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Hello there, boys! It’s your favorite no limits phone sex slut! I hope you are ready to get really dirty with me. I can’t wait to get down and dirty with you today! What kind of taboo fantasies are you dreaming about? I have to admit to you, I love talking about fetishes, fantasies and roleplays that are considered really wrong. I know that so many of you do, too because I get calls from you every single day. I hope that doesn’t stop anytime soon because, like I said, I love it.

If you’re not quite sure what no limits phone sex fantasy you’d like to talk about, don’t get your knickers in a bunch. I will help you decide. I’m pretty bloody good at drawing out your darkest and most wicked desires. Even if you’re shy, I will eventually get you to tell me exactly what makes your dick hard. Please don’t think that you have to be shy with me. I promise, you don’t.

But if you won’t tell me what your dark fantasies are, I will just try to push your buttons to see if you have any limits at all. So you might want to go ahead and tell me what you desire, because if you don’t, I am going to get really raunchy with you. If you aren’t okay with that, you better start talking, because I am a very kinky girl and I won’t stop until I have pushed every single button that you have.

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I love these long summer days, but you know what else I love are these starry summer nights. They are the perfect excuse for taking off out into the woods for a bit for some privacy with someone. You don’t think a phone sex slut has all of her fucking done over the phone do you? Nope, I’ve been taking advantage of the night air on my bare skin as I ride a man’s cock uninhibited. There are so many country roads around here to take off down and disappear with someone and make your fantasies come true. It might seem tame but sometimes that fantasy is just being with the sweet woman from church that is friendly with everyone. I’ve given in and committed adultery with so many of my neighbors. No, I’m not married, but they sure are. It’s alright though, I never kiss and tell. I’ve had a time with a couple of their wives too.

Then when you get deep into those woods where all you can hear are the crickets you start to wonder if human ears could hear you at all? If you needed them to, you know what I mean? One sensual phone sex slut could bring out your aggressive side and let you unleash something else you hadn’t planned on showing to anyone else. Or maybe not, maybe it’s just a long hot night with the slut that you’ve been waiting to get some time with. If your stiff cock needs attention with the same intensity that my wet pussy does we should take off some starry night for phone sex fantasies together. You should whisper to me about what makes your cock the hardest it’s ever been and I’ll do it as we get off with each other.

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kinky phone sex

Hey there, boys! Are you up for some kinky phone sex fun? I love diving into unusual fantasies and fetishes, so you don’t have to worry that I am ever going to turn you down when you tell me what you want to talk about. Haven’t you always dreamed of having a girl to talk to who will encourage all of your sick and fucked up fantasies? I promise that girl is me.

So, are you going to call me and tell me what your kink is? Maybe you have a taboo fantasy that you’ve been dying to talk about. Have you been shot down any time you tried to talk about it with someone? Well, you aren’t going to have to worry about that nonsense with me! Believe it or not, those kinds of raunchy fantasies really get my pussy wet. I guess you could say that I’m not your average girl.

Being kinky can definitely mean different things for different people. Maybe you want to suck cock or even be fucked in the ass. Do you want it to be a strap on that you practice on before you get turned loose on a real cock? It’s up to you! I’m good with either one. And I’ll even help you learn exactly how to suck cock. I know it can be nerve racking, but I’m here for you.

Honestly, no matter what you’re in the mood for when you give me a call for kinky phone sex, I will make sure you have a super awesome time. You are going to be addicted to how you feel when you’re on the phone with me. So if you’re looking for an amazing amount of sexy fun, I’m your girl!

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Hello to all the pervs out there! I think you should call me for barely legal phone sex so we can be pervy together! Don’t you just love the thought of putting your big dick into my tiny wet cunt? Oh, I know it’s so much more tight than your wife’s stretched out used up pussy. OMG why in the world would you want to fuck that prude when you could have hot and dirty sex with me? I know you’d prefer my sweet body to hers any day.

You might be wondering if at only 18 years old I can be as dirty and as pervy as you can. Oh, yes I can! I love being all taboo with you when you call me for barely legal phone sex. Do you think you can come up with a fantasy or roleplay that will make some people cringe? I like that stuff! I get so bored with regular old calls. I wanna do the stuff nobody else wants to do because somebody told them it was wrong. Whatever!!! If all that kinky taboo stuff is wrong, then I definitely do not want to be right.

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roleplay phone sex

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you couldn’t get it out of your head all day and all you want to do was to go back to bed and try to re dream it? Well it never happens the way you think but with me I can do roleplay phone sex that will let you revisit that dream. We can take it from where you left off or where you want it to go just tell me about the dream and I can help you to complete your fantasy dream. Most of us have erotic dreams during the night not all of them can we remember but every once in a while one hits us and you just want to play it out.

I have had these dreams myself and I always like to take a long bubble bath and masturbate how I would like for that dream to end. If you like the sound of that call me and we can play together or add to the dream and make it even better. Roleplay phone sex can take a simple dream or even a long-lost lover you never had closure with and make it incredible to play out. I get excited hearing about your fantasy dreams or whatever you are looking to play out I really get excited too.

Phone sex can be so satisfying if you let yourself relax and enjoy it getting into it is the hardest for some but most learn to love very fast. Roleplay phone sex you can take it any where you like letting you explore many different directions. You can go extreme as you like or vanilla either way I would love to play with you. Get ready for some fun and enjoyment letting your cock play too.

