Panty Boy Phone Sex with Jamie

Hi to all you panty boy phone sex lovers! I know you’ve probably been wearing panties for a really long time, haven’t you? You just always knew you wanted to wear them and you were obsessed with them a long time before you put your first pair on. But the moment you stepped into a pair of silky panties, you knew you’d found the place where you belonged.

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What happened after you put on that first pair of panties? Did you go out and buy yourself a bunch of them? You probably started out by just wearing them at home after you got home from work, but pretty soon you started wearing them to work, too. You couldn’t help it. You just love the feeling of them up against your body, don’t you?

Or maybe you’re a different kind of panty boy phone sex lover. You love stealing panties of women you shouldn’t even be thinking about and jerking off with them. Don’t you just love the feel of those soft panties up against your dick? Do you put them up to your nose and sniff them while you’re stroking your cock? I bet you’ve even snuck into the bathroom of someone and jerked off with their dirty panties while they were in the next room over, haven’t you?

I wonder what would happen if she somehow caught you jerking it with her panties over your face. Do you think she’d be mad at you or do you think she would tell you to keep going while she watched you? Who knows what might happen… but I’d love to talk to you and see what you think might go down.

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