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It is a dark and twisted this road we are traveling.  Sinewy tree branches like skeletal limbs line this forbidden road.  You feel like you are being followed.  A sense of fear overtakes you.  You know you are in danger even though you are lying in bed.  Something evil this way comes.  I am not a gentle erotic hypnotist.  I use extreme mind control.  If you want to experience the dark side of hypnosis, then you must call me.  I am bewitching and practice the dark arts.  I will use my wicked powers to twist your mind and make your kinkiest fantasies come true.  Or I will make your fetish ten times or one hundred times more powerful through a hypnotic curse.  Come here and find out your fate during a  Hypnosis Phone Sex call.  I will use chanting, spells, curses, mind bending, “magicke” that has been passed down from the ages.

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