BBC Phone Sex with Delaney

Yeah I am hooked on the BBC phone sex, so what? I bet you guys who are hung like a mosquito think that I am just another slutty white girl who wants to surrender every hole on her body for a well hung black stud. Fuck yeah I am! But you have NO IDEA how it feels to get them all fucked and filled. And I am also that same sexy chick who puts her body on display just to tease white guys who could never ever hope to even touch me.

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It is so fun to tease men who are not worthy of me. I do get a lot of out it as well. Cash, presents and total devotion just to name a few things. Don’t cry my darling bitch boys, this is just the natural way of things. Hot women like me live to have our cunts filled and stretched by massive black cock whenever and where ever we get the chance. If I wanted something inside me that I could barely feel than I would just use my finger. The only thing you can do to fix it is grow a 10 inch cock and I bet chicks would be chasing you down just like we chase the others down. Listen, I know that I am a bitch and I have the need to humiliate lesser men and I take so much joy in it as well. Clearly that is obvious. I have hours and hours of stories to tell you about my endless love for big black cocks . Stories about how I love cheating and forcing white men to suck black dicks and so many other topics that you can only dream of. Trust me, I can keep you very entertained for such a long time. Far more than you can entertain a chick with that wee prick of yours.

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18 Teen Phone Sex with Chloe

Hi guys! Chloe here and I’m ready to get to know you a little bit when you call me for 18 teen phone sex. Well, I mean, let’s be honest – I already know that you’re a nasty perv and you want to do really naughty stuff to an 18 year old cutie pie like me, don’t you? You can’t even deny it because I KNOW your dick is hard just thinking about my tiny body.

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Now onto my favorite topic of conversation. Yes, that’s right…it’s me! You know, I wish I could tell you that I’m a good girl, but that would be a big fat dirty lie. I’ve been naughty for as long as I can remember. I’m your nasty dream cum true. I can’t even wait to tell you all of the things I’ve done. I’ve always been good at being bad. I guess you could say that I’m a natural born fuck slut and there’s nothing I won’t do.

Also, you should know that I’m a brat. I love getting men addicted to me and getting them wrapped around my finger. I can get any man to do anything I want him to do. All it takes is the promise of my hands, mouth, or pussy wrapped around that throbbing cock and I can get whatever I want. You’ll be no different, so don’t even try to resist me. You won’t be able to. I can’t think of any man who has ever been able to tell me no.

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Cock and Ball Torture Phone Sex with Cherry

So this friend of mine started working at a tractor supply store. This seemed to be the perfect place for cock and ball torture phone sex. When he invited me to meet him for lunch some time – I could resist the temptation to meet up with him. Especially, if it meant there might be the chance to get in a good fuck. First of all, I should explain that I have never been to a tractor supply store. This was my very first time. I have to admit that all of the large equipment was very exciting. After all, my mind tends to run on the devious side.

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That’s when I saw him, tall rugged, and handsome as fuck. He walked up & offered to give me a tour of the store. After he finished, he invited me to check out his farm. It looked like a pretty typical farm. He immediately led me over to the barn & in an instant, I felt right at home. Whips, rope, shockers, barbwire, & a pair of boots with spurs. It even reminded me of a stable I had recently visited. My purpose for being there was clear. I took the whip and cracked it across his back & ordered him to drop his pants. As soon as his bare ass was exposed, I took the whip and cracked it across his hot ass. That’s when I had him strip down completely & demanded that he go and get his tractor. He returned with the tractor that had a spear sticking in the back of it. He parked it right tin front of me. Then I firmly told him to walk over and stand on his tip toes & lay his cock across the spear bar and hold it in place. He looked at me nervously. that may be because I had a shock probe in my hand. I explained that he was not allowed to let his cock slide off. Of course if he did let his cock slide off, the shock probe would have to pierce his ass. I must say, this was the perfect cock and ball torture phone sex situation. He was so nervous that he slipped almost immediately. I shoved the probe just enough to fuck with him. That’s when I told him to beg. I made him beg me to stop. He started pleading immediately. After I was satisfied, I decided to try out the barbwire, but first I cracked the whip across his ass one more time for good measure. He cried out with agony. This was going to be all too easy. Barbwire & balls make the perfect combination for cock and ball torture phone sex. I bet your cock is begging to find out what I did with the spurred boots, isn’t it. Keep jerking off and don’t forget, I am Cherry and I am all things bizarre, hot, deviant, erotic, and exquisitely taboo. What can I say, I’m a freak!