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BBC phone sex

Do you ever wonder why so many of blonde beauties love having BBC phone sex? Well I think it’s because most of us has experienced enough BBC to know that it’s where it’s at. We’ve went with men who have cocks that put our white ex’s to shame and want more. After being with a man like that and him having that much of an impact on you your type of man that you look for changes. I was dating this really sexy and sweet man and thought that there wasn’t anything that could make me happier than I was when he and I made love. That was what I thought anyway. We broke up one week and I slept with this man to get back at him and it was my first time having a big black cock inside of me. I went back and forth between sex isn’t everything, you love your ex and should get back together and thinking this is just one other man and he made you feel like you were on the moon. Imagine all of the others you will pass up if you go back with your ex. I was young and dumb and went back with my ex, for awhile. It was never the same with him after that though.

He found my huge black dildo in my bed sheets one night and got so upset that not only did I need a “fake” dick , but that it was so much larger than his. You know I was sad that it was so much larger than his too, because that meant that the cock that belonged to the man I committed to wouldn’t satisfy me like the one I had while we were broken up.

Once you’ve had your pussy fucked with a cock like that it’s hard not to love BBC phone sex.


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spanking phone sex

Today I just really have a burning desire for some spanking phone sex. Do I want to spank or be spanked, well that just depends. My soft ass could use a hard spanking phone sex session. If you heard some of the thoughts that I’ve been having you might want to take me over your lap for one too. I’ll confess everything even if it ends with me over your lap in tears taking your paddle until it’s all I can hear and feel as my ass burns and my body rocks against you. I love how hard I get fucked after I get a spanking session too. Seeing me bent over with my bright red ass on display just makes men want to fuck my dripping pussy with their cock moving like a jackhammer. I feel each and every thrust that sets my freshly spanked ass in flames as you move inside of me with harsh force.

What do you think I will do when I hear your confessions though? If you punished me so hard for my perverse thoughts do you think I will take it easy on you? I can spank you, paddle you, take a belt to you, use a riding crop on you and then move back to my bare hand to set you on fire too. You’ll be wiggling against my smooth thighs with your hard cock dripping precum across my lap while you take your licks from me. For every drop that you spill before your spanking is over earns you more licks across your already sore ass. Then you can slide down to the floor between my thighs to taste how wet my pussy gets when I deliver a spanking like that to you. Then you can lay on your back with your sore ass being pushed into the mattress while I ride that naughty cock.

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anything goes phone sex

Oh boy, I love hearing what you guys come up with when you call me for anything goes phone sex. You are all some pervy fuckers but I love it. I love the fact that you are comfortable enough with what turns you on that you can tell it to another person and let them weave a fantasy for you. I want to be the girl who makes that happen for you. I know I’m only 18, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have experience. I probably have more experience than women your age. Why? Because I was born a slut and I love fucking. I love roleplays and fantasies. If you can imagine it, I will do it with you. I promise that I won’t say no to you, baby!

I know that you want a freak in the bedroom. Men (and some women) just aren’t going to be satisfied with plain old missionary position sex. I don’t blame you. That gets old fast, huh? I’m not a missionary kind of girl, except every now and then. I want you to tell me all the positions you want to put me in. I want you to twist me into a pretzel. And I also want you to tell me all of the fucked up things you want to do to me. Make it nasty! I want you to get twisted with me.

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phone sex slut

OMG I am such a phone sex slut! No, I’m not ashamed of that at all. I can’t help it that I love having my tight pussy fucked! And other girls always get jealous and mad at me because all the guys want to fuck me, but how is that my fault?! I was born sexy and being good in bed… well, that just all came naturally to me.

Okay so sometimes I go after guys I shouldn’t, and make that makes me a little more slutty but oh well. When I know I want someone, I’m going to get him, no matter what. I never take no for an answer. It’s not like they can resist me. I’m just so cute and sexy… they really don’t stand a chance against me. The minute I start coming onto them, they know immediately that they are fucked…literally!

Do you think you can handle a cutie pie barely legal phone sex slut? I don’t know… I’m a lot to handle. But I’d love it if you would try! Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Chloe. I promise you’re going to have the best time ever! And sorry in advance, but you are going to be addicted to me and you’ll be coming back for more all the time!

submissive phone sex

I grew up in a very strict household.  What most girls my age were allowed to do I was not.  Things like going outside to play with my friends or having sleepovers or simply wearing a short skirt are a few of the things my father forbid me from doing. Of course I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend. My father said I was too young I think he was just jealous.  One time I told my mom about my boyfriend and she  told me it was okay if I went to hang out with him after school. I had no idea about submissive phone sex.  We had the best time.  It was the first time I kissed a boy and it was the first time I got my pussy fingered. I didn’t really want him to  because I was scared about my mom and dad wouldn’t think but he dominated me and took over. I enjoyed being a submissive phone sex Asian pet.

I was so happy that my mom wasn’t as strict as my dad was.  After I got fingered for the first time my mom and dad couldn’t keep me away from my own pussy like they tried to keep me away from boys.  They taught me to be a good girl and they taught me if it makes someone else happy then do it.

I will gladly do whatever it is that you tell me to do. Discipline me with bondage, train me to be your personal submissive phone sex slut.  Mark me. You own me.  I will always do as my master tells me to  no matter what it is. During submissive phone sex you will not need my permission.  There are no boundaries and I will never say no.  Dominate me use me and abuse me as your own and I will simply thank you.

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