CBT Phone Sex with Delaney

Do you need a bit of delicious pain in your life? So many men who do are afraid to share it with their wives or girlfriends. But you can tell me exactly what you want on our CBT phone sex call. Just know that when you agree to be my CBT phone sex bitch, you must completely surrender your cock and balls to me. There’s no backing out, no safe word, no changing your mind. Once I have you, you’re mine until I say we’re done! And trust me, I don’t hold back. I go just as far as my freaky mind feels like on that day. Your poor cum sacs and dick are at my mercy and I have to tell you I really enjoy inflicting pain on fellows like you. I love hearing a man scream like he’s being slaughtered as I crush his balls and twist his dick until it feels like it’s going to rip off.

CBT phone sex

There are so many fun things I’m going to do to you my perverted CBT phone sex bitch. I’ve got whips and paddles to spank your nuts and cock with. I’ve got lots of toys to torture you with in fact. And let’s not forget the most common and accessible way to hurt you…my pointy stiletto heels! Imagine those stepping on your balls or puncturing them. I’m getting chills just thinking about stomping on your manhood! Not such a big man when you’re my CBT phone sex bitch though are you? Why don’t you come down into my dungeon of pain and let’s see how many ways I can break you with my skillful methods of torturing your dick and balls? Come on, it’ll be fun. For me at least.

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Extreme Humiliation Phone Sex with Stella

Hey there loser! Are you looking for a dominant bitch to own and humiliate you during an extreme humiliation phone sex session? You probably call the phone sex lines because your dick is too little. Additionally, maybe your wife isn’t giving you any sex at home. Perhaps you are secretly a faggot that craves cock down your throat. Let me dress you in panties for being such a bitch!

extreme humiliation phone sex

Furthermore, let me humiliate you to the extreme for being a useless wreck in society. No one wants you because you aren’t worthy of anyone’s attention or affection. So if you come crawling to me I know exactly what buttons to push. Be careful! I may even make you cry during our extreme humiliation phone sex. Consequently, while making you feel at your lowest your cock will be at its highest peak of arousal.

Come on scum bucket! I know you are a creep waiting to tell me all of your perverted twisted confessions. A poor weirdo like you could never fuck a hot bitch like me. Calling me fantasizing is the closest you will ever get to this sexy goddess. Let this beautiful beast dominate you. Don’t ask me to fuck your ass! Are you even worthy of becoming my bottom boy? Prove it!

Finally, I want you to demonstrate what a good cum slut you know how to be. If you make demands severe consequences will be enforced. You are here to serve me while I use extreme humiliation phone sex to rip you apart and degrade you to the lowest level possible. After all, you are lucky i’m talking to you. So give me a call jack off junkie. I’m waiting to laugh in your face at how stupid you are. Call Stella at 1-888-70-HOT4U.

Hot Phone Sex with Gabrielle

Are you in the mood for some hot phone sex? Well, I have a story to tell you. After working so hard on the road, all he wants is a good suck and fuck. He lays on the bed with his hard cock out. Staring as I slip my off dress, he strokes his throbbing member. As I walk over slowly, I lean in to kiss the tip. It is soo big, and I feel the temperature rise. Softly, wrapping my lips around his massive head, holding his meat stick in my warm wet mouth, and slowly running my tongue around it. He grabs the top of my head to bring me down to the base of his shaft, Gagging twice; the tears streamed down my face. He puts his cock back in and grabs my wrists. “Suck it, bitch!” he demanded. I sucked his cock hard, starting at the head, shoving him deeper into my mouth right down to his tight balls. Every time he pulled out, his precum coated the inside of my mouth.

hot phone sex

He then grabs me by my face with two hands, he looks me in my eyes hungrily and says in his deep sexy voice, “Enough I need that pussy! Bend over, bitch!” He likes to fuck me hard for a few minutes, then he makes me taste my cunt juices, and it tastes great! I have always enjoyed the taste of myself. We kept fucking and sucking, switching from fuck hole to fuck hole and using me how he wanted. He even hung head over the side of the bed so he could fuck my face. He fucked deep and slow, then hard and fast. I could barely breathe, my lungs burning as they begged for air, grasping for a breath in between strokes. My favorite part of the whole night was the climax, his hot wet cum sliding deep down my throat. I did not even get a chance to swallow, as it just drained down my throat. However, as he pulls out, I gladly get to savor the flavor.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Delaney