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School Girl Phone Sex with Jamie

I know that when you say school girl phone sex, the thought is automatically a male teacher and a female student. But not today. I’m a teacher and I have most certainly had my fair share of the female student body. They just seem to be drawn to me. They just seem to be able to tell that I am kinky and I love having sex with men and women. I guess I just radiate the fact that I’m a bisexual slut.

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The first time it happened, it totally wansn’t planned, at least not by me. She came up to my desk after class and told me that she needed a little bit of help understanding the stuff we went over in class that day. She was such a cute girl. She was wearing this top that was super low cut that day. She never dressed like that, so I was onto her pretty quickly. I crossed my legs seductively and asked her what she was willing to do to get help. I mean, if she was going to be all sexy and seductive, I was going to give it right back to her. She told me that she was willing to do anything it took, and that’s when I hiked up my skirt, hopped up on my desk and spread my legs. Not wearing panties almost always comes in very handy! She got down on her knees immediately and started licking my pussy. I was so wet by the time she started licking and I only got wetter the more she licked. That girl had definitely eaten pussy before. Nobody is that good at it the first time.

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Phone Sex Girlfriend Delaney

I wanna be your phone sex girlfriend. You know you need a sexy piece of eye candy who will never turn you down who will hang on your every word. Yep, I want to be the hot bitch you turn to when your cock gets hard, when you need to bust that nut or when you just need to talk. I can be the perfect virtual girlfriend that you deserve. I want to hear everything you have to say and give you encouragement.

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I have such a sweet and captivating voice and I know that you will want me in your ear when ever you get the chance. I won’t ever get mad at you and I will never say no to you either. We can talk about anything like, your job, your worries, whatever pops into your mind. And don’t forget all the sexual topics we can get into together. You can confide all your deepest and darkest desires to me and you know that I will never betray your trust. All I care about is that you are taken care of and satisfied and always call me back for more. You can tell your friends or family who keeps harassing you about not having a girlfriend that do have the perfect chick in your life. You have the perfect girlfriend who adores you and supports you in everything that you do. You can get off with me and get them off of your back at the same time.

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Paige

So you think you would like to partake in the fetish called tease and denial phone sex? If so you just met the biggest tease queen around. Teasing a man making him stroke his dick until it’s noticeably hard as a rock is what you will experience. It gives me goosebumps knowing I can do this to you with just a whisper in your ear. Controlling your dick makes me smile leaving my panties soaking wet. I love using my sexy ways and soft sexy voice to get your dick throbbing hard.

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Tease and denial phone sex can be intense and a little painful when I make you stop stroking your dick. Yes I said stop stroking your throbbing dick I will control it. I know you will want to beg me to let you stroke it and stroke it so you can cum. Allowing you to enjoy cumming will be my choice you have no say. I will tease you with my perfect body, I will tease you with my soft sexy ways until your aching like never before.

I know you were thinking she wouldn’t leave me throbbing and hurting with blue balls would she? Oh I will leave you throbbing and hurting with blue balls, until I finish teasing you. Remember you called and asked me to tease and deny your dick the pleasure of an orgasm. My Wicked mind will decide if I will allow you to have an orgasm or maybe I will make you call me again just to hear you beg me to let you cum.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing a man moaning and pleading me to let him have an orgasm. Listening to your pathetic whining actually turns me on, knowing how bad you really want to cum. Yes I get a little turned on forcing a man to have an orgasm on my command, so do you think you’re man enough to play with me?

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What could be better for your hard throbbing cock than a naughty 2 girl phone sex call with me and one of my sexy friends? Isn’t that every man’s ultimate fantasy anyway? To have a freaky threesome with 2 smoking hot chicks whose number one priority is to get you off. That is exactly what you get when you call us for a two girl call.

