creampie phone sex with lyric

creampie phone sex

Hello there, boys! This redheaded vixen has to tell you about something I love. I love creampie phone sex. It feels so amazing to have been so full, and then have his juices drip out of me. It’s a reminder of the fun we had, and what could be created from that fun. Do you have any guesses, love? That’s right. During creampie phone sex I crave something utterly shocking, and naughty. I crave getting pregnant.Everyone will watch as my chest gets fuller, and my belly swells. They will wonder who got me pregnant, and alot of the guys will wish they were the lucky guy that got me pregnant. Just the thought has my knees quivering, and my pussy sopping wet. I will be sure to lay on the bed for a while after we finish to make sure your little swimmers have time to get to where they need to go, and then you will have a job to do. I will have your face between my legs cleaning up the rest of your mess dripping out of me during our creampie phone sex session.

To me it is a crime to waste all that wonderful, creamy baby batter. I want every last drop used, and enjoyed in one way or another during our creampie phone sex session. Why waste it? Of course, I can’t walk around with all of that creamy baby batter dripping out. I’m too pretty to have to walk around with wet panties. When I know that I am pregnant I’ll whisper in your ear about the baby growing in my belly, about the things we did to create our baby. Don’t get your knickers in a bunch, I’ll be waiting for you call at 1-888-70-HOT4U, and ask for Lyric.

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