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I am really surprised when I find out how many men have never tasted their own cum. I don’t expect every man to be into cum eating, but it seems like more of you all would be curious about what it tastes like. The first guy that I swallowed with had never eaten his own cum, or anyone else’s for that matter. There was this one man that wanted me swap his cum with me while we kissed, and that was a big turn on for me and we ended up having to go for round two. Then there are those men that call me for creampie phone sex and want to fill my pussy up with their cum. Having a creampie inside of me is one of the sexiest feelings I’ve had. Do all of my creampie men want to eait it? No, but a lot of them do.
Creampie Phone Sex

Do you want to be the one to put a thick creampie inside of your fantasy girl? Do you want to be asked to slurp it out of her while she enjoys the cleanup? Or are you a creampie phone sex caller that wants to watch a woman get fucked hard and filled up all of the way with another man’s hot load? Does your dick swell and rise when you think about watching her play with her runny messy pussy in front of you? It might be even hotter if she asks you to get in there and lick her totally clean. Something about it is so nasty but feeding a creampie to a man from my pussy that someone else gave me is a huge thing for me. It’s OK if we start with your own, but I would really love it if you’d be into eating another man’s creampie.

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phone sex slut Stella

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I love these long summer days, but you know what else I love are these starry summer nights. They are the perfect excuse for taking off out into the woods for a bit for some privacy with someone. You don’t think a phone sex slut has all of her fucking done over the phone do you? Nope, I’ve been taking advantage of the night air on my bare skin as I ride a man’s cock uninhibited. There are so many country roads around here to take off down and disappear with someone and make your fantasies come true. It might seem tame but sometimes that fantasy is just being with the sweet woman from church that is friendly with everyone. I’ve given in and committed adultery with so many of my neighbors. No, I’m not married, but they sure are. It’s alright though, I never kiss and tell. I’ve had a time with a couple of their wives too.

Then when you get deep into those woods where all you can hear are the crickets you start to wonder if human ears could hear you at all? If you needed them to, you know what I mean? One sensual phone sex slut could bring out your aggressive side and let you unleash something else you hadn’t planned on showing to anyone else. Or maybe not, maybe it’s just a long hot night with the slut that you’ve been waiting to get some time with. If your stiff cock needs attention with the same intensity that my wet pussy does we should take off some starry night for phone sex fantasies together. You should whisper to me about what makes your cock the hardest it’s ever been and I’ll do it as we get off with each other.

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BBC phone sex

Do you ever wonder why so many of blonde beauties love having BBC phone sex? Well I think it’s because most of us has experienced enough BBC to know that it’s where it’s at. We’ve went with men who have cocks that put our white ex’s to shame and want more. After being with a man like that and him having that much of an impact on you your type of man that you look for changes. I was dating this really sexy and sweet man and thought that there wasn’t anything that could make me happier than I was when he and I made love. That was what I thought anyway. We broke up one week and I slept with this man to get back at him and it was my first time having a big black cock inside of me. I went back and forth between sex isn’t everything, you love your ex and should get back together and thinking this is just one other man and he made you feel like you were on the moon. Imagine all of the others you will pass up if you go back with your ex. I was young and dumb and went back with my ex, for awhile. It was never the same with him after that though.

He found my huge black dildo in my bed sheets one night and got so upset that not only did I need a “fake” dick , but that it was so much larger than his. You know I was sad that it was so much larger than his too, because that meant that the cock that belonged to the man I committed to wouldn’t satisfy me like the one I had while we were broken up.

Once you’ve had your pussy fucked with a cock like that it’s hard not to love BBC phone sex.


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spanking phone sex

Today I just really have a burning desire for some spanking phone sex. Do I want to spank or be spanked, well that just depends. My soft ass could use a hard spanking phone sex session. If you heard some of the thoughts that I’ve been having you might want to take me over your lap for one too. I’ll confess everything even if it ends with me over your lap in tears taking your paddle until it’s all I can hear and feel as my ass burns and my body rocks against you. I love how hard I get fucked after I get a spanking session too. Seeing me bent over with my bright red ass on display just makes men want to fuck my dripping pussy with their cock moving like a jackhammer. I feel each and every thrust that sets my freshly spanked ass in flames as you move inside of me with harsh force.

What do you think I will do when I hear your confessions though? If you punished me so hard for my perverse thoughts do you think I will take it easy on you? I can spank you, paddle you, take a belt to you, use a riding crop on you and then move back to my bare hand to set you on fire too. You’ll be wiggling against my smooth thighs with your hard cock dripping precum across my lap while you take your licks from me. For every drop that you spill before your spanking is over earns you more licks across your already sore ass. Then you can slide down to the floor between my thighs to taste how wet my pussy gets when I deliver a spanking like that to you. Then you can lay on your back with your sore ass being pushed into the mattress while I ride that naughty cock.