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You just pick the hot slut that you want to join us and tell us what it is that you want. And no matter what, you will get it. We are anything goes, no limits or taboos no restrictions at all. We really do whatever your cock desires. How often do you get to just lay it out all and get every thing that you have ever wanted? If you want to get off with us, you got it. Even if your appetites skews to the naughty or more extreme, you got it. CBT, BDSM, humiliation, strap on play…you name it, you will get it no questions asked. Role play fantasy or fetish fun is always on the menu. If you want us to submit to you as our master and make us beg for your cock, you will hear some serious pleading to please you. The bottom line here is that you need us. You work so hard and deal with so much stress every day that you deserve to get whatever you want and feel as good as possible.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Chloe

I might be a barely legal girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to take a wanna be sissy and turn her into a sissy phone sex slut! I mean, I’m a girl, so I got all the makeup, hair, and nails stuff covered. I can teach you how to look, walk, and talk like a girl. By the time I am done with you, nobody will ever suspect that you were born a man.

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But you see, the most important part of sissy phone sex is learning to fuck like a girl. You HAVE to learn how to suck cock. It’s so important because all guys love a really hot blow job and if you don’t know how to suck dick, you won’t ever have any luck with the guys. I think starting you out with my big fat strap on and teaching you exactly what to do is probably the best plan of attack. That way you can’t disappoint some poor innocent guy with your terrible beginners cock sucking skills. Then, once I think you’ve got what it takes to make a man cum with your mouth alone, I will have one of my friends be the guinea pig and have you see if you can suck him off.

But cock sucking is not the only thing you will need to learn as a sissy phone sex slut. You will need to train your ass to take a big fat cock in it. That’s where my strap on cock will come in handy, too. I will help you get used to having your sissy ass full of dick and the first time you have a real one, it will be no problem! Or maybe one of my friends will want to fuck your ass without having it trained…who knows?!

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Jamie

Oh, you know I love you panty boy phone sex sluts, right? I mean, it’s so much fun to get you all dressed up in panties, stockings, and some red lipstick and then bring in guys for you to play with. Oh yes, if you’re going to be one of my panty boys, you better be ready to do more than dress up. It’s not really an option – you will be on your knees sucking cock for me. I am going to pimp you out to any stranger who is willing to pay for your mouth and then I’m going to collect the money for myself and buy myself something really pretty. You aren’t getting any of the money. I mean, I might go buy you some sexy panties for your next cock sucking adventure, but that’s it. You don’t need anything other than all of those hard dicks to suck.

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You know, I could probably make even more if we pimp your ass out, too. A lot of guys would love fucking your sissy ass and shooting a hot load deep inside you. Have you ever been fucked before? If you haven’t, I’m sure some guy is going to be really excited to take your virginity. Oh, that will be so much fun to watch! Are you getting excited yet, my dirty panty boy phone sex slut? I think you are and I think you need to call me right now. I’m ready to have tons of fun with you!

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Delaney

You know a chick isn’t born a size queen phone sex slut. Nope, there is always an “aha” moment that makes a woman realize the error of her ways and devote herself to the pursuit of real manly massive cock. I was once your everyday run of the mill sweetheart girlfriend whose boyfriend had an average size cock. Most girls are perfectly satisfied with that and I was too. That was until my boyfriend jokingly asked me if i would fuck his friend.

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He said he found out that one of his friends had an giant 10 inch cock and swore that I wouldn’t even be tempted to leave him for a prick that big. I laughed and said, of course I would never leave you for some guy with a bigger cock. But once he said it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Before too long, I reached out to his friend and asked him to meet me for a drink. When he walked in the door he had a smug smile on his face. He knew exactly why I called him. He was very forward and said, do you want to waste time or do you want to get some of this big cock already. Five minutes later I was at his apartment buck naked trying to get that girthy cock in my mouth. I damn near had to dislocate my jaw to get in all in. Then he put me on my back and started working that monster in. Holy shit! He was hitting spots in my pussy that had never even been touched before. I started moaning and whimpering and when I came my pussy squirted for the first time ever! That was when I knew that I was a size queen phone sex whore. Average cock was never going to be for me again.

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