anything goes phone sex with chloe

anything goes phone sex

Oh boy, I love hearing what you guys come up with when you call me for anything goes phone sex. You are all some pervy fuckers but I love it. I love the fact that you are comfortable enough with what turns you on that you can tell it to another person and let them weave a fantasy for you. I want to be the girl who makes that happen for you. I know I’m only 18, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have experience. I probably have more experience than women your age. Why? Because I was born a slut and I love fucking. I love roleplays and fantasies. If you can imagine it, I will do it with you. I promise that I won’t say no to you, baby!

I know that you want a freak in the bedroom. Men (and some women) just aren’t going to be satisfied with plain old missionary position sex. I don’t blame you. That gets old fast, huh? I’m not a missionary kind of girl, except every now and then. I want you to tell me all the positions you want to put me in. I want you to twist me into a pretzel. And I also want you to tell me all of the fucked up things you want to do to me. Make it nasty! I want you to get twisted with me.

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phone sex slut chloe

phone sex slut

OMG I am such a phone sex slut! No, I’m not ashamed of that at all. I can’t help it that I love having my tight pussy fucked! And other girls always get jealous and mad at me because all the guys want to fuck me, but how is that my fault?! I was born sexy and being good in bed… well, that just all came naturally to me.

Okay so sometimes I go after guys I shouldn’t, and make that makes me a little more slutty but oh well. When I know I want someone, I’m going to get him, no matter what. I never take no for an answer. It’s not like they can resist me. I’m just so cute and sexy… they really don’t stand a chance against me. The minute I start coming onto them, they know immediately that they are fucked…literally!

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submissive phone sex with nina

submissive phone sex

I grew up in a very strict household.  What most girls my age were allowed to do I was not.  Things like going outside to play with my friends or having sleepovers or simply wearing a short skirt are a few of the things my father forbid me from doing. Of course I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend. My father said I was too young I think he was just jealous.  One time I told my mom about my boyfriend and she  told me it was okay if I went to hang out with him after school. I had no idea about submissive phone sex.  We had the best time.  It was the first time I kissed a boy and it was the first time I got my pussy fingered. I didn’t really want him to  because I was scared about my mom and dad wouldn’t think but he dominated me and took over. I enjoyed being a submissive phone sex Asian pet.

I was so happy that my mom wasn’t as strict as my dad was.  After I got fingered for the first time my mom and dad couldn’t keep me away from my own pussy like they tried to keep me away from boys.  They taught me to be a good girl and they taught me if it makes someone else happy then do it.

I will gladly do whatever it is that you tell me to do. Discipline me with bondage, train me to be your personal submissive phone sex slut.  Mark me. You own me.  I will always do as my master tells me to  no matter what it is. During submissive phone sex you will not need my permission.  There are no boundaries and I will never say no.  Dominate me use me and abuse me as your own and I will simply thank you.

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school girl phone sex with chloe

school girl phone sex

I know that everyone has to go to school, but fuck. I hate it. I hate it so much & the worst thing in the world is math class. I don’t like math, I’m not great at it and our teacher was so boring that I don’t know how anyone could ever learn anything in his class. So, I decided to do something you school girl phone sex fans are going to love. I decided to seduce my teacher and let him fuck me so I’d have blackmail material and he would have to give me a good grade.

So one day I stayed after school and went up to his desk. He asked me what I needed and I told him that I was going to need him to give me an A in his class. He said that he couldn’t do that because I hadn’t been doing my homework and that I failed the last couple of tests. Can you even believe that he tried to make me feel bad? Whatever. So I told him that I would be more than willing to do some extra credit. He told me that he wasn’t offering extra credit, but I told him that I had an idea. He asked what that was and that’s when I hopped up on his desk right in front of him, spread my legs and he could see right up my skirt… and I wasn’t wearing any panties.

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