tease and denial phone sex with gabrielle

tease and denial phone sex

I know that most men like to be tease a little bit… but there are some men who like to be teased until they are right on the edge of orgasm and then denied. Well, I love guys like that. Tease and denial phone sex is one of my favorites! A woman like me can get you hard as a rock and bring you to the edge of orgasm in no time flat. We can talk about what kind of tease and denial calls you like when you call me, but I am going to be honest with you… you’re probably not going to get to cum when we talk. It’s much more fun for me to deny you than to let you empty your balls.

I will stop you and leave you hanging…can you say blue balls????? Leaving you hanging until I allow you to cum. “When will that be”, you ask, well it all depends on what kind of mood I’m in that day. If you make me mad by not obeying me during the call you can forget about cumming at all hahaha. I have made some poor losers wait a week before I allowed them to cum just because, I know I’m such a brat. Nothing I like more then to leave you with that hard throbbing cock while you beg me to let you cum … don’t try to fake me out or think I’m a push over. That will never do but just remember it’s all up to me rather you get to cum or hung up with blue balls.

Now I can be bought… but if you really want to cum when you call me, it’s going to be really expensive. But hey, if you’re feeling like trying your luck, pick up the phone and call me for some tease and denial phone sex right now! Maybe today will be the day that it will go your way! Gabrielle your tease and denial phone sex favorite 1 888 70 HOT4U

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mutual masturbation phone sex with ramona

mutual masturbation phone sex

Masturbation is best when shared with others, don’t you think? Sure, we all masturbate alone too, but I get off so much harder when I am on the phone with someone having mutual masturbation phone sex, or that someone is watching me cum. I like hearing the other person moan with me, hearing how turned on they are, hearing them cum with me. I like to visualize myself beside them, wondering what it would feel like to have their hands all over me, to feel their fingers slide inside my pussy when I cum. Am I making you hard yet? (Big Grin)

Let’s have mutual masturbation phone sex together, let’s talk dirty! I could tell you a story, or you could tell me one, but I have a confession — I WILL be playing with myself the whole time. Won’t you join me? Whether your fantasy is wild & crazy, whether your dick is big or small, mutual masturbation phone sex is for everyone. I want to hear you cum — and cum HARD! I want you to pant, moan my name (or even scream it) when you cum!  Imagine ourselves in the same room together, how would things play out? I can tell you right now (or maybe this should be a warning) that most men cannot keep up with me. I’ve met quite a few women who can (yes, I am bi-sexual) but very few men. Can you keep up with me? How many times can you cum in one night? Or, I guess the question is, how many times can you cum in one night, Ramona? Come and find out…

I want YOU to cum with me… yeah, YOU! Pick up the phone and call me, I am waiting! Call for mutual masturbation phone sex with Ramona at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

spanking phone sex with ebony

spanking phone sex

I know that I deserve some spanking phone sex for being a race traitor. You always told me that we should stick to our own kind but I just couldn’t resist. Curiosity finally got the better of me and I just couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to be with a white man. He always looks so sexy in his fancy suits and he’s so nice to me. He’s polite and he tells me how pretty I look. The black men in the neighborhood aren’t nice to me like that so I didn’t think it would hurt anything to let him take me out to dinner. The restaurant that he took me to was so fancy that it would have been wrong for me not to show my appreciation in the only way that I know how. So yes, I did suck his dick and I even let him fuck my tight chocolate pussy and you know what? I liked it a lot! Interracial fucking made me cum so hard that I drenched his big white dick with my sweet pussy juices so many times that I lost count. It felt so right getting down on my knees and looking up at him as I submitted completely. It was pretty hot seeing his white skin against my cocoa skin so I’ll gladly take my punishment. Pull my skirt up and take my panties down while you put me over your knee and punish me with spanking phone sex. Bring your big strong hand down over and over again against my naked flesh until my black ass is on fire and my cute round butt cheeks are bouncing up and down from the force of your blows. I’ll take all the punishment you can dish out.

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bratty domme phone sex with lyric

bratty domme phone sex

Hello there, boys!! Are you up for some bratty domme phone sex today? I know you are because you’ve been calling me for it for a long time now. There’s never a shortage of losers to dominate and you’re reading this right now so that means you’re going to be my next victim.

I hope you know before you call that I’m not really a nice girl when it comes to losers like you. You don’t deserve anything other than being degraded and used. Look at the nub between your legs. You think THAT deserves anything good? Oh, no. No it doesn’t. You’re going to be humiliated more than you ever have been in your life when you call me for bratty domme phone sex. I will make you suffer. I might even make you cry if I’m feeling particularly bratty when you call me.

But don’t get your knickers in a bunch! There will maybe be a little bit of pleasure in it for you when you call me. I mean, you DO get to hear my voice. That’s more than you actually deserve, but since you’re paying, I have to talk to you. And if you’re REALLY lucky, I might even let you touch that tiny little thing while I am mercilessly humiliating you.

Maybe I’ll even let you buy me a present while we’re on the phone. I love presents and let’s be honest – I deserve one for even having to talk to your pathetic ass. You’d better hope I’m feeling nice when you talk to me, because I have expensive taste and who knows how much it will cost you!?

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Phone sex slut Stella

Phone sex slut

I sucked on him hard and rough, just like he told me to. I struggled to fit him into my mouth and get him off all before his wife got back. Tracy had no idea that I was keeping her husband company in that way. I hadn’t been at their place long when he told me that since they weren’t going to collect rent from me that he would be collecting some form of payment for my stay there. He also laid it out that with me there in the afternoons he wouldn’t be able to get his side girl over for play dates, and that would also be something for me to make up for. I didn’t really have a choice at that point in my life, and he did have a very good point. I hadn’t been attracted to him before that conversation, but the way he just bluntly told me that I would be paying for my room with my pussy made me see him in a new light.

The most humiliating part of the arrangement was him telling me that since he wasn’t able to see his regular fuck friend that he would be doing stuff to me that he never did to her. He told me about her being squeamish about certain things but that wouldn’t be a problem with me since I needed his cock to get a place to lay my head at night. He also started picking out clothes for me, panties, bras, dresses, and he had me wear them in front of his wife, my friend, Tracy. She didn’t know that her husband would pull that dress up and run his long hard dick all over my thighs and ass cheeks before fucking me, but she did notice that I dressed up more as time went on.

I refused him one night and told him that this was over. He started packing my things up,though and walking them to my car. I spent the rest of the evening worshiping his ass and making it up to him for being such a brat. He sent me to bed with his cum drying on my face

I’d love to be your secret phone slut, and make your fantasies come true too. What would you have me do if I was yours? You can see now how submissive and dirty I can be when it comes down to it. Let’s roleplay your dominant man submissive woman fantasies.