Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Delaney

How many times a day would you say you jerk off? Come on fess up. You can tell me. Is it 1 or 2 times, or 5 times? For me, I would say I probably masturbate at least 3 times a day. I have to cum every day. If I don’t I get really cranky and bitchy and nobody wants that We can cum together on mutual masturbation phone sex calls. I love hearing a man shoot his load, moaning and groaning in my ear, saying “I’m cumming!”, knowing that I am responsible for that load. We can tell each other how we are touching ourselves. We can even instruct one another on how to masturbate. I have no problem telling you every single detail of what I am doing to myself. I will probably start out using my fingers to tease my clit and slide them in and out of my pussy getting them wet and slippery. Don’t be surprised if you hear me sucking and licking my fingers clean. I really love the taste of my pussy juices.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Do you want to hear me fuck myself with a dildo? I can do that! We can pretend you are actually here fucking me on our mutual masturbation phone sex call. Tell me how you would slide your cock in me. Would it be slow and gentle, or fast and deep? Would you be rubbing my clit while you fuck me? I can do that on our call while I pound my cunt with a big thick dildo. I’ll close my eyes and imagine it’s you inside me. You see? It can be so much more fun getting off with me than yanking your meat all alone for a quick nut. Give me a call baby. Let’s cum together. Just dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Delaney.


Phone Sex with Ramona

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to orgasms, yes really, I am. I don’t think there is a day since I was in highschool that I have not masturbated. When I started this gig as a phone sex operator, OMG let me tell you, I had orgasm after orgasm. A caller even bought me one of those magic wand vibrators that I know some of the other girls have too, and it is the best vibrator I have EVER had!! I even lent it to a friend once for only one night (i missed it soooo much) and she messaged me the next day saying she immediately bought herself one off amazon. Apparently she came so hard she couldn’t walk for 20 minutes afterwards (wish I could have been there to watch — yes, I like watching, hehe).

phone sex

Using the magic wand, I did an orgasm marathon one night. I had 9 orgasms over like 7-8 hours, it is still my record to today. Have I tried to beat it? Well, one night I had one of my favorite callers call my phone sex line and it got me in the mood to try. Sadly I got interrupted when the power went out, OOF lol. Maybe you can get me in the mood again to try? I can even get out the vibrator for you so you can hear how powerful it is, sooooo good!!

Speaking of masturbation and phone sex, what gets you in the mood to masturbate? Also, what is your record for number of orgasms? I know it’s different for guys vs girls, I am just curious since I know several of you have very high sex drives and call a lot too. Way better to masturbate with a sexy voice talking to you on the phone than alone, am I right? Now after all this talk about masturbating, I think I need to go get myself off 🙂

Talk soon guys (and girls). Call and ask for Ramona.

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex with Candi

A lot of you sexy men like to call and ask what I’m in the mood for. The truth is I’m usually in the mood for several things at any given time. But right now I’m in the mood for girlfriend experience phone sex. You know the kind where we chat a little bit before we get to getting down and dirty. Let’s talk about our fantasies. You know the ones that aren’t being fulfilled right now or the one’s we’re usually scared to bring up with someone we’re dating.

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

We can laugh and joke together with girlfriend experience phone sex while sharing what’s going on currently in our lives. But one of the best parts is when I get to feel the weight of you on top of me. Kissing me passionately while I wrap my legs around you and lock you in. I want to show you how much I need this. How eager I am to feel your hard cock thrusting inside of me. I want you to know that this is exactly where I want to be. Here with you, getting filthy and exploring our deepest desires together.

I love it when you start breathing heavy and it incites me to encourage you even more. I’ll start saying all the filthy things you want to hear me say. I’ll demand for you to cum deep inside me. I need you to fill my pussy up. I’ll nibble your earlobe and whisper exceptionally filthy things to you. I’m going to give you exactly what you need and you’re going to give me the same.

Being your girlfriend experience phone sex girl makes me so wet. I’m excited at the thought of exploring all the possibilities with you. It’s also worth mentioning that I have no limits. So just because I seem like a sweet girl, it doesn’t mean we can’t get super raunchy together!

