Naughty Phone Sex with Paige

So you have been thinking about doing your first naughty phone sex call?? Well I’m so glad you are considering me to try your new call on. Let me introduce myself I’m Paige, a sexy phone sex entertainer that would love to guide you through your first call. I will talk about anything you would like I’m very open and very easy to talk too. I have a soft, sexy voice that can be so calming but I also can be very controlling. Guiding you into a very satisfying call will be my goal making your first time with me pleasurable.

naughty phone sex

I can role-play with you becoming any one that you may be fantasizing about like an old girl friend or someones wife. I know you think about things like that so don’t ever be embarrassed to bring them up. Some of you like to think about 2 woman together just talking about it makes most guy’s cum so hard. I can always get another girl on the line so we can do a 2 girl call making it twice as hot. I like to tease guy’s until their cocks go up and down driving you insane. But remember I will never leave you with blue-balls ever.

When making your naughty phone sex call you need to learn to relax and enjoy it so you get to experience the final explosion you want to have. Listening to each other and interacting is a good thing on the calls it helps me to go in the right direction. I do know that some of you prefer to let me do all the talking and you just play and enjoy either way is good. You can’t do anything wrong in phone sex because it’s what you are into or want that makes it so good. I can’t wait for you to call me and try naughty phone sex call with me I know we will have a great time together.

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Creampie Phone Sex with Nina

Creampie phone sex is one of my favorite phone sex fantasies. Do you like nasty messy fantasies like me? good! That means we can have a really good time together I have absolutely no limits when it comes to getting off. You know Asian girls are submissive and I was taught to be a very good submissive girl. I had a very good dominant teachers and that’s why I consider myself to be a switch. I know what it takes to be a good submissive and I know what it takes to be a good dominant.

creampie phone sex

You can force me to eat a hot cream pie from a freshly fucked pussy, or I can make you to suck a hot creamy load from my freshly fucked pussy. MMMMMM I am licking my lips right now I can almost taste the warm come on my lips and it tastes so good. My panties are getting wet right now as I think about all the dirty things we can say to each other. My thick meaty pussy holds a creampie very well. You can always ask my special friend. He watches as I get fucked and he makes bets with his friends on how many loads my meaty pussy lips can hold between them before I begin to drip. I always do a handstand and push the air out of my pussy so that I can take more cum. Can you guess how many loads I’ve taken at one time before the come started to drip down my asshole?

I’ve had a lot of practice you know! creampie phone sex makes me so thirsty and it gets my pussy so wet. I’m going to go get my big black squirting dildo and fuck my pussy until my phone rings. Then we can get off together call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U I’m Nina by the way!

Kinky Phone Sex with Ramona

Naughty girls do naughty things, and when it comes to phone sex, that comes in VERY handy! Phone sex should be fun, free spirited and allow you, or myself, to express ourselves any which way we please, without being judged or called a pervert. Tho secretly, I do love myself a good pervert, they are rarely boring and have a sex drive that can keep up with mine… usually anyhow 🙂 If you are one of those 1 minute phone sex wonders, I love you to, but for different reasons, ha ha ha!! Sorry, couldn’t help myself, you premature ejaculaters always bring a smile to my face 🙂

kinky phone sex

A lot of phone sex callers ask me “What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?” As I do more things and get creative with my sex life, that answer changes, especially lately since I have been testing out some new sex toys for a friend of mine. Do you have sex toys you play with? I would love to hear what they are, and if you have a favorite. I will say not all the best ones come in big packaging, but size does matter in some cases, if you catch my drift, hehe. Yes, I am rather naughty as you can tell, and definitely kinky too! I don’t hear anyone complaining about it tho, LOL! Let’s talk dirty, tell each other something naughty we recently have done or wish to do. Depending on how long of a call you purchase, I have several things I could tell you about that I have done, and a few that I still wish to do. Can’t wait to see what you have to share with me in return.

Let’s masturbate together, lets cum together, and we’ll see if you can keep up with me on these nightly kinky phone sex calls.

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Phone Sex Girl Jamie

I am just gonna go out on a limb here and assume that you’re a fan of sexy voices. I mean, why else would you be on a website looking for a phone sex girl to call? You’re looking for a gorgeous girl like me with a voice that could get you off even if I was doing something silly like reading the phone book. Well, your search is over, baby! You’ve found the perfect girl to get you off. If you want to be more satisfied that you ever even imagined you could feel over the phone, then you need to grab your phone and call me right now.

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The good thing about me is that you can talk to me about anything that is on your mind. I’m open minded and you might find that I’m every bit as dirty as you are! Maybe even more! You never ever have to be afraid that I’m going to shoot down your fantasy. I won’t judge you and I will never say no. I actually want to hear about those taboo fantasies that get your cock hard. Don’t worry about being “normal” with me. That’s SO boring. Let’s leave the vanilla fantasies for someone else and have some taboo fun together!

But those taboo fantasies aren’t the only things I love to talk about! I am pretty open to any fetish. Some of my favorites are small penis humiliation, sissies and feminization, creampies, body worship, cum eating instructions, jerk off instructions, and so much more. If you can dream it up, then you can rest assured that I’ll do it with you! I’m ready, willing, and able to make all your dreams come true!

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Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Chloe

I might be sweet cutie pie, but don’t you think for a minute that I can’t rule your life and put you in your place. I love bratty domme phone sex and it’s so much fun when all the losers call me to be dominated by a barely legal girl like me. I mean, honestly… what kind of pussy must you be if you willingly give up control to a girl like me? You’re 2-3 times my age, yet you still are owned by me. That’s so funny. I wonder what all your friends and family would think if they knew what a loser you are? I mean, I’m not gonna tell them, but there’s always the chance of them finding out somehow!

bratty domme phone sex

Some losers who call me have the tiniest dicks EVER. I mean, can you even call them dicks? I dunno, probably not, since they are microscopic. My clit is seriously bigger than some guys dicks and that cracks me up so much. Like, what the fuck do they think they are gonna do with something that small? I guess since they are calling me, they know where their place is, but I bet there was a time when they thought they could fuck someone and actually please her. That’s hilarious!!!

I love telling those shrimpy losers about all the guys I’ve fucked who have huge dicks. And we talk about how I would make them suck those cocks and get them ready for me and then clean my pussy up once they’re done with me. Your tiny cock is hard right now from just reading that, isn’t it? Well, if it is, you need to call me for bratty domme phone sex. Humiliation is just one way I like to have fun with losers. Call me to find out more!

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