extreme phone sex with cherry

extreme phone sex

Ladies & gentlemen, fanatics & extreme phone sex enthusiasts, welcome to Cherry’s private freak show! What are you waiting for? Step right up, with your cock in hand, & the excitement will commence. I have a tale to tell.

The other day I had the wildest extreme phone sex experience with my horse back riding trainer. He is very thorough. He teaches me the most bizarre tricks. I was in the stables & he comes in & closes us into one of the empty sections. Immediately, my pussy begins to get wet. He instructs me to undress completely. I see a horse whip in his hand. Normally, I’m not submissive, but I am a pain slut & a freak. I do love the feeling of a whip across my ass. I strip down for him. He tells me to lean forward, place my hands above my head, & rest them on one of the stable walls. He takes his horse whip & gives me a hard snap across my ass. I scream out. For the fun of it, I call him a fucking pussy…just to see how he’ll react. He remains calm & informs me that he doesn’t tolerate mouthy whores. He grabs a one of the bits for horses & straps it into my mouth. He takes his whip again & places me on a nearby saddle that is sitting on the ground. I’m still highly amused, but allow him to continue. I make a playful attempt to be rebellious. It wasn’t until my trainer took one of the spurs from his boot & slid the it in between my ass cheeks that I realized he was serious. He applies enough pressure that I make the decision to be obedient. He demands me to position myself onto the saddle horn & fuck it until I orgasm. He cracks the whip on my ass again. I slide onto the saddle horn & begin fucking myself with it. I ride it hard as he continues cracking the whip. I beg for his cock. I beg for him to fuck me. Finally, he gives in when I start screaming, “fuck me cowboy, fuck me now!”, perhaps even that was too much for his raging hard cock to handle. He climbs on top of the saddle with me. He pulls me off of the saddle horn & onto his cock he fucks me into orgasmic ecstasy. He whispers in my ear as I collapse into his arms, “You really are a bizarre extreme phone sex woman, aren’t you? It looks like your training is complete.” What can I say, I’m a freak!

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