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Hey! What are you doing in my bedroom with a pair of my panties on? Ugh! You’re such a pervert! You were supposed to be downstairs waiting on my brother to get home, but here you are, rubbing that tiny cock while you are wearing a pair of my pink, lacy boy shorts. What do you think your best friend is going to think when he finds out that you were up here in my room doing this? Do you think he’s going to enjoy knowing that his best friend of 20 years is a panty boy phone sex lover?

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Well, I won’t tell him, but you’re going to have to indulge me in a fantasy I’ve had for a long time. I want you to pull those panties to the side and let me fuck you with the strap on I fuck all of my girlfriends with. I’ve always wanted to do that to a man (if you can call yourself that) and now I’m going to get my chance. Oh, you don’t want to let me? Okay, fine. But if you don’t put your legs in the air right now, my brother is going to see this picture of you that I took before I let you know I was here. You’ll let me as long as I don’t show him? That’s what I thought! And you never know, you might even like it. A panty boy phone sex slut like you is probably aching to have his ass filled up, anyway. You really should be glad that you are letting me fuck you, because one other thing you don’t know yet is that I heard you moaning my brother’s name while you were touching yourself through my panties. What do you think he would say to THAT?

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Taboo phone sex covers a wide variety of fantasies and some fetishes. Most kinky forbidden fantasies are put into this category because they are considered actions that society frowns upon. From things we cannot talk about here (they are really taboo and I could get in trouble for talking about it) to things like cheating on your wife – you will be more turned on simply because you know it’s wrong, but you do it anyhow. Does a taboo phone sex fantasy come to mind now? Almost everyone has the dirty thoughts that can get us into trouble, you are not alone. Yes, that means I have similar thoughts too, hehe. I would be happy to share my taboo sexual fantasies with you.

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You do not have to worry about me with taboos — I do it all! Anything goes essentially, I rarely say “no” as I like to keep an open mind and be able to offer taboo phone sex with no limits. If you are like me, then you have kinky fantasy’s in that head of yours that I really, really am wanting to hear about. There are no restrictions with me, tell me whatever is on your mind, I don’t care how crazy it may sound. Phone sex shouldn’t be boring anyhow, so let’s provide the entertainment, and get a party started, yeah!  Should also be clothing optional, don’t you think? Most definitely, I say! Once you are ready to party, give this hot red head a call. Hot taboo phone sex numbers ready to take your fantasy to the next level… are you ready for me?

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This size queen phone sex slut love big monster cocks. Give me a big chubby to milk and I am a happy girl! My name is Maxine and you should know that this cock teasing vixen knows how to dress to titilate the male imagination. I wear expensive silk stockings and lacy satin garters.This girly girl practically lives in high heels too! If you are looking for a sexy package to unwrap and have your wicked way with I am the perfect fantasy girlfriend.

 I want to please you and hear your satisfied moans of pleasure as I suck your cock. It might sounds dirty but an ex boyfriend told me I can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Big dick makes me want to have steamy foreplay that ends up in your cum dripping down my chin or my inner thighs! This size queen phone sex slut would love to wrap her long legs around your waist and dig her heels into your sex ass while you pound my pussy into oblivion! Hold me down and impale me on your meat!

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Hiii guys! I’m Chloe and I know you’re just dying to get your phone out and call me for super hot 18 teen phone sex. You know my tight perky body is just what you need to make you cum so hard. Your stupid wife won’t fuck you anymore and I know you were daydreaming and looking at me all summer when I was outside by the pool in my tiny bikinis. You didn’t think I saw you, huh? But I did. I know you were looking out your window and jerking it while I rubbed tanning lotion all over my hot 18 year old body.

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You must be so upset that summer is over and you can’t see me outside every day anymore. But see, I’m going to help you out. That’s why I came over. I’m going to let you see my hot body up close and personal and if you are reallllly lucky, you might even get to see me naked and touch me. We might even play let’s make a deal and there’s the possibility that you’ll get to put your hard cock deep inside my bald cunt. Isn’t that what you’ve been dreaming of doing all summer since you moved in next door?

I want you to think about how freaking awesome that would be. I know you haven’t had a pussy as tight as mine since you got married and your wife was a virgin on your wedding night. I’m not a virgin, but I promise you my pussy is going to make you cum harder than you have in a long time. Do you want to cum inside me? On me? Down my throat? Play your cards right and the choice is yours.

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