Masturbation Phone Sex with Ramona

Masturbation Phone Sex is perfect for girls and guys like us who hate to masturbate alone – what fun is that anyhow? It is way more of a turn on to have someone listening to you jerk off or masturbate than doing it alone, don’t you agree? The best part for me is the orgasm, I can cum multiple times if the call is long enough and I try to cum at the same time as the caller I am talking to. Want to orgasm with me on a masturbation phone sex call?

masturbation phone sex

People ask me if I have a favorite phone sex fantasy, and I tell them as long as we both cum and have fun doing it, then that is all that matters. Everyone has fantasy’s that turn them on or turn them off, and I think staying away from the fantasies that turn us off is the better answer, hehe. Most of you do not have a lot of turn offs, which is great, for neither do I! I like to keep an open mind and try anything at least once… or twice… multiple times on some occasions, lol.  I do not have taboos, so feel free to ask me about anything. All topics are open for discussion, even the forbidden “cannot talk about that publicly” fantasy’s that most callers do end up wanting to talk about. I often will masturbate to these taboo fantasy’s, but it is always more enjoyable when you have someone to masturbate with who is thinking the same kind of thoughts. So, the question now is, what sexual fantasy are you thinking about and do you want to call me and tell me about it so we can masturbate together? I won’t take “no” for an answer 🙂

Cum have masturbation phone sex with Ramona… remember my name you will be M-O-A-N-I-N-G it later!

Call Ramona at 1 888 70 HOT4U

mutual masturbation phone sex with ramona

mutual masturbation phone sex

Masturbation is best when shared with others, don’t you think? Sure, we all masturbate alone too, but I get off so much harder when I am on the phone with someone having mutual masturbation phone sex, or that someone is watching me cum. I like hearing the other person moan with me, hearing how turned on they are, hearing them cum with me. I like to visualize myself beside them, wondering what it would feel like to have their hands all over me, to feel their fingers slide inside my pussy when I cum. Am I making you hard yet? (Big Grin)

Let’s have mutual masturbation phone sex together, let’s talk dirty! I could tell you a story, or you could tell me one, but I have a confession — I WILL be playing with myself the whole time. Won’t you join me? Whether your fantasy is wild & crazy, whether your dick is big or small, mutual masturbation phone sex is for everyone. I want to hear you cum — and cum HARD! I want you to pant, moan my name (or even scream it) when you cum!  Imagine ourselves in the same room together, how would things play out? I can tell you right now (or maybe this should be a warning) that most men cannot keep up with me. I’ve met quite a few women who can (yes, I am bi-sexual) but very few men. Can you keep up with me? How many times can you cum in one night? Or, I guess the question is, how many times can you cum in one night, Ramona? Come and find out…

I want YOU to cum with me… yeah, YOU! Pick up the phone and call me, I am waiting! Call for mutual masturbation phone sex with Ramona at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

GFE phone sex with jamie

GFE phone sex

I know that sometimes you have really hard days and you’re in need of someone to talk to and tell her about your rough day. If you’re single, that can be a big problem. But I have a solution for you – GFE phone sex! I’ll be here when you need me and when you don’t? I won’t be nagging you or being needy like a “real” girlfriend would. Some women are just the fucking worst, aren’t they? I am not like that, I promise. I’m pretty, intelligent and kinkier than probably anyone you have ever met in your life!

I am just willing to bet that you’ve called some GFE phone sex girls who claimed to be smart and after like a minute of talking to them, you realized that you weren’t going to get any intellectual conversation out of them. You won’t have that problem with me at all. I can talk to you about any number of topics and I promise you won’t get bored of talking with me. We can talk about current events, politics, or even just relax and talk about our favorite music, movies or TV shows.

Of course, sometimes you are just going to want to talk dirty and have some sexy fun with me and trust me, I’m just the girl for that, too. I have been told by several guys I’ve dated that I am a little bit too kinky for them. Obviously, none of them were the man for me, but maybe you are. Do you like to get down and dirty, baby? Call me and tell me what you’re into. I want you to try to shock me!

