forced feminization phone sex

forced feminization phone sexForced feminization phone sex can be so much twisted fun.  You may think that you don’t want to be forced to dress up, but ultimately you will love it.  I have a lot of experience dressing up sissies and fems. From head to toe including makeup, outfits, jewelry and accessories.  When I’m done with you, will look look so fem-tastic!  But whatever you do, don’t think that your new beauty is going to be wasted on the mirror!  You will be given sexy assignments to do when you are all dressed up.  Such as public assignments where you will have to go out and shop, go to a night club or a sex toy store or wherever I tell you to go!  You will obey me.  I am your Feminatrix.  Besides, you know I have a few pics of you all dolled up that you wouldn’t want me to send to your boss or your wife or girlfriend or to post on social media.  I will also put you into chastity on a whim, so that you won’t even be able to touch your little clit until I let you have a release.  Chastity will just make you a horny fem and more submissive to my demands.

Forced feminization goes beyond sissification.  There is more of a Dominatrix presence in forced feminization phone sex, which is why I tell all my fems that I’m their Feminatrix.  You will never be able to go back to being a secret crossdresser or boudoir fem once I have control of you.  I might expose you in public with my devious assignments.  It’s time for everyone to know who you really are.  Or perfect your makeup and hair styling skills.  Being a beautiful woman takes time and energy, so don’t think that you will be able to skimp on time or effort.  And only if you deserve it and earn it, I will give you the perfect girlie name.  Until that moment, remember mine…

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kinky taboo phone sex

taboo phone sex

Ladies & gentlemen, fanatics & taboo phone sex enthusiasts, welcome to Cherry’s private freak show! What are you waiting for? Step right up, with your cock in hand, & the excitement will commence. Are you ready for a super freaky tale of torture? One that only your bizarre fetishist Cherry can tell…one that can make your cock tremble with terror?

Part One – September 1st…10:00 PM & my phone rings. My playmate wants me to come out to play. Now understand to play with her you have to have fucking balls of steel. Which of course, I don’t have balls made of steel, but rumor has it that my cunt is. I should warn you the following is fucked up & bizarre in the realms of taboo phone sex. So prepare yourself for a tale of witchcraft, torment, & so much more.

As usual we start our night off with a bit of bar hopping. Fairly vanilla, right? A shot of vodka here…a shot of rum there. As we take our shots & party the night away; we look for a potentially weak victim to put under a curse. We find the perfect suspect & draw him in. We promise him the greatest sexual pleasure a man could possibly imagine. Once he is so fucking intoxicated that he can hardly walk, we drag him to our car. We make a stop at the cemetery. We chain him to a well known tombstone. I’m sure you can imagine that we strip him down completely naked. He is exposed for all the ghouls to see. We happen to have a spare bottle of Jack. We pour it all over him. We slowly lick it off. He gets so fucking turned on. He’s as hard as the tombstone. My playmate busts the bottle of Jack. She uses the glass to cut small incisions into his nipples. His first response is to play the tough guy. “You don’t fucking scare me.” He informs us calmly, but he’s so drunk that his words slur. We just laugh in his face. That’s when we inform him…you’re coming back to our place. Our dungeon…What can I say, I’m a freak!

To be continued…

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interracial phone sex

interracial phone sexI discovered big black cocks in high school and completely stopped fucking white guys after that.  I only want black men ravishing my beautiful body.  Hot interracial sex is all I crave.  I don’t care that all the white guys called me a trashy slut in high school and even now, continue to call me trashy whore, coal burner, afro lover or worse.  I’m getting the hot sex I need from the only men who can give it to me.  Black men are superior sexually, truth.  Call me for interracial phone sex and if you’re a white man, I’ll put you in your place.  Or you can call me nasty names and get off on putting me down, I don’t care, it’s your dime, buddy, and if it gets you off, so be it.  Humiliation makes me horny, gets me wet.  So if you want to get me super wet, tell me what a whore I am and call me disgusting things, tell me how I’m a disgrace to my race.  I will just tell you how amazing black cocks are and how all white women would have interracial sex if they could.  I will tell you how I turned on all my white girlfriends to interracial action and now they don’t want white dicks any more.  You can’t deny that interracial isn’t getting more and more popular when you see some of the top celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Kendra Wilkinson with black men (athletes or rappers) or married to black men and birthing out biracial babies.

Maybe you like to masturbate to interracial porn and love seeing beautiful white girls like me take those huge black cocks over and over.  If that turns you on, we need to hook up an interracial phone sex call now and ask for Serena!

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