Hot Phone Sex GFE Kinky Girlfriend Fantasy

Hot Phone Sex GFE

Oh, hey there. You caught me in the middle of getting ready for a hot phone sex GFE date! This kinky sweetheart likes to make sure every inch of her sexy flesh is ready to please you, baby cakes. Do you love fantasy date night? Are you a man who wishes your GF would enjoy kinky sex? I can guarantee that this curvy brunette loves to get freaky between the sheets! There isnt anything we cant try once, baby!

I will make sure every inch of me is scrumptious! When you run your fingers through my curls and pull I want you to marvel at how silky and soft my mane is. When you run your hands all over my body I want you to feel how smooth my skin is. And when you set your horny gaze on my hairy pussy I want you to noticed how trimmed and neat it is. I love male attention and when you are my fantasy boyfriend I will leave no part of me unkempt. I want our hot phone sex GFE call to be sizzling sexy for you so I become your number one girlfriend.

My tight little body was made for getting sweaty between the sheets! Look at my slender thighs! Can you imagine your face buried right between them? Me too! We could do a streamy 69 even! Dont worry about messing my perfect hair up, getting me all sweaty, or cum stained. I made myself pretty just for you to mess up. I want you to revel in my moans, kisses and sighs and if you like dirty talk I want you to enjoy the slut I turn into when we are all alone. Everything this kinky girlfriend does on a hot phone sex GFE call is for you, baby.

Maybe, you want to bring a 3rd person into our bedroom escapades? I think that would he super yummy! Male or female I am down! I just want to make you cum like you have never cum before. Dont think for a second that I wont be masturbating right along with you. Mutual masturbation is incredible and I cum really loud and sexy too, just in case you like that sort of thing. 😉

aim: polkadot_princess

Size Queen Phone Sex Slut Maxine


This size queen phone sex slut love big monster cocks. Give me a big chubby to milk and I am a happy girl! My name is Maxine and you should know that this cock teasing vixen knows how to dress to titilate the male imagination. I wear expensive silk stockings and lacy satin garters.This girly girl practically lives in high heels too! If you are looking for a sexy package to unwrap and have your wicked way with I am the perfect fantasy girlfriend.

 I want to please you and hear your satisfied moans of pleasure as I suck your cock. It might sounds dirty but an ex boyfriend told me I can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Big dick makes me want to have steamy foreplay that ends up in your cum dripping down my chin or my inner thighs! This size queen phone sex slut would love to wrap her long legs around your waist and dig her heels into your sex ass while you pound my pussy into oblivion! Hold me down and impale me on your meat!

If you only have a tootsie roll of a dicky, its ok too. You can call me and confess you are a size queen phone sex slut too! Want to share a big one with me? Or, if you are new to being cock curious I can show you have to lick on that big pole till it explodes baby gravy all over both our faces! I love small penis humiliation lovers! I may be a size queen but I know how to share, baby! Give me a call and lets get nasty together! Whether you have a tiny cock or a meaty cock, I promise you wont regret have some fantasy fun with yours truly.

Call 1 888 704 6848 and ask for size queen Maxine.
Aim: polkadot_princess69

GFE Phone Sex with Sweet Fantasy Girlfriend Maxine


Hiya guys, its your hot tease, Maxine! Do you crave GFE phone sex? I want you to know that I make the perfect fantasy girlfriend. I can be sweet, playful, and an erotic sex-kitten in the bedroom. I am a multi faceted sweetheart who wants to have more then just a quicky with you, not that quickies are a bad thing *wink*. I really want to have a whole cyber date with you on the phone. I am a good listener, a natural conversationalist, and I am pretty cute, too. Sometimes, you just feel lonely or you need a real woman to talk to. Other times, you want someone who can be sensual and attentive to your needs. I am a natural people pleaser and I happen to like getting to know my gentleman callers.

I want to help you relax and unwind. We can share a bottle of wine and chat about anything. As my fantasy boyfriend I want to get to know everything about you. Whatever you want to share with me, darling. I also want to be the best phone sex GFE you have ever lusted after. I am willing to indulge you in whatever kinks or erotic play you like and I hope you would be ok with me masturbating with you. I like mutual masturbation. I find it adds to the excitment we both feel when we hear each others moans of pleasure. Let me that sensual girlfriend that you truly crave.