Ready for talk to your hot new phone sex girlfriend? Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Jamie for hot GFE phone sex. I guarantee that I’ll be the best you’ve ever had!

AIM and Yahoo: JuicyJamiexxx

GFE Phone Sex with Sweet Fantasy Girlfriend Maxine


Hiya guys, its your hot tease, Maxine! Do you crave GFE phone sex? I want you to know that I make the perfect fantasy girlfriend. I can be sweet, playful, and an erotic sex-kitten in the bedroom. I am a multi faceted sweetheart who wants to have more then just a quicky with you, not that quickies are a bad thing *wink*. I really want to have a whole cyber date with you on the phone. I am a good listener, a natural conversationalist, and I am pretty cute, too. Sometimes, you just feel lonely or you need a real woman to talk to. Other times, you want someone who can be sensual and attentive to your needs. I am a natural people pleaser and I happen to like getting to know my gentleman callers.

I want to help you relax and unwind. We can share a bottle of wine and chat about anything. As my fantasy boyfriend I want to get to know everything about you. Whatever you want to share with me, darling. I also want to be the best phone sex GFE you have ever lusted after. I am willing to indulge you in whatever kinks or erotic play you like and I hope you would be ok with me masturbating with you. I like mutual masturbation. I find it adds to the excitment we both feel when we hear each others moans of pleasure. Let me that sensual girlfriend that you truly crave.

If you have any fetishes you like to explore, like hair, feet, stockings, high heels, panties, you name it, dont be afraid to tell me. I am that non judgemental girl who only wants to please you and for you to please me.

Call 1 888 704 6848 and ask for GFE Maxine.

yahoo: polkadot_princess
Aim: polkadot_princess69

Phone Sex Chat Room

phone sex chat room
Hey guys! We are happy to introduce a brand new phone sex chat room for our sites. This new chat room is not java so if you have had issues getting into chat, that should no longer be a problem. The chat works on tablets now too. One of the great things about our new chat is the ability to add your favorite girls to your friends list so you will be able to not only message in chat, but you can send them offline messages too!
If you scroll down this page toward the bottom is a floating box that says click here to chat. Just click that, sign in and get ready to chat with the hottest phone sex girls around. If you have questions about chat navigation once you’re there, don’t hesitate to ask the Mod or any of the girls who are chatting. We’re always happy to help you.
What are you waiting for? Phone sex girls are ready to chat and play with you! Join us now.


Dirty phone sex with Stella

kinky phone sex

If you talked to me as the dirty phone sex woman that I am now it might be hard to believe that my mouth wasn’t always so filthy. Many dirty and perverted things went through my head, but I kept it all inside and even when I tried to talk dirty to men I would get all shy and whisper. Those days seem like a lifetime ago, or that person seeems like a stranger to me. Now I let it all out when it comes to nasty talking and dirty phone sex. I don’t just talk about it either, I do it. I’ll take ice cubes out of my water and hold them to my sensitive hard nipples until I can’t stand it, and then roll my fingers over that frigid water and watch my aureola and nipples pucker up from the extreme cold. Oh, and then I imagine your hot breath blowing down on to them to relieve that intensity.

These days I am really not the least bit shy about what makes my pussy wet and in need of a hard pounding. I want to hear all of your nasty talk to while we get off with one another. Call me anything you want and confess whatever taboo thing that comes to your dirty mind when you hear my sexy voice.

I’m Stella, you can reach me at 1-888-704-6848

mutual masturbation phone sex

mutual masturbation phone sex

Hello boys, my name is Ramona. Who knew that I would grow up and become a phone sex operator, but I absolutely love it!  I am a mutual masturbation phone sex freak, addicted to it in fact, where I have to masturbate at least once a day (often twice). A lot of the callers I get are mutual masturbation phone sex freaks, just like me. We really get off together!  That is the great thing about phone sex, it allows us to share our deepest darkest dirtiest fantasies with someone we will never meet. It’s a way to release all that pent up sexual energy too — I know I have a lot of it 🙂

Your ultimate mutual masturbation phone sex session awaits — call Ramona anytime at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

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