Roleplaying Phone Sex with Paige

Hi all you hot horny men looking for some really steamy roleplaying phone sex? Well I’m Paige, a sassy, slutty phone slut looking to rock your cock. Phone sex with me is sensual, erotic, stimulating conversation that will have you begging for more of me before our time is up. I can have you on your knee’s before me or in my bed riding you, either way you will become addicted to me, or I know your cock will for sure. Roleplaying phone sex with me is different because I can make you feel like you are really with the person we are playing. I can become that lady you always wanted to be with or never got that chance and would love to relive those feelings again. We can create any scene you like to play like bosses wife or best friends wife you name it I can make it exciting and real for you.

roelplaying phone sex

I have many callers that love roleplaying so I think I have tried many different kinds of roles including 3 somes and kinky play of all kinds. I love all sorts of dirty, nasty, and no limits fantasies. I can be a bitch, dominant princess or a slutty, horny submissive in need of your guidance and punishment. If you’re into a particular fetish, tell me all about it. Don’t worry about shocking me, because I’ve got a few kinky fetishes of my own! Roleplaying phone sex is so much fun! It gives us the opportunity to be somebody that we’re not and to do things that we have always fantasized about and maybe been afraid to try.

I love making your fantasies or secrets become real for you or we can just role play something you have seen or wanted to try just for fun. I love the ones where I get to be someone you have or had a crush on I really get into that. I could always be that naughty stripper you have been going to watch at the strip club.

Just call me Paige for some roleplaying phone sex 1 888 70 HOT4U


Anything Goes Phone Sex with Delaney

If you are in the mood for anything goes phone sex, then I am your chick! And when I say anything goes, that is exactly what I mean. Sometimes when I ask a caller what he wants to talk about, he suddenly gets shy. He gets silent or stutters because he is too nervous to tell me what his fantasy or fetish is. So I want to reassure you that you can tell me WHATEVER makes your cock get hard. You could never shock me or freak me out. I am always down for whatever. I love to do role play fantasies with you. Just set the scene and I will run with it. Or just give me an idea of what you like and I can set the scene for you. My main goal is always to please you and I am super eager and horny to do that very thing.

anything goes phone sex

You can tell me about any fetish topic that interests you too. If you like pain, oh honey, I will hurt you — gleefully even. I can be mean and humiliate you if you have a tiny peen. I can even submit to you and let you treat me like the whore that I am. Spank me, punish me, do anything at all that you want to do to a sexy hard bodied big titted blonde nympho. The only limit is our imaginations and I don’t know about you, but I am wicked imaginative. Come on, don’t you need a smoking hot chick like me to bend to your every whim and desire? I bet that is your wet dream cum true. You only have to do one thing to make that dream a reality.

Call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U for that hot anything goes phone sex experience that you know we both need.


BBW Phone Sex with Lyric

Hello there, boys! It’s your redheaded vixen, Lyric here with another tale of my antics to tell you all about. Now get yourself nice and comfortable, as you should be when you’re hearing one of my stories. Sit back, close your eyes, and just listen. I know you’re laying there wondering what they hell I’m going to tell you now, aren’t you? Don’t get your knickers in a bunch, love. Now you all know I am not one of those skinny bitches. I have curves. What you may not know is that I am the kind of girl that loves my body, every single curve. Well I had someone ask me what makes me love BBW phone sex so much. I just giggled, because it surprised me. I mean, come on- you tell me. Is a girl with some extra juicy curves, or a stick thin barbie doll going to get that cock harder? A stick thin girl just doesn’t cut it for me. A girl who has killer curves gets my slit dripping wet.

BBW phone sex

Well, love, what do you think I said to this silly, inexperienced boy? I just explained that a girl with more curves just has more to love. I will be completely honest with you. I love the way it feels to have someone worship every inch of my curvy body. Now I am sure you are wondering “did you show him, Lyric? Isn’t a hands on experience a better way to learn than just having it explained to him?” Do you really think I am going to give away my secrets to you that easily? Not quite. In order to find that out the rest of my story, love, you will have to grab your phone and dial 1-888-70-HOT4U, and you will get to hear all about it.

Impregnation Phone Sex with Candi

Can anyone really argue that condomless sex is best? I certainly believe so! Come feel my warm, wet, slippery pussy wrapped snugly around your cock with my legs wrapped around you as tight as possible. We both start grinding and pushing that cock deeper inside of me. I guess by now you know what I want. You know I want that hot white cum shot so deep inside of me that it’s right up against my cervix. I want you to empty those cum filled balls deep inside my pussy for impregnation phone sex.

