Extreme Spanking Phone Sex with Delaney

I’ve been such a naughty slut and I think you need to punish me with extreme spanking phone sex. I wore this really, really short skirt to my college classes today, and I let all the guys grab my ass any time they wanted. I know that’s bad, but I like being treated like a dirty whore. So when I leave the house in the clothes you tell me to wear, I change into what I like in the bathroom later. Trust me, all the guys like my outfits too. They love how my ass is always one little bend over away from showing it all, and how my shirts are so low cut they can practically see my belly button when I lean forward. Plus, and this is going to make you super angry and want to beat my ass hard with extreme spanking phone sex.

Spanking Phone Sex

I don’t wear a bra! That’s right. I let my nips show and my big natural titties bounce, and I let it all hang out for every guy to stare at and drool over. You should see all the boners I cause! I don’t mind. In fact, I love it. And…it usually means at least one of their dicks are going to be in this tight, creamy pussy by the end of the day. So just a heads up as you’re slapping my ass red and raw for being a trashy, cock teasing slut…you might notice some white gooey stuff dripping down my legs. Tell me, does that turn you on, or make you want to punish me even more with extreme spanking phone sex? Maybe both! Either way by the time you’re done disciplining me with extreme spanking phone sex or fucking me cuz you got so turned on…I think it might be a few days before I can sit down on this round little ass of mine! Makes me want to be even naughtier just so you will punish me.

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Barely Legal Phone Sex with Slut Olive

I’m a barely legal phone sex with a slut with very eager holes. If you are looking for tender love-making, you’re in the wrong place! I like to be fucked hard and nasty! You never have to worry if I would be interested in your taboo fantasy or sick fetish, because I’m one of those extra dirty sluts! All my holes are always on the menu and I am very open-minded. Now your wheels have to be turning, thinking about all the trouble we could get into together. Come, cum, let’s have some fun!

Barely Legal Phone Sex

I’m a barely legal phone sex slut that’s completely addicted to big dicks! I will do anything to be able to drink your hot load of jizz. I’m going to be such a slave to your big cock. I want to swallow all of your loads. I’m fairly certain I could survive off semen alone. After some quick math, I figure I only need forty eight loads of semen per day in order to fill my quota. Will you help me get my daily allotment of sperm? Don’t worry! I will totally let you shoot it in my tight 18 teen ass and pussy too! As long as you drop me off at the local glory holes when you’re done!

If you’re one of those sneaky panty thieves with a little dick, I can be your bratty domme. There’s no way I want to drink your inferior semen so you will have to settle for being my panty bitch! It’s time for your barely legal phone sex princess to take control and manipulate you. *giggles* Yup, there’s no way you are going to be able to resist my firm slender body. I’ll have you down on your knees, wearing my panties on your face, and saying very humiliating things. You’ll do all this just for my viewing pleasure! That’s what you get for sniffing my panties, pervo! I bet I can get you to do whatever I want once you find out I have a recording of you from the nanny cam saved on my phone. I was really in need of a slave to hand wash all my underwear…

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Strap On Phone Sex with Delaney

I have to say one of my favorite ways to dominate a man is with strap on phone sex. Nothing knocks you off your pedestal faster than a hard deep forceful pegging. Suddenly your ego goes out the door and you start to understand who’s really in control. And it’s not you for a change! The truth is most men enjoy feeling helpless and vulnerable, but they’re not brave enough to let themselves admit it. So what better excuse to let yourself become a submissive sissy than when a dominatrix like me forces you to be? Some of you are a little more reluctant to relinquish control. But I always get my way. Usually, before you even realize it. A soft kiss, a warm whisper in your ear while I’m grabbing your cock, and distracting you from my true intentions usually works. Before you know it, I have your hands bound, a ball gag in your mouth, and you completely stripped down as I’m whipping you while you’re hanging from a chain from a beam in my ceiling.

strap on phone sex

Usually, by then the last thing you’re going to do is try to fight me from fucking you with a massive rubber dick on strap-on phone sex. You learn quickly that I’m a very skilled dominatrix. And I have many, many tricks to get you to succumb to me and be the little bitch that way both know you truly are. And let’s be real, you may not be so willing to admit it, but you actually get off on being forced to take a huge fake cock up that ass, don’t you baby? Why else would you continue to call this sexy Domme for strap on phone sex? But sure, we can pretend that you’re not actually a closet fag if you want to. But that all goes out the window the minute you start screaming and begging for more when I bang that ass of yours on strap-on phone sex.

