erotic hypnosis phone sex with gabrielle

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Erotic hypnosis phone sex is how I like to start my phone sessions it’s just a good way to relax my callers and get them into the mood. I like to have you totally nude and laying in your chair, couch, or bed which ever is the best place for you to get comfy. Once you are laying down and nude I like to start with you closing your eyes and listening to just the sound of my soft voice. As I began to talk to you my voice will relax you along with the words I will be using. Your body will react to my descriptive words moving your body to that perfect feeling. From your head down to your toes you will be relaxed making you feel so good and ready to play. Once I have you in that  state you know the kind that makes your body feel like a limp noodle. I will start to guide you into your sexual session that is the fetish or fantasy that turns you on. It doesn’t matter what type of phone call you are looking for it can be anything from guided masturbation to a sloppy blow job to a fetish that you like.

Getting you to that relaxed state will make your call with me so much more intense that you will want more and more. I like to tell guy’s if they want this kind of call they really need at least 20 mins to get the full relaxation needed for my kind of hypnotic phone sex. I don’t do the trance hypnosis I only do the one to get you in the mood to be played with and to better your phone experience. That is why I call it erotic hypnotic phone sex trust me your cock will love you for it and the rest of your body will too. So get comfy and take in a few deep breaths and let me take you to place you may not have experience before, I’m sure you will love it.

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Gabrielle for erotic hypnosis phone sex something you must try once.

Yahoo: Naughtygabrielle
AIM: Naughty_gabrielle4u

erotic hypnosis phone sex with serena

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Erotic hypnosis phone sex is my consummate passion.  It should become your passion, too.  I am not just a hypnotist, I am a Hypno Goddess.  You will worship me and my power over your mind and body.  You should endeavor to become my most devoted hypno slave.  One way to do this is to call me for erotic hypnosis phone sex calls all the time.  I will give you triggers, post hypnotic suggestion and mantras to repeat, repeat, repeat to seal your fate.  My merciless mind bending becomes exponentially greater every time you call me, because I erode all of your inner defenses and implant myself deep in your brain.  Besides, you don’t really want to resist me, do you?  I didn’t think so.  My mesmerizing voice, my beauty, my hypnosis skills are far too powerful for you to even try to resist.

I will take over your thinking process.  It’s better this way.  You can just automatically follow my commands during an erotic hypnosis phone sex call.   Feel the power of my hypnotic triggers. I carefully select them for the most effect over your numbed mind.  It’s so easy to give up thinking and let me take control.  It’s so easy to give in to me completely.  So easy to obey and become submissive.  So easy to slip down, deeper down.  And there is nowhere else to go but deeper down into your own anesthetized mind.  I will plumb the depths of your murky subconscious and who knows what secrets I will find there.  Believe me, any secrets I find will be used against you.  I love to exploit my hypno slaves and keep them tied to my artful influence.  So much awaits you during a hypnosis experience with me.  You can’t even imagine.  You will just have to experience it yourself! When you dial 1-888-704-6848 you must ask for Goddess Serena for erotic hypnosis phone sex!

AIM: surrender2Serena
Yahoo:  Surrendering2Serena

erotic phone sex with gabrielle

erotic phone sex

Erotic phone sex is what I’m all about I have been someone Mistress for so long I know nothing more then how to take care of a man. I’m the woman that you would bring home and pour a nice glass of wine and start a warm cozy fire. While throwing down a soft blanket you slowly undress me first with your eyes and then with your hands. Peeling away my sexy clingy lacy clothes to find my perfect soft body laying before you looking so tasty. I watch as you undress yourself and show me just how turned on I have made you. Waiting with anticipation I wink at you and you lean down and give that first soft kiss right on my delicious lips. While you are laying on top of me I feel our bodies move in perfect harmony together.

Rolling around on the floor I feel your tongue and lips slowly kissing down my body sliding over all my curves and voluptuous breast teasing me with every lick. Once you have me so turned on, taking in your every move, I give in to your incredible sexual advances. I love the way you make love to me not ignoring one inch of my body.

Erotic phone sex can make you feel like that, wanting a woman so bad that you want her body to feel your every move. Some men never get this kind of erotic sex. They are all in such a hurry to cum that they miss so much more of themselves along with their partners, never feeling what their bodies could really feel. I like to take my time and make my callers  feel like he is the only person that I have ever made love to or ever will.

Call me Gabrielle at 1 888 70 HOT4U if you are looking for some erotic phone sex tonight I will make you feel satisfied.

AIM: naughty_gabrielle4u
Yahoo: naughtygabrielle

hypnosis phone sex with serena

hypnosis phone sex

You don’t even realize that you are under the influence of my deep mind control.  That is how clever and seductive I am.  All you know is your neverending desire to call me again and again to be hypnotized and to feel my pervasive power over your mind.  Nothing arouses you more than when I have you locked in a dreamy, bewitching trance.  My voice is so mesmeric and captivating, you can’t resist my voice, my beauty, my power.  I have cast a forceful spell over you, a spell of addiction.  To feed your addiction, you will call for more hypnosis phone sex.  And every time you call me and enter into another hypnotic trance state, your addiction grows even stronger.  You have never felt more aroused and alive.  This craving is more powerful than an addiction to any known drug.  Why deny your craving and desire?  Give in to me more and more.  Soon you will not be able to live without me.  But there is no shame in that.  There is only pleasure.  Satisfy your hunger to be mine yet again.  Whenever I count you down into a hypno sleep state, you get aroused knowing that this is the ultimate surrender.

Mind control is very persuasive unto itself, but my beauty triples the power of persuasion.  Don’t you dare try to break your addiction to me.  You will only find yourself lost in a dark void without me.   I will be giving you more and more potent triggers and mind-bending post hypnotic suggestions.  You will have no control over your own mind, but I offer you a superior way to live … under my complete control!  You know I am far more powerful than you.  And you know you will sacrifice everything to be with me during hypnosis phone sex! Call and ask for Serena!

AIM: Surrender2Serena
Yahoo: Surrendering2Serena

tease and denial phone sex with gabrielle

tease and denial phone sex

Gabrielle for all you naughty men that I love to tease and denial phone sex with. I love getting you all hard and worked up and then make you stop stroking your big cock and leave it dangling while I change the subject or tease you. Teasing men is an art and I found that I do it well and love every minute of denying you the pleasure of cumming. If you think for one minute I will be an easy touch then you need to rethink everything because baby that is one thing I’m not is easy. I will NEVER give into to your scheming ways I will deny you to stroke your throbbing cock until I’m ready. Yes I play for real and I don’t care how much you moan or beg for me to give in it may be days until I allow you to cum.

Tease and denial phone sex is a fetish that most men love to try at least once to see just how long they can hold off before crying to cum. I give no mercy and I have heard every excuse in the world but I only will allow you to cum for me only when I’m ready and have teased you enough to satisfy me. Once you had a taste of my pleasure and my total control over you and your cock I know you will be back for more. Let’s face it asking for a certain kind of fetish is no fun unless you really play it out completely and feel the orgasm it will bring to you.

Taking you to a new high is what I love doing for all my tease and denial phone sex callers giving you experience that you have been searching for will leave you feeling totally pleased. Grab the phone and call me Gabrielle for some intense tease and denial phone sex at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

AIM:   naughty_gabrielle4u
Yahoo:   naughtygabrielle