Can you believe my boyfriend cheated on me? Would you ever cheat on a chick who looks like me? He said he’d do anything if I didn’t leave him. And that is how he became my little cuckold phone sex bitch! That fucker thought he’d get away with sticking his dick in some other slut’s cunt…well I say the punishment should fit the crime. I told him I wouldn’t dump him on one condition. He was to be my cuckold phone sex slave and do whatever I say while I force him to watch me fuck any guy and every guy I choose in front of him. And he would never ever have my pussy again. Ever! In fact, I made him sign a contract that he’d never cheat on me again and he agreed that he’d never get to fuck me again or I’d leave him and take him for everything he’s worth. I have to say it actually worked out for me in a sweet way. Now I get to fuck any guy I want in our bed and he can’t say shit about it. And not only that, he has to be my cuckold phone sex bitch for life!

cuckold phone sex

I love making him fluff up my lovers cocks for me and lick their asses and suck their balls while they slam their dicks in me…especially knowing how much it hurts him to see another man have me when he never will again. He’s actually become a pretty good creampie eater to be honest. At first, he hated eating another man’s spunk. But now he loves it because it’s the only time he ever gets to taste my pussy. He’s lucky he even gets that. But I have to admit, I really love having a cuckold phone sex slave for a boyfriend and I LOVE having as many cocks as I want whenever I want. So, in a way, he did me a favor!

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Dirty Phone Sex with Gabrielle

Who doesn’t love dirty phone sex adventures? I have had a few that’s for sure. One of my favorites happened recently. It’s so hot it still makes me super wet thinking about it. The way this guy pleaded and begged for me to let him cum, it was like I was withholding all the air in the room inside a box. As if he was going to die! That poor man I edged him non-stop for hours, had his hands tied tightly, just about his cock where it wasn’t entirely in reach, so he to fully stroke it, but enough he could rub his head.

dirty phone sex

It was so hot there was so much precum, the more he squirmed the wetter I got, the more he begged, the more my pussy throbbed. Who wouldn’t love that? I am all about that denial, the look he had on his face while I tormented him with pleasure till he couldn’t do it anymore. Haha! Every time he tried to cum, I grabbed his hard cock and slapped the tip just enough. Yelled, “Ladies first bitch!”. I’m not, a one and done either I have to cum until I’m satisfied. I need my fill!

When I got my fill I decided it was time for him to cum for me, I needed my reward of his hot wet and tasty man juice in my pussy. So I sucked him until he was begging for my pussy, I slowly sat on his hard dick, glazing him in my juices. Slowly up and down, then grinding hard, making sure he was in me as deep as possible. It wasn’t long before he erupted inside me, he came so hard he convulsed, yelled, and even tried to buck my off of him like a mad bull. What an adventure!

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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Stella

Hello handsome! Are you craving guided masturbation phone sex with a hot MILF blonde? I wanna make your cock feel the ultimate pleasure during our session together. Consequently, I can indulge in a little mutual masturbation myself. Providing erotic pleasure is my specialty. I want you to feel the intensity as my seductive voice guides you to play with your balls. Then, I want you to gently start stroking your cock. Look at it throb in your hands as I guide you to touch yourself. Does it feel good? Look at it start to twitch. My voice will get a rise out of your hard stiff dick.

guided masturbation phone sex

Subsequently, your cock will become veiny and grow. Spit on it! Get it nice and wet for me. I want to give you the most orgasmic pleasure. The sound of my voice leads you to ecstasy. During our guided masturbation phone sex session as your climax builds your balls will grow tighter and you will be ready to explode. Furthermore, precum starts to drip due to all the stimulating excitement. Without a doubt you are in pure bliss as you begin to stroke faster and faster. Your moans grow louder and louder as you get wetter and wetter. I own you! My voice has complete power over you. The more you throb you just keep stroking.

Finally, I can hear you slap your hand against your balls with each intense stroke. You begin to stroke faster and harder. I tell you to scream louder and squeeze your cock. Unquestionably, you follow my commands like a good boy. Your hands begin to feel wet and sticky. Is your cock leaking a large amount of jizz yet? Suddenly, you explode like a canon covering your hands with white sticky cream. Specifically, if you are seeking the best guided masturbation phone sex call Stella at 1-888-70-HOT4U.