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Cream Pie Phone Sex with Stella

Are you in the mood for something as sweet as cream pie phone sex? Do you love the taste of warm cum in your mouth? When was the last time you had really good sweet brown pussy to satiate your taste buds?

cream pie phone sex

Have you heard the song WAP by Cardi B? You should listen to how she aggressively describes her WAP (wet ass pussy). Without a doubt, I have the most delicious cream pie phone sex you wouldn’t want to miss. Imagine my hot petite body underneath yours. My lean legs are wrapped around your neck while you eat me for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Furthermore, I am a full course all you can eat buffet that serves WAP (wet ass pussy) all day every day.

Not to mention, my acrobatic flexibility will have you rock hard for more action. Big things come in fun size small packages and I am waiting to explode. I want you to taste all the hot sticky cum that drips out of my twat during our cream pie phone sex. Nevertheless, some of my Asian persuasion will have you pussy whipped before the end of our call.

Slide your tongue inside of this wet pussy and tell me how good I taste. Worship my sweet brown pussy and clean all the cream out with your tongue. At the same time, finger fuck me to make sure all the cum is oozing out on your fingertips. Lick me really good and don’t forget to tongue fuck my pretty brown asshole. Make sure to work your tongue so well it makes my legs clench and my toes curl. While I am laying there I want your pussy eating game to be so good my eyes roll in the back of my head with each tongue stroke.

Finally, you push your finger further back as I feel your tongue sink deeper into me. An orgasmic explosion happens inside of your mouth. You swallow my thick sticky cream pie. Then, you greedily lick your fingertips making sure not to waste a drop of my delicious nectar. Call Stella at 1-888-70-HOT4U.

Cum Denial Phone Sex with Delaney

So you’re horny and want to blow your load — of course, you do! But wouldn’t you enjoy it so much better if you let me edge you on cum denial phone sex for a while first? That continuous build-up bringing you closer and closer to cumming and then denying you repeatedly forcing you to wait in anticipation of an amazing orgasm will do the trick. I think I should strap you down to the bed to keep you from jerking and cumming too fast. Then I can truly have my way with you…teasing your cock with gentle touch, licking, sucking, stroking until I see your balls firm up as if they are about to explode. And then…stop. Just let you lay there with your dick and balls throbbing and driving you crazy wanting to spurt so badly. Every time I edge you it feels more intense and incredible than the last. Making you desperate to let that load go.

cum denial phone sex

I know cum denial phone sex might feel like torture, but it’s also what makes it all the more exciting and you have to admit all that teasing feels really good. The fun part for me is seeing how long you’ll last before you lose control and shoot that cum fountain unable to stop spurting again and again until your balls are completely drained. I love to watch your body quiver with the aftershocks of such an intense orgasm. You’ll feel it through your whole body and trust me it will be blissful. I promise by the time I am done torturing you with cum denial phone sex, you will understand why it makes you cum even better and harder. Trust me, your throbbing hard dick is in good hands with me.

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Spanking Phone Sex with Delaney

It might seem strange to some vanilla loving people, but I really get turned on by spanking phone sex. When you bend me over your knees and pull down my panties, my pussy starts to get so fucking wet and creamy. That first wack stings so good. And I love the sound of your hand slapping against my cheeks. After about the third smack my bottom starts to hurt and you give it a kiss. But just as I think you’re done, you surprise me with another forceful slap! Mmmmm, do it again! This time harder. I want to feel the burn long after you stop spanking me. And I know you get pleasure hearing me wince when I try to sit down with my bottom so sore. It might not make sense that spanking phone sex makes me so horny, but I like a little pain.

spanking phone sex

Especially when I’m laying across your knees and I feel your cock getting hard under me every time I wiggle as each slap stings more and more. I know it turns you on to know my pussy is right there pressing against your dick. And you can see how wet my little pussy gets too. Is that why you always end up sliding your fingers inside me and fingerfucking my cunt when you spank me? Maybe that’s why I do such naughty things that make you want to punish me because I know you can’t help making me cum on spanking phone sex. Speaking of naughty…I just sucked the neighbors cock and let him shoot his wad all over my tits. I think I need to be punished with spanking phone sex again for being such a dirty slut…don’t you? Come and give me what I need and deserve.

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Creampie Phone Sex with Jamie

I’m soooo bored and horny! Do you know what happens when I get really bored and horny? Well, you’re about to find out. I start thinking about really kinky and freaky things! My pussy is so soaking wet thinking about creampie phone sex. You most likely have given a girl a creampie before, but the real question is, have you eaten a creampie or watched another guy eat your creampie out of other women?