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Phone sex slut Stella

Phone sex slut

I sucked on him hard and rough, just like he told me to. I struggled to fit him into my mouth and get him off all before his wife got back. Tracy had no idea that I was keeping her husband company in that way. I hadn’t been at their place long when he told me that since they weren’t going to collect rent from me that he would be collecting some form of payment for my stay there. He also laid it out that with me there in the afternoons he wouldn’t be able to get his side girl over for play dates, and that would also be something for me to make up for. I didn’t really have a choice at that point in my life, and he did have a very good point. I hadn’t been attracted to him before that conversation, but the way he just bluntly told me that I would be paying for my room with my pussy made me see him in a new light.

The most humiliating part of the arrangement was him telling me that since he wasn’t able to see his regular fuck friend that he would be doing stuff to me that he never did to her. He told me about her being squeamish about certain things but that wouldn’t be a problem with me since I needed his cock to get a place to lay my head at night. He also started picking out clothes for me, panties, bras, dresses, and he had me wear them in front of his wife, my friend, Tracy. She didn’t know that her husband would pull that dress up and run his long hard dick all over my thighs and ass cheeks before fucking me, but she did notice that I dressed up more as time went on.

I refused him one night and told him that this was over. He started packing my things up,though and walking them to my car. I spent the rest of the evening worshiping his ass and making it up to him for being such a brat. He sent me to bed with his cum drying on my face

I’d love to be your secret phone slut, and make your fantasies come true too. What would you have me do if I was yours? You can see now how submissive and dirty I can be when it comes down to it. Let’s roleplay your dominant man submissive woman fantasies.


phone sex with Stella

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With Valentine’s Day coming up I keep seeing the usual displays for cards and standard gifts in all of the stores. I am a big time people watcher, and I get lost in it sometimes. I was at the grocery store the other day and noticed that next to their Valentine themed baking things they had some novelty gifts. They had some of those playful dice that couples can use. If you haven’t seen them they are a set of dice with different body parts on one and actions on the other. You could roll it and get lick, thigh, for example. They were in a package so I didn’t see how dirty they actually got, or if they were tame. My guess is, little grocery store? They were probably tame.
Anyway, I was looking around in the area and this man came up and picked up some of the candies, put them back and ended up looking over the dice. I watched him out of the corner of my eye before smiling at him and making him blush. The fact that he did made me blush too, so I looked down and picked up a pair of those dice too. I was looking them over and reading the visible parts very softly “suck nipple”. So after smiling at him again I dropped the dice into my basket and headed off to the next aisle.
So why am I telling you about this tame, ordinary encouter at the grocery store? Ok, well that is what happened, but it certainly wasn’t what I was thinking. I thought about grabbing one of the heart shaped spatulas on the rack and handing it to him and saying keep rolling until spank comes up and then let me have it here in the store. The idea of unbuttoning a few buttons on my top and running my fingernail over my nipple while looking up at him and showing him the dice. It is a nice time for a Valentine’s Day party, I thought to myself. How about a pair of dice for every two people invited and letting it all turn into a free for all lick,tickle,suck,fuck,kiss, grind kind of evening until everyone came at least twice.
Do you get curious about what kinds of fantasies women have when we let our minds and our hands wander? Call me and ask, I want to know yours too.

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forced intox phone sex

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Do you know what would be fun? Having a few drinks with a pretty girl and unwinding. Do you know what would be really fun? Having a few drinks FOR a pretty girl as she directs you to get drunk for her and then takes advantage of your state of mind. Let me be very clear. I am not talking about forced intox with blackmail where I take personal information from you and use it to make you do what I want. I may be the girl next door, but I am a Goddess, and you do what I want because I want you to, the alcohol just lubricates your brain and lets your inhibitions fall away. I’m not interested in pulling information about you out of your mouth while I tell you to drink for me. I am interested in making you do humiliating things, sexual things that you’ve been curious about, and having you pamper me at your own will. Of course I like being pampered, and I like when you adore me so that you want to spoil your Mistress.

If forced intox makes you more generous, more submissive, more vulnerable, well that is what I want. Isn’t it what you want, when you think about your forced intox phone sex fantasies? It makes you so horny when a pretty woman wants to pour liquor down your throat and manipulate you into being her play thing.

I want you to pick your drink and grab your favorite shot glass or whatever you prefer to drink from and settle in for a forced intox session with the lady next door. I don’t appear to be dangerous, and no one would suspect that I’m capable of making you do the things that I plan to make you do.

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Dirty phone sex with Stella

kinky phone sex

If you talked to me as the dirty phone sex woman that I am now it might be hard to believe that my mouth wasn’t always so filthy. Many dirty and perverted things went through my head, but I kept it all inside and even when I tried to talk dirty to men I would get all shy and whisper. Those days seem like a lifetime ago, or that person seeems like a stranger to me. Now I let it all out when it comes to nasty talking and dirty phone sex. I don’t just talk about it either, I do it. I’ll take ice cubes out of my water and hold them to my sensitive hard nipples until I can’t stand it, and then roll my fingers over that frigid water and watch my aureola and nipples pucker up from the extreme cold. Oh, and then I imagine your hot breath blowing down on to them to relieve that intensity.

These days I am really not the least bit shy about what makes my pussy wet and in need of a hard pounding. I want to hear all of your nasty talk to while we get off with one another. Call me anything you want and confess whatever taboo thing that comes to your dirty mind when you hear my sexy voice.

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