Submissive Phone Sex with Delaney

Sure, I am a sexy and strong-willed chick.  But if I am being honest, every now and then I need a big strong man to truly make me his on a submissive phone sex call. Doesn’t every guy dream of a girl who will let him dominate her in every way?  A girl who will completely submit to you?  I’m that girl for all of your submissive phone sex fantasies.  The only time you will hear me say ‘no’ is when you ask me if I want you to stop.  Because I know you get off on punishing me and owning me and using me to please your every whim and desire.  I will tell you how much I love it when you spank me, whip me, pull me across the floor by my hair and force me to suck your cock. 

submissive phone sex

My only desire as your submissive phone sex slave is to satisfy all of your needs in every way possible.  If you want me to wash you in the shower, cook for you, clean for you in the nude, kneel by the door like a loyal bitch waiting to greet you…I’ll do it all and more.  I’ll wear what you want me to, act how you like me to and always do everything you demand without question.  My greatest dream is to be the best submissive phone sex whore for you and make you happy in any and every way that I can.  So use me, abuse me, own me, do whatever you will.  You are my Master and I am so grateful that you picked me to be your personal fuck slave and subbie servant.  So please, call me and tell me all the ways I can make you happy.  I’m here waiting to serve my Master!

Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Delaney for submissive phone sex

Phone Sex Goddess Belladonna

Welcome to the dark side, poppets. I am your phone sex Goddess, the path to your true salvation through a portal made of delicious sin. I am here to be worshipped by you, and, through me, you will also worship the Dark Lord, the Morning Star, Satan himself. I know you’ve been looking for that something that you can’t put your fingertip on, that mysterious thing that makes your blood pump all the way down to your cock. Well, look no more because I’m here.

phone sex Goddess

Bow down until your balls drag on the ground. Show your phone sex Goddess your deepest, darkest self. Give me the ultimate gift of your soul so that I may deliver it unto my Master and King, but only after you’ve given me your cock. That I keep for myself, of course. Your worship isn’t meaningful enough without a sacrifice, which is why I want your cock. You’re a man – it’s probably the most important thing you have. It’s definitely the thing that makes you weak. You know it, and I know it – your existence only makes you worthy to be down on the ground at my feet, begging for the favor of Lucifer to save you from your otherwise meaningless life.

Tell me, peon, do you think you have what it takes to please a phone sex Goddess of my magnitude, especially because you also have to please our Dark Lord and Master in the process? If you possess even a modicum of both courage and curiosity, then you should take a step forward and claim your place in His Dark Army, with me, your Goddess, here to guide you through the darkness. Soon you’ll realize it is exactly where you’re meant to be, and that’s when that warm feeling will move through your body, down into your balls, and right out through your cock…

Surrender to your phone sex Goddess, Lady Belladonna, by calling 1 888 70 Hot4U tonight!

Phone Sex with Ramona

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to orgasms, yes really, I am. I don’t think there is a day since I was in highschool that I have not masturbated. When I started this gig as a phone sex operator, OMG let me tell you, I had orgasm after orgasm. A caller even bought me one of those magic wand vibrators that I know some of the other girls have too, and it is the best vibrator I have EVER had!! I even lent it to a friend once for only one night (i missed it soooo much) and she messaged me the next day saying she immediately bought herself one off amazon. Apparently she came so hard she couldn’t walk for 20 minutes afterwards (wish I could have been there to watch — yes, I like watching, hehe).

phone sex

Using the magic wand, I did an orgasm marathon one night. I had 9 orgasms over like 7-8 hours, it is still my record to today. Have I tried to beat it? Well, one night I had one of my favorite callers call my phone sex line and it got me in the mood to try. Sadly I got interrupted when the power went out, OOF lol. Maybe you can get me in the mood again to try? I can even get out the vibrator for you so you can hear how powerful it is, sooooo good!!

Speaking of masturbation and phone sex, what gets you in the mood to masturbate? Also, what is your record for number of orgasms? I know it’s different for guys vs girls, I am just curious since I know several of you have very high sex drives and call a lot too. Way better to masturbate with a sexy voice talking to you on the phone than alone, am I right? Now after all this talk about masturbating, I think I need to go get myself off 🙂

Talk soon guys (and girls). Call and ask for Ramona.

BDSM Phone Sex with Delaney

I know that I have such a sweet face, but you better believe me when I tell that I am that bitch that likes it hardcore.  That’s why BDSM phone sex is one of my favorite kinds of call to do.  I get to be kinky and filthy and completely no holds barred.  Yep, I’m the girl that will let you tie me to a chair in stir ups and use my cunt with a fuck-machine until I am a sticky mess begging for you to stop.  Go ahead and put weighted nipple clamps on me and slap my tits to make it hurt more.  And please, please, please when you make me get fucked by that fuck-machine, can you pretty please have it rigged so that there’s a dildo in my ass and my cunt at the same time?  I love me some serious DP action. 