Submissive Phone Sex with Delaney

You like your girl to be the submissive phone sex type, don’t you?  Then I hope you call me.  I love a big strong man taking complete control of me.  Tell me what clothes to wear, what perfume to wear, how to do my hair and more importantly how to serve you in every way.  To me, the man is the master and what he says goes.  I’m a very fast learner too so after a while I will understand exactly what you expect of me and just do it.  You won’t have to repeat yourself over and over for this submissive phone sex slut.

submissive phone sex

Unless you like to hear the sound of your own voice commanding me to do things for you.  All that matters to me is that I make you happy.  My greatest joy is to hear you say ‘good girl’ when I’ve done things the way you like them.  My domme always tells me what a good girl I was when I sucked his dick or when I surrendered my ass or pussy to him.  He’d say, “such a good slut squeezing my hard cock with your tight pussy, subbie baby”.  And it would make me feel so good knowing how much I pleased him.  I want to please you too.  I want to be everything you need in a submissive phone sex slave.  You can do whatever you want to me and I will thank you and beg you to do it again.  Spank me, punish me, force your cock in me, hold me down and tell me to scream.  I love everything you do to me and demand of me. 

Give me a try and I think you’ll see I’m the perfect submissive phone sex girl for you! Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Delaney.

CEI Hypnosis Phone Sex with Belladonna

Something has been perplexing me for a while. Why are there so many guys who want to eat their own cum, but then chicken the fuck out when the time comes to slurp that sticky stuff right off their hands? I mean, you are the one who wanted to do it in the first place, but then as soon as the stuff leaves your body, you’re over it. So here’s my solution to this issue – I say a good dose of CEI hypnosis phone sex will cure what ails you. Yeah, why not call and let me put you under? I mean, it’s not like I can really make you do something you don’t want to do, but since you already want to do this but get nervous in the moment, a CEI hypnosis phone sex session may be just what you need to get past that last second change of mind you’re so prone to having.

CEI hypnosis phone sex

The beauty of CEI hypnosis phone sex is that I can take control and make the entire experience erotic as fuck – it’s not just about getting you to eat your cum. It’s about the whole journey we take together to get you there. By the time you’ve been given all the pleasure I’m going to give you, you’re going to truly enjoy the way your cum tastes, and you may even want more. The whole point is to make it a sexually exciting experience – you don’t necessarily need to feel forced into it by a bully bitch. You should want to taste your cum, even after you’ve spewed it, and if you are willing to succumb to CEI hypnosis phone sex, I believe I can make that happen.

So, dial 1 888 70 HOT 4 U and ask for Belladonna and be prepared to finally taste what you’ve been too afraid of all this time…

CEI Phone Sex with Delaney

Are you going to be a good cum eater for me on CEI phone sex?  I love making a man spurt a huge hot load and then force him to lick it all up.  I’ll make you pump your dick until it starts to leak pre-cum and then have you squeeze some on your fingers and suck it off.  Taste good, doesn’t it?  Do it again baby. Come on, don’t be scared baby.  I am right here with you so that you can savor every drop like a good thirsty bitch.  I am going to make you jerk your dick toward your face and shoot your load in your mouth on CEI phone sex! 

CEI phone sex

Come on!  You can do it.  Practice makes perfect.  Just aim…and shoot.  And any that doesn’t go in your mouth, well you’re going to scoop up and eat it!  I hope your spunk isn’t too salty.  That always makes me gag…and not in a good way.  So for your sake, I hope you have sweet cum cuz you are going to guzzle every drop.  Now stroke that dick for me!  Just as you’re about to cum I’m going to make you jerk even faster so that your jizz sprays all over your face and chest.  Don’t you just love that hot creamy load blasting all over you?  Now be a good cum eater and lick it all up.  And make sure you swallow!  I know you want to be a good boy for me and be the best jizz guzzler ever on CEI phone sex, so lick your fingers, scoop up any spunk on your chest and face and let me hear you swallow it all down.  There’s a good boy!  You better be hungry!

Pick up the phone and call me for CEI phone sex at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Delaney.

