Babysitter Phone Sex with Chloe

I love babysitter phone sex calls so much. I mean, I’ve got a lot of babysitting experience so I love talking about it. And by “experience”, I think you all know what I mean. Don’t you? I’ll just say that I have had my way with almost every single dad I’ve done babysitting for. And even some of the moms, too. I love pussy sometimes just as much as I love a fat cock. And older men and women seem to really love me!

babysitter phone sex

One time I got to have a threesome with a family I was babysitting for. I started out fucking the mom and then one day she asked me if I thought her husband was hot. Honestly, I was only sleeping with her in the hopes that I’d be able to somehow get closer to him, and damn! It worked!

She told me that she wanted to surprise him on his birthday with our threesome. She even took me shopping for some sexy lingerie to wear for him. We got matching lingerie and I gotta admit – we looked super hot in it. I wish I had gotten pictures! When he came home, we were sitting on the couch making out. He just stood there watching and didn’t say a word. But when we came up for air, we could see that he was standing there with his dick in his hand. We didn’t want him to cum from that, so we told him to take his hand off of his cock and join us. It was so fucking hot. I’m getting wet just thinking about how awesome his big dick was.

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