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Woah, hi there. I am barely legal Bambi and I didn’t see you there. Aren’t you a naughty man watching me getting ready to have a bubble bath. Do you always peep on tight young girls like that? Wanna join me? I bet you would. You heard all over the neighbourhood that I was a no limits phone sex honeypie, didnt you? You dirty old men sure gossip, don’t you? ::giggles softly:: Guess you could say that I have made a lot of your friends hard as a rock too! I love to be a 18 teen tease and being fresh outta HS makes me a perfect candidate for all those really hot phone sex fantasies you have.

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Barely Legal Phone Sex

Hey boyz, I am Bambi and I am your barely legal phone sex baby-doll from across the pond. Yup I have a sexy young voice and a soft british accent that will drive all your horny perverts crazy! Its so much fun being a barely legal brat. I guess you could say that I love to tease and please. It all depends on the cock that is presented in front of me.

Oh I should mention that I am going back to school, now that fall is here. I cant wait to see what hot teachers I have to pick from. Mmmm, horny teachers are the yummiest. They love young phone sex pussy. ::giggles:: I certainly love to spread my long legs while I lay on their desks, after school. Once they get a taste they cant help themselves. We all know how tight and addictive my hot barely legal pussy is, dont we, hehe???

I cant wait to earn all my A pluses. Of course, I wont be doing it through hard work and studying. I will be earning it through lots of cock sucking and being the teachers naughty pet, hehe. Barely legal phone sex with a cutie like me will blow your mind and your pervy ball load. I cant wait to play with you soon. Call me and I will take my naughty school girl panties down for you too. ::wink::

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