If you have any fetishes you like to explore, like hair, feet, stockings, high heels, panties, you name it, dont be afraid to tell me. I am that non judgemental girl who only wants to please you and for you to please me.

Call 1 888 704 6848 and ask for GFE Maxine.

yahoo: polkadot_princess
Aim: polkadot_princess69

Cross Dresser Phone Sex Addictions: Vintage Lingerie


Hey there, cross dressing addicts! Its your powder puff, frou frou, princess, Maxine. Do you have a special place in your kinky heart for vintage lingerie? Me too! The stuff they make nowadays is crap. Poorly made and ugly. When you call for cross dresser phone sex, with this princess, expect the very best in silk stockings, cuban heels, 8 strap garters, frilly panties, girdles, corsets and bustiers! Your feminization addiction is what makes you the perfect dolly for me! Lets shave, pluck and pamper you till you are ready to start putting on these delicious, confectionery, coloured panties and waist cinchers! I can wait to get really descriptive and creative with this whole closet of cross dressing items!

Lets not forget shoes. You do love a pair of open toed, baby-doll, high heels, yes? My enthusiasm is building here, can you tell? Have you ever dreamed of being a pinup chick’s personal dolly? I love to play dress up and you and I are going to turn you into the prettiest, classiest, play thing, you could ever imagine! What shall we do once you are fully feminized? Well, we could get out some sex toys and explore that angle. I do love teaching sissy boys how to masturbate like a woman, right down to the soft, feminine, moans of pleasure you feel right before you blow your goo in your panties.

I also like cross dressers who crave bi curious phone sex. Maybe you haven’t ever been with another man before? I love sexy novices. Or maybe you have been having escapades with men for quite some time! I like experienced, bi sexual, drag queens. I can teach you how to suck a cock, by example. Or if you already know how I can sit back, spread my long legs, finger my pussy, and watch. I know how much a cross dressing sweetheart, like you, loves to be an exhibitionist!

Dial 1 888 704 6848 and ask for your scrumptious Maxine!

yahoo: polkadot_princess

Aim: polkadot_princess69

Stocking and Leg Fetish Phone Sex GFE Tease

Stocking and Leg Fetish Phone Sex

Hello, its your GFE pinup fox, Maxine! I am the sweetest tease and boy, do I love body worship. Its so sensual and erotic! I am whats known as a stocking and leg fetish phone sex tease. As a matter of fact, thats not the only place on my body that one could fetishize! There is my gorgeous hair, my sexy feet, my round ass, my panty covered, hairy, pussy, my boobs, my name it! I want you, to want me, from head to toe!

As a pin-up queen I love to play dress up and I have a huge collection of vintage lingerie. Silky stockings are a favourite of mine. And just for an FYI? You cannot wear stockings without garters. How tacky! The kind that stay up by themselves are just trashy! I only wear the best and the sexiest. Have you noticed just how long my legs are, and how curvy my gams are? Does the naked bit of thigh at the tops of my stockings driving you insane? Would you like to see my panties? Would you sniff and lick the wet spot in them? Did you know that I have a hairy pussy? Thats a fetish all by itself, yes? I am a retro chick who loves the art of teasing and pleasing or even teasing and denying, if I am feeling a bit wicked that day.

When you kneel, in front of me, with that giant cock out I want you to massage my legs and slip off my heels so you can suck, erotically, on my toes. Oh my! That is such a turn on. Body worship can be so hot! Want to roll one of my stockings off and wrap it around your cock? You could beat off with it while you suck my toes! Oh and I love missionary position, with my ankles on your shoulders, so you can suck my toes while you pump your fantasy fetish girlfriend to orgasm!

We could even roleplay that I am your sexy boss or neighbour, who wears sexy stockings, heels, and short skirts! I know how to be a good phone sex tease and slowly un-cross and re-cross my long legs! Want to watch me put on my stockings or adjust them? What a sexy peep show that would be!

Or maybe you are the peeping tom…the sexual fetish variations are endless!

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