Impregnation Phone Sex

I always enjoy impregnation phone sex calls because there are so many different role-plays we can do involving it. Maybe I’m your slutty neighbor that’s always fucking guys bareback and I just can’t wait for you to empty that load inside of me too. A sweet virgin who is about to have sex for the very first time and gets knocked up because my pussy is just so darn tight that it makes you cum more than you ever have before. OR if you’re looking for something a little more taboo, I’m up for that, too! Haven’t you always wanted to fuck someone you shouldn’t be? I can be your forbidden fruit barefoot and knocked up little slut. Or I could even role-play that I’m reluctant for you to cum inside of me and you do so anyway…. What would that be like? I’d be so upset that you came without warning me because I’m not on the pill!

There really are no limits to impregnation phone sex with me- as long as I can feel your raw, unprotected, condomless cock slip inside my dripping pussy, I’ll be happy to work all my impregnate magic just for you. Just think about it, your seed can cause my entire body to change. There’s something very primal, hot, and sexy about that

Barely Legal Phone Sex with Olive

If you know me, then you just know I love pervy calls! I’m a barely legal phone sex girl who just can’t get enough of being your petite and slender slut. I do it all. And believe me, I’ve heard some freaky ass stuff being an adorable young pervert. I have such a super young sounding voice, it makes me perfect for super pervs. Whether you want a bratty princess to serve and be bossed around by a young princess or you want a nasty little fuck slut to have your way with. I’m a pervert’s dream! A wet dream probably! *giggles*

barely legal phone sex

I love being your daughter’s tempting best friend. I just can’t stop flirting with you. I know your my bestie’s dad, but you’re so hot to me, I can’t help but try to steal you away from your wife, even if it is just for one night. I know that every time I sleep over, you’ll want to fuck your barely legal phone sex side piece. I promise to do all the things with you that your wife doesn’t!

How can you turn away such a slutty, aggressive barely legal phone sex nympho? You can’t. You know one of these days, I’ll be sleeping at your house for the weekend and you’re going to give in. You’re going to let me deep throat your cock and you’re going to fuck my bald tight pussy until you bust a big ol’ nut. I want to make sure you forget all about your wife!

But what about my bratty spoiled princess side that wants to boss you around and threaten you with revealing our taboo secrets? You wouldn’t want your wife to find out, so I know that I can get you to do whatever I want! You’re mine now. *giggles*

Sissy Phone Sex with Delaney

I do love sissy boys! So when I get a sissy phone sex call, I just giggle and get all creamy at the same time. A sissy phone sex call can be about a lot of things actually. Feminization, forced feminization, cross dressing, ADBL, BDSM and so many other fetishes as well get me super horny. And I love them all! Do you steal panties to jerk off with? Well it is time for you to put those on, you know you want to. I bet you want to do that and even more. You probably want to get all decked out in silky lingerie and be a sexy slut so that all the guys will want to fuck you. And if you are a bit hesitant, I will be right here to make it happen.

sissy phone sex

I can be sweet or I can be a ball buster, that is all up to you. But you are going to embrace the bitch side of your sexuality, even if I have to force you to. I have to admit, I would like to hear you whimper and beg me not to make you a true sissy. But, fuck that. You are going to be submissive whore and do what you are told. I don’t care if you want to do it or not, if I tell you to get on your knees and suck cock that is exactly what you will do. Hell, I might even have a gang bang party just for your sissy bitch ass. You will be sucking and fucking until I tell you that you can stop. I will whip your bitch ass into shape in no time when you start calling me for sissy phone sex.

Do it now, grab your phone and call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U right fucking now you pansy ass whore.


Impregnation Phone Sex with Chloe

OMG I love getting a call for impregnation phone sex. I daydream about it all the time. But I do have a particular fantasy in mind. Do you want to hear it? Oh, who am I kidding? Of course you want to hear it. You’re a perv just like me. Your dick is probably already hard in anticipation.

impregnation phone sex

See, I want to have a gang bang with a bunch of black guys. I love BBC. But I want them to all fuck me bareback. I want to do it when I am ovulating so I will almost surely get pregnant and I will have absolutely no idea who my baby daddy is. Doesn’t that sound super exciting?

