CBT phone sex with jamie

CBT phone sex

I might look really sweet and innocent, but I have a mean streak that’s a mile wide. That’s why I love it when I get calls for CBT phone sex. If you don’t know what that is, CBT means cock and ball torture. Yep, that’s right. People pay me to tell them all kinds of devious things to do to cause themselves pain. You KNOW you’re curious now. Have you wondered what it would be like to add some pain to your pleasure? Well, I think you need to get your phone and call me up and let me show you just exactly how pleasurable that can be.

If you’re new to CBT phone sex, you might not know what kinds of things you’ll need for your call. I suppose we can start with the basics if you’ve never done this before. Some good items to have on hand are: a wooden spoon or hairbrush, rubber bands, some kind of clips or clothes pins, ice, candle wax. I think that should be enough to get you newbies started.

You should know that it IS going to hurt. I am not going to have any mercy on you just because you’re new. Where would the fun be in that? It wouldn’t be fun at all for either of us. And I’ll be honest with you – if I don’t feel like you’re in enough pain, I’m not even going to consider letting you have an orgasm. So if you want to cum, you better be ready to inflict some pain and torture on yourself. Don’t worry, the pain is only temporary, but you’re going to remember the pleasure that you felt for a really long time. I promise.

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Jamie for CBT phone sex now!

Yahoo and AIM: JuicyJamiexxx

forced intoxication phone sex with gabrielle

forced intoxication phone sex

I’m so tired of being a sweet nice phone sex lady I want to be more forceful with forced intoxication phone sex. I want to force men into drinking for me and doing shots whenever I ask them to. Calling me you must have a couple of bottles ready to drink while talking to me. Mixing your drinks and telling me all of your secrets is what I want during our calls. Forcing you to drink when I tell you is a control thingy that I really enjoy also getting you so drunk makes me smile. I like making you take shots straight liqueur when I say to making your head get more and more confused. Confessing to me all of your secrets makes it so much fun for me while I get deep inside your head.

Forced Intoxication phone sex can as be like a game you drink when I roll a certain number on my dice. How much fun can that be you drink I roll and we both have fun while you tell me you inter secrets. I like knowing things that no one else knows but you and me it’s kind of exciting having all your secrets in my head. Would I use them against you now really would you think that of me like blackmailing you? I’m surprise of you to think that of me but hey you never know what I will do with that information. You will be so drunk and care free so what does it matter to you it’s just a phone call isn’t it? Well to find out all of these answers you will have to call me with a drink in your hand.

Forced intoxication phone sex with me will be so intriguing that you will call me back for more and more. Gabrielle your new forceful phone sex girl waiting to have a drink with you mmmmmm.

Yahoo: NaughtyGabrielle
AIM: Naughty_Gabrielle4u