex, give me a call @ 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Jamie!

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Stella

Ass worship phone sex with me will have you wanting more. Do you crave a nice juicy ass in your face? Perhaps you want to slide your tongue right in my ass crack. Get down on your knees and eat this delicious bare bottom for dessert. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. My ass is so perfect that it drives all the men crazy! When gentlemen see these beautiful buns, they can’t help but get an instant boner. My ass is so gorgeous, tight, and perky that it deserves to be revered, idolized, and worshiped.

Ass Worship Phone Sex

Bow down to this perfect butt. Crawl to me during ass worship phone sex. I will make you a devotee. You love the way my ass taste and smell. Maybe my butt hole will have a nice cream pie inside. Furthermore, if you do as I say, I may let you continually lick this nice perky round bottom. Prove you are worthy and show me what a good ass licker you can be. Slide your warm wet tongue into my hole. Glide it in and out, tasting the sweet essence of my ass crack. Take your warm tongue and slide it in and out. Carefully, tongue fuck my ass. This is the sweetest fuck hole you ever tasted.

Let me sit on your face. Allow this booty to ride your tongue, grab my ass, and firmly squeeze it as I sway back and forth. Slide that tongue from the front of my pussy to the back of my ass crack. Lick it good and please this goddess during ass worship phone sex. Tell me how good my ass taste. You can’t get enough of my perfect body. This ass has you addicted because you become so hooked on how I taste. I’m perfect and delicious. My behind makes you throb. Call Stella now at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Stella

I have always been fascinated by the idea of cock sucking phone sex. Clients tell me that I have gotten pretty good at it. It always brings me immense pleasure. I have found out that cock sucking instructions bring the utmost satisfaction. Cock sucking phone sex with me will take you to the realm of ultimate pleasures. I know that you have always dreamed about it. You have always wanted it, and it’s something that makes you horny and wet all the time. I listen to you on the phone, begging me to suck you off. It gives me power, and that is what I crave!

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Cock sucking phone sucking with me will be unlike any experience you have had before. I would make you twitch and writhe with pleasure. I will tell you to stroke your cock for me till it gains some length. Now you imagine that I will be licking it with my ruby red lips. I would take the shaft in my mouth and then slowly suck on it like a Popsicle. I would run my tongue over the length of your long and fat cock. I know you want me to lick it till it becomes stiff.

You have dreams about me sucking your cock. You want me to suck it like it’s never been sucked before. You want me to take care of the semen as well. You want me to eat it.

I will fulfill all your fantasies about a blowjob in cock sucking phone sex. I will seduce you as you have never been before. I know you want me to dive into your hairy testicles as well. I know you want me to suck those balls as they have never been sucked before. So let the shows begin. Call me.

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Phone Sex Slut Gabrielle

I don’t know what it is about me but I am always horny, craving hard cock to worship and to stuff me full. I long to be your phone sex slut and do everything it takes to make you cum harder than you ever have. I love nothing more than to make men cum! It gets my pussy so wet to hear you jerking that cock while I’m being the best phone sex slut for you, obeying and pleasing you to your cock’s desire and delight. I get off on the thought of feeling your cum all over me or filling me up. Tasting your big hard cock in my hot mouth. You hearing me suck on that huge hard pulsing cock of yours. Me taking that huge cock relentlessly in my tight holes.

Phone Sex Slut

Yes, I need to please you. Not want to, as a phone sex slut I have a need to. I long to make you cum. I fantasize about tasting and sucking your cock. Taking your cock deep inside me, feeling you stretch my tight holes. Obeying you. Taking control if you prefer. Being a good girl. Being a naughty girl. Being a scared girl. Being the girl you want me to be because that’s what a good phone sex slut does and I have an intense desire to be the perfect slut for you.

Let my sensual voice and sexy moans bring us both intense desire and pleasure while I strive and do anything you want me to do to please you. You are in charge and I’m your obedient phone sex slut. Being a slut comes so easy to some girls and lucky for both of us, I am one of them! I know my purpose. I know I am only here to please men. To please you. You have a lot on your plate so let me be the warm, wet, yummy dessert that takes all your stresses away. Your personal toy. Your personal phone sex slut. Existing only to do anything you want me to do. I’ll be horny, wet, and waiting for you!

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Fantasy Phone Sex with Stella

Can you even imagine what the world would be like without imagination and fantasy?. Spice is the variety of life. Your girl is here to make your entire wild, kinky and dirty fantasies come true. Fantasy phone sex with me will bring you pleasures you have never known before. You are only one call away from fulfilling all of your freaky fantasies with me. Let me be the wild lady that you wish to spank so hard in the ass. Give me permission to be the slut next door. I know that you want to fuck me with that massive cock. Let me be the maid that you want in the house. I will clean something that spills from your juicy manhood!

Fantasy Phone Sex

Whenever you want fantasy phone sex, I feel like my whole body is burning with passion. You will never know where you will find me when you or where you would call me. Maybe I am on my bed being naughty and playing with my tits thinking about you. Maybe I am in my bathroom wearing slutty black lingerie waiting for your whispers, telling me to touch myself as you stroke your cock. All your fantasies have a home now. Call me, I may need some money or maybe some maintenance work needs to be done at my home. I may be acting like a little rebel. I may need some strictness from my alpha master.

So what will you want from this fantasy phone sex??? I will be rubbing my pussy thinking about the possibilities in which you can make me cum. I can imagine your breath rising with each breath of mine and I can hear you stroking your cock while you whisper my name. Let me be your queen. Let us live your fantasies!!! Call me now.

Cream Pie Phone Sex with Stella

Today is my first dinner date meeting a wealthy millionaire investor. He’s anticipating cream pie phone sex. He’s about 6’2, muscular build with thick straight dark hair. Toni is his name; he looks debonair and handsome wearing his black suit and red tie. Furthermore, Toni has the body of a God. The thought of him being filthy rich and good-looking makes me drip heavily between my legs.

Cream Pie Phone SexFrequently, I work for a high-end escorting service. So when I went to meet Toni, there was a hot blonde sitting at the table. Her name was Amanda. She was wearing an elegant black dress with a V-neck. The dress beautifully exposed her voluptuous breast. Without a doubt, we both looked smoking hot! I was wearing a fitted red dress that displayed my juicy boobs. Toni grinned at us both and stated we looked delicious. He mentioned that once we finish dinner, the dessert would be served on his yacht. Then, I knew he couldn’t wait for cream pie phone sex.

I saw Amanda squeezing his cock under the dinner table. As his cock grew harder, he paid for our meals and we rode in his limo on the way to his yacht. Toni told us both to strip down because we wouldn’t need clothes. Additionally, he told me to taste his 10-inch piece of meat. So I deep-throated his dick until we arrived at the pier. Both of us went down on him giving him the best oral sex. I sucked all the sperm from his cock while she licked his balls. He tit fucked us and gave us pretty pearl necklaces. Toni had orgasm after orgasm. It seemed to be a limitless supply.

Finally, he told me to lay missionary. Toni wanted to serve Amanda her dessert. So he came inside of me and filled my hole with thick, white cream. Amanda was told to get down on her knees and finish her dessert. She hungrily licked the thick, sticky, wet ooze between my legs. Damn, her warm tongue felt so good eating my pussy! I moaned in delight as she swallowed every last drop like a good whore should. There’s nothing better than finishing oral sex with wet cream pie phone sex! Dessert is served!

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