I think you’re going to love having some fun with me! The kinkier you are, the better and more I’m going to enjoy it! I’m thinking maybe we can do like a creampie roleplay. I’ll give you a sneak peek right here so you know what you’re getting yourself into! How about you come to my house and fuck me. I’ll lay on my bed, with my legs in the air. You climb in between my legs and slap your cock right on my pussy. I’ll then throw my legs on your shoulders and beg you to shove your cock in my tight pussy. You start fucking me harder and harder. That wet, warm pussy is begging you to cum! Cum inside my pussy baby! I know you want to give me a nice big creampie, don’t you! I feel you tensing up and starting to feel your body shaking as you scream I’m cummmmming in your tight pussy. You cum and slowly pull your cock out. I start to push a little and you watch that creampie start to flow right out! How hot is that!

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Delaney

I love getting wild and dirty on anything goes phone sex! Let me tap into all your dark kinky fantasies. Don’t worry about offending me. Nothing does. All I care about is you getting off exactly as you need it. Your wish is always my desire. So tell me, what is the wildest thing you’ve ever fantasized about? I want to hear all about it on our anything goes phone sex call. You jerk that dick and I’ll finger my sweet pink pussy while I share with you the nasty things I like to do as well. Like being used like a cum whore in a gang bang or smothered and covered in loads of cum in a circle jerk. You don’t have to be gentle with me either. I can take whatever you can dish out. I love being forced fucked in the ass or some hardcore double penetration.

anything goes phone sex

I’m an anything goes phone sex whore, so treat me like one! Make me choke and gag on your cock as one of your friends rams his dick in my pussy.  I promise you I can take anything you want to do to me. Do you have an extreme fetish or fantasy that you are too nervous to share with your wife or girlfriend? Is there some extreme kink you’ve always wanted to try but your girl is not down? Listen, you have a sure thing with me. So whatever turns you on, whatever fantasy or fetish gets you off, I want to hear about it. And I’ll make our anything goes phone sex the hottest session you’ve ever dreamed of. You’ll be satisfied in every single way possible…I can totally promise you that. So what are you waiting for? I am so ready for you!

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Jamie

Did I seriously just walk into the dorm room and see you standing there in panties? I know your girlfriend would not be happy about this, especially since they are her panties your sporting. Those Pretty pink satin panties. You can’t tell her so you reach out to me for some panty boy phone sex. Come on over here and model those sexy satin panties for me. I want to see your dick and ass in those sexy panties. Awwww…You look so adorable in those girly panties. What would that girlfriend of yours say if she caught you wearing those sexy pink panties and modeling them in front of the mirror? I think she would be disgusted and most likely give your panty boy ass a boot!

panty boy phone sex

It is okay I love panty boy phone sex. Plus, I think that your cock may even look a little bigger when you wear those. **giggles** Now, come over here and let me see that round ass and cock in those panties. Mmmm….I just love the way you look in them he he. Now take your hand and rub your panties right on that semi-hard cock of yours. Awww…How sweet! Your dick seems to get bigger when you rub it through those panties. Now, what are you going to do? Oh I know, take those panties off and bring them over here to me. Let me try them on since they seem to be a tad bit tight on you, not to mention your balls are practically hanging out of them. So, I put them on and rub them against my pussy, making them all wet and full of my nice juicy cum, while making you watch.

Did you think I was just going to let you get by when I caught you? Heck no, so I take those cream-filled panties off and make you smell them, lick them, and oh I almost forgot, wear them on your head so I can humiliate you. When I’m all finished with my you, you will be putting them right back in the drawer. Just wait till she finds them he he.

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Spanking Phone Sex with Delaney

I want all you guys who have a spanking phone sex fetish to remember to put me in your contacts. When you start to fantasize about being bent over and feeling that slap across your cheeks, I’m the one to call. Sometimes it’s all about feeling that sting across your ass that sends a tingle through your dick and balls. You get a shiver all over your body, don’t you baby? I have to admit my pussy gets wet at the sound of the smack from my belt, or hand, or hairbrush when I whack your sweet round bottom. And I love to see how red your ass will get. Then I kiss your cheeks and make it all better. Do you want me to stroke you while I spank your sore ass? Yeah, I can tell you’re ready to blow.

spanking phone sex

Just so you know, you’re not the only one with a spanking phone sex fetish. I’m a naughty girl who needs to be punished for being such a dirty slut. Make it hurt! I like a little pain too. Make me a submissive slut and spank my ass raw. I can tell you like it. Go ahead, slap my ass again. I don’t know about you but I get so turned on over my spanking phone sex fetish. Who’s going to fuck who? Maybe I should fuck you first! I’ve got just the strap on for your sweet little hole too. And I’m sure I can muster up a few more whacks across that ass while I’m pegging it good and hard. I can’t wait until it’s my turn! This time I want you to use my little hand flogger to spank me while you fuck me. Don’t be afraid to give me a few lashes across my back too. I told you that you weren’t the only one with a spanking phone sex fetish…so come on let’s share our kinky fetish together!

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