And you know, pregnant women are much more horny so I could keep having gang bangs while pregnant. Oh, it would be so amazing to have all the cock I want whenever I want it.  I bet it will be even easier to cum when I’m knocked up, too. My pussy is going to be so horny and swollen…it will probably only take a few thrusts to get me off. And you know what that means – I bet I could cum dozens of times if I’m being gang banged. Mmmm. Oh, and my tiny titties are gonna grow a lot, too, I bet. I bet they will be tons of fun to play with! That makes me want to run out and get pregnant like right now!

Do you have impregnation phone sex fantasies, too? Do you want to tell me how you’d love to watched me get gang banged and knocked up by black dick? All you have to do is call me and I’d be more than happy to tell you all about it. Just call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Chloe.


Cuckold Phone Sex with Delaney

I think I was predisposed to love cuckold phone sex. I thought I was a “good” girl until the first time I got fucked. But after that, I knew I wanted to get fucked all the time and by lots of different cocks. Monogamy was not going to be for me. I always told every man who wanted to date me that there would be other men. More like fuck buddies, really. I have always been very up front about that. Some guys couldn’t deal with it and bailed.

cuckold phone sex

Others liked the arrangement, so much so that they got off on it, too. I don’t just let them jump right into the cuckold waters. No, I tell them what they can expect from me. I can go meet my fuck buddy alone, do my thing, and then come home and tell them all about. A literal blow by blow of what happened between us from start to finish. Some guys really get off on that and are satisfied to just know what went down. Hell, sometimes I even show him my poor worn out pussy so by boyfriend can see what a punishing it took. But other guys want a ring side seat. They want to experience cuckolding first hand. I let them watch every second of that hot fuck fest action. I know it must be so emasculating to watch your woman ride another man’s cock. Sometimes the guy I am fucking, likes to talk shit to my cuckolded boyfriend. I think it is so funny, hell I encourage it. It is part of the whole cuckold phone sex experience to me. Do you think you can handle that?

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Delaney


Babysitter Phone Sex with Chloe

I love seducing the dads I babysit for so much that I STILL babysit even though I’ve started college. I mean, I have to have new stories to tell all of you babysitter phone sex lovers! So many of you have nasty fantasies about the girls who take care of your brats. I bet you only hire really cute girls for that reason, right? You don’t want some ugly chick at your house late…you want someone you can fantasize about. But I can’t really blame you for that. I only pick men who are hot to babysit for. I like fucking older men, but I only fuck smoking hot older men. If you’re ugly, you basically have no chance with me. You also better have a really big dick or I just don’t want anything to do with you.

babysitter phone sex

It’s so much fun to seduce the guys who pretend they don’t want me. They are only saying they don’t want me because they are worried about what other people would say if they found out. But I’m not gonna tell anyone what goes on between us unless you really make me mad. But I don’t think you’d let anything like that happen, would you? I know that you want to make my bald cunt just as happy as I want to make your big fat dick. See, all you have to do is fuck me how I want and when I want, and everything will totally go very smoothly!

Are you ready for some hot and wild babysitter phone sex fun? I know I am!! It’s really easy. All you have to do is grab your phone, credit card, and lube – and then call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and make sure you tell the dispatcher that you wanna talk to Chloe!

Roleplay Phone Sex with Lola

I think kinky fantasies are the real way to a man’s heart. I’m super interested in the freakier side of roleplay phone sex. Like right now, I have my mind set on being the hot neighbor slut who waits to see your wife’s car pull out of the drive-way before I come over in one of my skimpiest outfits. I want to make it hard for you to keep your eyes off of me.

roleplay phone sex

When you let me inside your house shortly after your wife is safely out of view and on her way to work, I’ll tell you what I really think of her. I’ll talk all about how she’s frumpy and boring looking and she probably has no idea how to properly please you with a wet, nasty roleplay phone sex fucking. Oh baby, I’m going to give you all that and more. I have the superior body, tanned skin, long legs and perky tits. I bet you can’t wait to slap my firm ass and tug on my pretty brown hair.

I’m going to fuck you so well, that you’re cock will stiffen every time your wife gets ready to leave the house. Because you know as soon as she’s gone, I’ll be over and ready to fall to my knees and deepthroat your big cock. I want to get it all wet and slobbery so you can wipe it all over my pretty face. I want my drooly, wet and messy blow job spillings to drip down onto my tits so I can rub it all in until they’re shiny and glistening. Ready for you to fuck them too.

That’s right, nothing is off limits. I’m going to let you pound all of my holes and blow your load a different place each and every time. I’m going to keep interesting just so I can keep coming back to have filthy, nasty, roleplay phone sex with your big married cock.

Lola 1-888-70-HOT4U

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