GFE phone sex with jamie

GFE phone sex

I know that sometimes you have really hard days and you’re in need of someone to talk to and tell her about your rough day. If you’re single, that can be a big problem. But I have a solution for you – GFE phone sex! I’ll be here when you need me and when you don’t? I won’t be nagging you or being needy like a “real” girlfriend would. Some women are just the fucking worst, aren’t they? I am not like that, I promise. I’m pretty, intelligent and kinkier than probably anyone you have ever met in your life!

I am just willing to bet that you’ve called some GFE phone sex girls who claimed to be smart and after like a minute of talking to them, you realized that you weren’t going to get any intellectual conversation out of them. You won’t have that problem with me at all. I can talk to you about any number of topics and I promise you won’t get bored of talking with me. We can talk about current events, politics, or even just relax and talk about our favorite music, movies or TV shows.

Of course, sometimes you are just going to want to talk dirty and have some sexy fun with me and trust me, I’m just the girl for that, too. I have been told by several guys I’ve dated that I am a little bit too kinky for them. Obviously, none of them were the man for me, but maybe you are. Do you like to get down and dirty, baby? Call me and tell me what you’re into. I want you to try to shock me!

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no limits phone sex with jamie

no limits phone sex

I really love when I get a call from a guy and I ask him what he’s in the mood for and he says “anything”. That means I get to let my creative juices flow and have a little bit of no limits phone sex with him. And just giving you fair warning – if you call me and tell me that you have no limits at all, you better be really fucking serious about that. Some guys say that and then have no idea what “no limits” really means. It means we’re about to get wild and crazy. So if you decide to give the power to me, make sure you are ready.

So, now that we have established that, why don’t we get down to business? I know there are certain people in your life that are forbidden fruit. You have been fantasizing about them and you jerk off while you think about what it would be like to fuck those hot younger pussies, don’t you? Trust me, I know the feeling. There are some hot girls in my life that I want to sit right on my face, but it’s just not appropriate. Why don’t you call me and we can tell each other about our hot no limits phone sex fantasies involving those girls?!

But sometimes, no limits can refer to what you’re doing, rather than who you are doing. Those things are totally so taboo that I can’t even talk about them here, but trust me when I say that I am ready, willing and able to make those fantasies happen for you! My pussy is wet just thinking about all of the hot fun we’re going to have together.

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erotic hypnosis phone sex with cherry

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Erotic hypnosis phone sex will take you into a whirl wind world of ecstatic arousal. A roller coaster that fucks with your mind & triggers your dick into a complete trance. & I, Cherry – fetishist of all things bizarre will take you there. Starting as a day dream & transitioning into a realm of reality & sexual desire that entraps your every thought. Your focus falls solely upon me. You can’t escape my eyes, of course I know that my body is what caught your attention. After all, I am a contortionist with tits that can fuck over any man or woman for that matter in two seconds flat. My eyes though, those are what you can’t escape from. My voice is what will hypnotize you. My voice will thrill & captivate you. You feel yourself falling deeper & deeper until you’re right where I want you. You’ll fall until you become mine. I will capture you & you will please me in any way that I see fit. You will serve me & I will bring you pleasure. I will reach into your mind & bring you to Nirvana. It is destined. You will feel me, even after our session. I can’t help if I am the most enamoring erotic hypnosis Mistress of all time. Already you’re under my spell – feel the magic. You just can’t stop thinking about me. Cherry – Mistress, Goddess, enchanter of men & women, deeper & deeper, you can’t control the urge. you can’t fight the temptation. You just can’t resist. You are bewitched & intrigued. Yearning for more. Fascinated. You can’t stop the wanting – to be captivated. Your dick is aching with desire for erotic hypnosis phone sex & I know you’re ready to give it a try. Skeptical, you won’t be by the time I am finished with you. Bewildered – of course. What can I say, I’m a freak!

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naughty phone sex with gabrielle

naughty phone sex

So you have been thinking about doing your first naughty phone sex call?? Well I’m so glad you are considering me to try your new call on. Let me introduce myself  I’m Gabrielle, a sexy phone sex entertainer that would love to guide you through your first call. I will talk about anything you would like I’m very open and very easy to talk too. I have a soft, sexy voice that can be so calming but I also can be very controlling. Guiding you into a very satisfying call will be my goal making your first time with me pleasurable.

I can role-play with you becoming any one that you may be fantasizing about like an old girl friend or someones wife. I know you think about things like that so don’t ever be embarrassed to bring them up. Some of you like to think about 2 woman together just talking about it makes most guy’s cum so hard. I can always get another girl on the line so we can do a 2 girl call making it twice as hot. I like to tease guy’s until their cocks go up and down driving you insane. But remember I will never leave you with blue-balls ever.

When making your naughty phone sex call you need to learn to relax and enjoy it so you get to experience the final explosion you want to have. Listening to each other and interacting is a good thing on the calls it helps me to go in the right direction. I do know that some of you prefer to let me do all the talking and you just play and enjoy either way is good. You can’t do anything wrong in phone sex because it’s what you are into or want that makes it so good. I can’t wait for you to call me and try naughty phone sex call with me I know we will have a great time together.

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