hot phone sex with cherry

hot phone sex

I got an invite to a party last weekend. The slightly bizarre part – it had a theme.  Little did I know that human bodies were to be used as part of the games. It turned out to be wildly pleasurable hot phone sex night. First of all, the second you walked into the door – you were required to remove all of your clothing. So far so good. We started out with hurdles, but instead of jumping them, I had to straddle the hurdle beam so that it was positioned between the lips of my cunt & also between my tits. A nipple fell on each side of the hurdle beam. The challenge had begun! Someone placed a clamp on my nipple with a very short string & then also a clamp on the other end. The pinching was very fucking intense. Not your average nipple clamps by any means. I loved every minute of it! Next, they took a huge & I do mean HUGE fucking dildo & pushed it up into my ass! I couldn’t help it, eventually, I pushed away & broke the clips. The longest time without breaking the clips is what won the game. Next up, corn hole – the difference with hot phone sex corn hole is that I had to lay across the board & my pussy was the target! Everyone at the party took turns tossing water balloons at my pussy. The person with the most hits into my pussy won that game. I’m sure you can imagine that at this point, my pussy was not only wet, but I was so fucking turned on. My nipples were hard, sensitive, & tender. I looked around & every single guy at the party had a hard on. We were all so so fucking aroused. My pussy was aching for more hot phone sex games. Next up – mini golf & with that…well we’ll leave that one for next time. To be continued… What can I say, I’m a freak!

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CBT phone sex with lyric

CBT phone sex

Hello there, boys! There are just some men in life who deserve pain instead of pleasure. You know, those men out there who think that they are God’s gift to women. In reality, they are just losers with small dicks who act big and bad to try and compensate for how much they are lacking in the bedroom. Those are the kinds of guys who I really stick it to when they call me for CBT phone sex. This redheaded vixen loves teaching losers what their worth really is. And trust me, their worth isn’t much.

CBT phone sex really inspires me to be creative. I love finding new ways to cause you pain. Sure, there are the basic ways – wooden spoons, shoelaces, paddles, rubber bands, and hot candle wax. I like to find ways to cause pain that have a little bit more of a lasting effect. So, I have a list of items that I want you to bring to our call that will achieve the desired effect. I want you to have cotton swabs, Icy Hot or another muscle rub like that, needles, aluminum foil, some of those binder clips (they are much more fun to me that clothes pins). I guess that will do it for our first call.

I know you must be wondering what all of that is for and I can’t really tell you just yet. I don’t want to ruin the fun for you. All you need to do is gather up your things and then call me for CBT phone sex. And when you call me, you better be sure that you want pain, because once I get started on you, I don’t plan on stopping until you are in the most agonizing pain you’ve ever been in. I won’t stop until you’re begging me to stop and there are tears flowing.

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phone sex with Stella

phone sex
With Valentine’s Day coming up I keep seeing the usual displays for cards and standard gifts in all of the stores. I am a big time people watcher, and I get lost in it sometimes. I was at the grocery store the other day and noticed that next to their Valentine themed baking things they had some novelty gifts. They had some of those playful dice that couples can use. If you haven’t seen them they are a set of dice with different body parts on one and actions on the other. You could roll it and get lick, thigh, for example. They were in a package so I didn’t see how dirty they actually got, or if they were tame. My guess is, little grocery store? They were probably tame.
Anyway, I was looking around in the area and this man came up and picked up some of the candies, put them back and ended up looking over the dice. I watched him out of the corner of my eye before smiling at him and making him blush. The fact that he did made me blush too, so I looked down and picked up a pair of those dice too. I was looking them over and reading the visible parts very softly “suck nipple”. So after smiling at him again I dropped the dice into my basket and headed off to the next aisle.
So why am I telling you about this tame, ordinary encouter at the grocery store? Ok, well that is what happened, but it certainly wasn’t what I was thinking. I thought about grabbing one of the heart shaped spatulas on the rack and handing it to him and saying keep rolling until spank comes up and then let me have it here in the store. The idea of unbuttoning a few buttons on my top and running my fingernail over my nipple while looking up at him and showing him the dice. It is a nice time for a Valentine’s Day party, I thought to myself. How about a pair of dice for every two people invited and letting it all turn into a free for all lick,tickle,suck,fuck,kiss, grind kind of evening until everyone came at least twice.
Do you get curious about what kinds of fantasies women have when we let our minds and our hands wander? Call me and ask, I want to know yours too.

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