BDSM phone sex

There’s nothing you can’t do to me which is why I’m perfect for BDSM phone sex fetish calls.  Hog tie me and fuck me up the ass, whip me, force me on my knees with my hands and arms strapped behind my back and bolt my ankles to the floor while you fuck my throat.  Gag me, choke me, stuff your dick down my throat till I almost stop breathing.  I love it all.  Strap me to an A-frame and abuse me in every way that you can.  Even if I cry or scream out in pain…don’t you dare stop!  Trust me I want it all.  I thrive off of the extreme which is why I’m the right girl for your BDSM phone sex fantasy.  Try me out and you’ll see for yourself!  You won’t be disappointed!

Just call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Delaney for the extreme action that your cock needs.

Submissive Phone Sex with Gabrielle

My dominant Master likes to fuck me and take complete control of me during submissive phone sex. I am weak for this man because he knows what he is doing, and he takes no shit. My Master fucked my sweet soaking wet pussy until my body couldn’t take it anymore. I expect this entire weekend my pussy is going to be soaking wet and full of cum. I’m addicted to my Master because I need a man who is willing to be the Alpha Male in my life. I love being pushed down onto my knees and being made to lick all of my sugar daddy’s cum off of his cum soaked cock shaft. I don’t need a little bitty cock bitch, pretending to be an Alpha when he is a beta. My Master told me that I’m a slut who needs a real man to make sure I stay in line and do what is told to me.

submissive phone sex

Before I found my real man, I was an out of control bitch. My Master let me know he was going to keep some cock meat in my pussy and going down my throat, making me gag.  My big dick Master fucks me like he is a maniac in a state of insanity. I’m really crazy about this man because he puts me on all fours, then he shoves his big fat dick straight inside of my cum-guzzling pussy. My man rams his throbbing cock in and out of me hard over and over again. I really would like to know what woman doesn’t love being fucked like a maniac until she has no strength to move? I am the gal who can take dick. I love being banged hard and slapped on my tight bubble ass. My strong Master has a real understanding of exactly what to do to get the job of owning a slut done. My monster cock man does it right for me every time; that’s why my pussy is soaked right now. The best thing about my true love is that he makes me fuck other guys whenever he wants to. You should come and get you some of this slutty sexy juicy pussy.  I will follow whatever direction my cock Master gives me even if that means fucking you until you blow your hot load in my sweet pussy.

Call me for submissive phone sex at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Gabrielle.

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Jamie

Hey all you sugar daddies. I’m Jamie and if you couldn’t already tell, I’m a princess that loves to be spoiled.  I’m so used to my sugar daddy spoiling me when I was younger now its your time to spoil me.  I love financial domination phone sex more then anything.  This princess is always in need of money, new clothes, shoes, makeup and of course nice places to go and have fun.

financial domination phone sex

I love when you pick me up in your fancy expensive car, and drive me all around.  Taking me to a nice dinner, and taking me shopping to buy me sexy lingerie and shoes.  Do you know what that does to me? It makes me wet and horny which makes me horny!  I’m not an easy girl, and don’t think your getting in my pants right away.  It take’s a lot to get me wet and horny and especially to get in my pants.  However, money talks! Money really talks.  If you have money, you could be the ugliest person ever and I would still take all your money.  I plan on draining your bank accounts, and maxing out every credit card you own.  I know you have that Amex Black card and your going to take me on a beautiful 2 week tropical vacation aren’t you.  Damn right you are, because you want to make princess Bella happy and if you make me happy then you may just get a chance to fuck me!

It takes dedication to please me and make me happy.  If you have the time and the money to please this princess then your in.  You pay for my time and then some and then we can have our little fun.  If these type of things interest you then maybe you our the perfect person for the position.  Give me a call at 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Princess Jamie for some financial domination phone sex!

BBC Phone Sex with Paige

All you boys with little dicks are craving that BBC phone sex like crazy!  You can’t get enough of seeing me with that giant black cock stuffing my sweet pussy, drool running out of the corner of your mouth, waiting to taste that sweet cum.  I see your tongue sticking out and you licking your lips, anticipating licking that juice off that cock, out of my pussy while we laugh at you’re your teeny cock trying to grow so you can make it cum too!  I can’t even imagine how you make that little dick of your cum, rubbing it with your thumb and finger ‘cuz you’re too tiny for more than that.