Two Girl Phone Sex with Gabrielle

Would you like to be apart of the best two girl phone sex fantasy? Let me tell you all about my first hot college sex party fun. I just moved to a new neighborhood. It is known to be full of students from my university. One day while going to the store, I had an encounter with this girl I’ve seen before on campus: red hair, blue eyes, small tits, and a perfectly shaped ass. We locked eyes in front of the store, and I said, “Hi” She smiled replying, “Hi yourself” “You’re jenny’s friend. I said I had no idea who Jenny was, but it worked. She said, “No, Jenny, who? I replied, “Sorry I must be mistaken” “Are you coming to the party” She added, “Yes, I would love to, where is it, and whose is it,” I said. My eyes wandered on her body, no bra, I could see her nipples peeking.

two girl phone sex

She then gave me the address and walked away.  A few steps forward she turned around “It is my party, come alone,” she said smiling and giving me a lustrous look. I couldn’t help myself but to remember this hot two girl phone sex fantasy I often had. I went to the party an hour late, I got there, and people were already wasted and dancing. There was loud music and the smell of weed everywhere. I saw her from across the room, and she came with open arms greeting me and telling me how the party is fantastic and how much fun we’re going to have. We sat with each other, talking for about a minute when she stood and sat on my lap. I grabbed on her waist and started running my hand on her back. She looked at me and smiled, and I kissed the back of her shoulder. She then opened her legs as she sat on my leg. I could feel the warmth of her pussy as she slowly started grinding on my leg.

I took her to the next room, and as I closed the door behind me, she jumped and kissed me. Oh my God my two girl phone sex fantasy was coming true. I immediately grabbed her ass with a rough grip and started to squeeze. She turned around on her own free will and stuck her ass out while she reached for my soaking wet pussy with her hand, caressing me and moaning softly. I pulled up her squirt and pulled her closer. She went down on me and started licking my pussy lips. She then led me to the small bed of that room, and I laid down as she climbed on and started sucking my percolating cunt. She gave me the sloppiest pussy sucking experience ever. All of a sudden, this guy walked in on us, his cock instantly got bone hard.

Oh, how that got both of our pussies thumping. We both grabbed his pants and took his thick cock out and began caressing his cock and cum-filled balls. I was in ecstasy from the way I watched her suck on his 10-inch monster cock. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and spat on the shaft and forced it down her throat while rubbing her pussy in my face. My pussy was hungry for more action. I started to suck her wet pussy furiously. He pulled my panties to the side and put my pussy into his mouth, ramming his thick tongue into my cunt hole. The taste and feel of her pink pussy lips were terrific. She started moving and grinding her hot cream filled pussy into my mouth. I reached for his balls and started massaging them. She leaned back as he began to position his big dick to the entrance of her pussy. She moved her hips forward, taking half of his cock inside of her. Her pink pussy lips looked delicious, and she was tight.

She started riding him, bouncing in a particularly nasty way. I didn’t take my eyes off of her pussy as she was there squatting on his cock. She started grabbing her tits and bouncing hard. She knew what she was doing; I could tell. She would bounce hard and then slow and then hard and again slowly, giving him the chance to hold his load for some extra fun.

We all stood up and went to the desk; she jumped on the desk and spread her legs inviting him to put his cock back inside of her as she was rubbing her clit. He looked at me with a look of worry that she was being greedy. I smiled and told him to ram her dripping pussy. With no issue of my invitation, he just shoved his cock inside of her all the way, she moaned loudly and hugged him tightly. He started fucking her on that desk like crazy. Her legs were hanging on his waist, and they would fall off with every rough thrust.  I opened his ass cheeks and stuffed my finger in which made him pound her harder. I caressed his ass, and we fucked for a good 20 minutes on that desk. When he pulled out, and she jumped off the desk, he threw me on the floor and spread my ass open, and gangster fucked me. He poured his big fat dick into my asshole with no mercy. Right as he was about to blow his load, I ripped away from him, and she and I said: “Cum in our mouths.” I could tell that both of us wanted to swallow his hot cum load. He grabbed his cock and jerked it for a second, and then he sprayed his cum in our mouths as we requested. I had so much fun, and so did they. I guess that makes me your kind of slut, I guess my hot steamy two girl phone sex fantasy was better than ever.

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