BBC phone sex

I like grabbing your hair and forcing that big black cock down your throat, watching you swallow every drop and slurp it down.  I can see by the look in your eyes that you love it and you’re hungry for more!  Don’t worry, slut, I am going to make sure you get fed all of that huge, creamy cum load you’re starving for…and then some.  I am not going to let you lay a hand on your teeny cock until you have licked, drank, and swallowed every creamy drop that spills from that huge, throbbing black cock.  Open that greedy mouth and stuff those balls in, then deepthroat as much as you can of that big dick!  Look me in the eyes *giggles* while I push your throat up and down on that cock you’re so envious of!

If you behave like a good submissive slut and keep that thing nice and hard we’ll keep letting you clean up the mess.  I hope you are ready to thank me properly, especially if you want me to keep arranging these little parties for you…

I am really looking forward to the next time we can have BBC phone sex.
Call Paige at 1-888-70- HOT-4U/1-888-704-6848

Bi Curious Phone Sex with Delaney

Most guys won’t admit it, but they all have wondered at one time or another what it would be like to suck a cock.  You all have a bi curious phone sex fantasy, you just don’t like to own up to it.  It’s not really about being a fag or not.  It’s about the thrill of going outside your comfort zone.  Being pushed outside your limits.  You’re gonna tell me that you wouldn’t want to lick my cunt juices off a huge cock that just filled me with a hot sticky load?  Yeah see, your dick just twitched with excitement. 

bi curious phone sex

I told you, every guy has a bi-curious phone sex fantasy.  Some just don’t know it yet.  But when I talk about forcing you to suck a dick and letting a guy use your mouth as a cum dump, or cleaning his cock after he fucked me…you know you get turned on a little bit.  Maybe more than you expected.  What other bi curious phone sex fantasy have you had?  It’s ok, you can confide in me.  Have you ever dreamed of watching a girl get fucked by a gang bang and then suddenly you’re the one getting gang banged?  Hot, right?  Think of all the cocks you’d be sucking and all the loads you’d be guzzling or have leaking from your stretched out asshole when they’re done using you up.  Oh, you’re getting so turned on right now, aren’t you?  Then maybe you should give me a call and let me help you explore your bi-curious phone sex fantasy.  You can’t imagine the fun we’re about to have!  Get your lube and start dialing cuz you’re definitely going to be shooting a huge load on our call! Call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Delaney so we can have some bi-curious fun.

No Limits Phone Sex with Stella

Hello there boys. Ready for some no limits phone sex!? I’m an experienced woman that’d seen my share of what the world has to offer. And I’ve definitely had my fill of vanilla. The spice of life is not limiting yourself! So I won’t and I don’t want you to either! Not with me! With me you don’t need to second guess yourself. I’m ready and eager to see what you have hidden in your deprived mind. My cunt aches to hear or experience whatever will get you rock hard and ready to explode. I want to hear what you want to do to me, or even what you just want to do with me. Maybe even what you want me to watch you do or hear you do! Really, no limits phone sex. I mean what I say. I’m not like girls on other sites who just say they’ll talk to you about anything you want. I’m ready, willing, and able to make sure you always get exactly what you want when we are phone fucking.

no limits phone sex

I have a vast array of toys and fun supplies to make sure our no limits phone sex is all it can be! I’m all ears for your ideas and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find I have my own kinky quirks to add to our fun if that interests you! I just want you to be completely and utterly satisfied and spent by the time our phone call ends. If your cock isn’t empty by the time we’re done I haven’t done my job right! So call me and come to me with your most depraved thoughts and be ready to unleash all your inhibitions. Call  1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Stella. I’ll be waiting for you and all of your kinky thoughts!

Strap On Phone Sex with Delaney

So I heard a rumor that you like to force the chicks from your office to bend over your desk and fuck them hard and rough.  You know they won’t say boo about it because they know that you are the boss.  Well, it is time to turn the tables on you.  Let’s see how you like it when I make you my strap on phone sex bitch!  This time it will be YOU who is being bent over and forced to take a big stiff one hard and deep.  Trust me I can be truly unmerciful too. 

strap on phone sex

What?  You thought when I came in here that you were going to be fucking me?  That you would blackmail me into being your next cum slut?  Yeah, that would be where you got it all wrong fucker.  I thought it would be fitting to make you a strap-on phone sex bitch getting fucked for once.  And don’t even think of fighting me on this.  Now it’s your turn!   How does it feel, you bitch?  Do you like that?  I think that I will invite my hottest girlfriends over to let them have a turn with you too.  It’s only fair that every one of them gets a chance to make you their strap on phone sex bitch too.  I mean, you have fucked a lot of girls like that too, right?  I’m just their advocate.  So when I’m done fucking you relentlessly with this monster rubber dick, and after I have you gaping wide open and have fucked you raw…then I’m going to let all my friends have at you too.  This is going to be a day you will never forget.  I bet you love it so much that you will want it over and over again.

Call me for strap on phone sex and ask for Delaney at 1 888 70 HOT4U

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