2 Girl Phone Sex with Delaney

What could be better for your hard throbbing cock than a naughty 2 girl phone sex call with me and one of my sexy friends? Isn’t that every man’s ultimate fantasy anyway? To have a freaky threesome with 2 smoking hot chicks whose number one priority is to get you off. That is exactly what you get when you call us for a two girl call.

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You just pick the hot slut that you want to join us and tell us what it is that you want. And no matter what, you will get it. We are anything goes, no limits or taboos no restrictions at all. We really do whatever your cock desires. How often do you get to just lay it out all and get every thing that you have ever wanted? If you want to get off with us, you got it. Even if your appetites skews to the naughty or more extreme, you got it. CBT, BDSM, humiliation, strap on play…you name it, you will get it no questions asked. Role play fantasy or fetish fun is always on the menu. If you want us to submit to you as our master and make us beg for your cock, you will hear some serious pleading to please you. The bottom line here is that you need us. You work so hard and deal with so much stress every day that you deserve to get whatever you want and feel as good as possible.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Chloe

I might be a barely legal girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to take a wanna be sissy and turn her into a sissy phone sex slut! I mean, I’m a girl, so I got all the makeup, hair, and nails stuff covered. I can teach you how to look, walk, and talk like a girl. By the time I am done with you, nobody will ever suspect that you were born a man.

sissy phone sex

But you see, the most important part of sissy phone sex is learning to fuck like a girl. You HAVE to learn how to suck cock. It’s so important because all guys love a really hot blow job and if you don’t know how to suck dick, you won’t ever have any luck with the guys. I think starting you out with my big fat strap on and teaching you exactly what to do is probably the best plan of attack. That way you can’t disappoint some poor innocent guy with your terrible beginners cock sucking skills. Then, once I think you’ve got what it takes to make a man cum with your mouth alone, I will have one of my friends be the guinea pig and have you see if you can suck him off.

But cock sucking is not the only thing you will need to learn as a sissy phone sex slut. You will need to train your ass to take a big fat cock in it. That’s where my strap on cock will come in handy, too. I will help you get used to having your sissy ass full of dick and the first time you have a real one, it will be no problem! Or maybe one of my friends will want to fuck your ass without having it trained…who knows?!

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Jamie

Oh, you know I love you panty boy phone sex sluts, right? I mean, it’s so much fun to get you all dressed up in panties, stockings, and some red lipstick and then bring in guys for you to play with. Oh yes, if you’re going to be one of my panty boys, you better be ready to do more than dress up. It’s not really an option – you will be on your knees sucking cock for me. I am going to pimp you out to any stranger who is willing to pay for your mouth and then I’m going to collect the money for myself and buy myself something really pretty. You aren’t getting any of the money. I mean, I might go buy you some sexy panties for your next cock sucking adventure, but that’s it. You don’t need anything other than all of those hard dicks to suck.

panty boy phone sex

You know, I could probably make even more if we pimp your ass out, too. A lot of guys would love fucking your sissy ass and shooting a hot load deep inside you. Have you ever been fucked before? If you haven’t, I’m sure some guy is going to be really excited to take your virginity. Oh, that will be so much fun to watch! Are you getting excited yet, my dirty panty boy phone sex slut? I think you are and I think you need to call me right now. I’m ready to have tons of fun with you!

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Delaney

You know a chick isn’t born a size queen phone sex slut. Nope, there is always an “aha” moment that makes a woman realize the error of her ways and devote herself to the pursuit of real manly massive cock. I was once your everyday run of the mill sweetheart girlfriend whose boyfriend had an average size cock. Most girls are perfectly satisfied with that and I was too. That was until my boyfriend jokingly asked me if i would fuck his friend.

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He said he found out that one of his friends had an giant 10 inch cock and swore that I wouldn’t even be tempted to leave him for a prick that big. I laughed and said, of course I would never leave you for some guy with a bigger cock. But once he said it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Before too long, I reached out to his friend and asked him to meet me for a drink. When he walked in the door he had a smug smile on his face. He knew exactly why I called him. He was very forward and said, do you want to waste time or do you want to get some of this big cock already. Five minutes later I was at his apartment buck naked trying to get that girthy cock in my mouth. I damn near had to dislocate my jaw to get in all in. Then he put me on my back and started working that monster in. Holy shit! He was hitting spots in my pussy that had never even been touched before. I started moaning and whimpering and when I came my pussy squirted for the first time ever! That was when I knew that I was a size queen phone sex whore. Average cock was never going to be for me again.

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Strap On Fetish Phone Sex with Cherry

Ladies & gentlemen, fanatics & phone sex enthusiasts, welcome to Cherry’s private freak show! What are you waiting for? Step right up, with your cock in hand, & the excitement will commence. Today, I want to tell you about one of my favorite fetishes, strap on fetish phone sex. Before you continue, I want to warn you, everything I do is to the extreme, and this fetish is no different. The other day, I received an invitation to go to the stables. I assumed the invitation was to go riding.

strap on fetish phone sex

Now, I’ll let you in on a secret, I have always secretly wanted to fuck a man or a woman for that matter at our local stables. I started to think about this particular fantasy on my way over. By the time I arrived, I was fuckably aroused. When I arrived, I was greeted by a man who appeared to be one of the stable-hands. I must admit the stable-hand was very sexy. What I didn’t know was that it was breeding time at the stables, this meant the stables were empty. The studs were out to pasture & there was quite a show being put on in the fields. However, that subject may be a bit to taboo for this story. I’ll continue…The stable hand offered to give me a tour of the stables & the farm. As he took me through the stables, I noticed some leather harnesses. I couldn’t help but to think of my tour guide naked & harnessed. My pussy got even hotter. I also noticed a wide variety of riding crops hanging on the wall. I began thinking of all the things I could do to him. The excitement began to get the best of me. Without even realizing, I spoke aloud. I’d like to fuck you in these stables. The stable-hand looked at me shocked, but smiled. Really? I was surprised at my own bluntness. Well, not really. I mean I am a sexual deviant. Yes, I’d like to fuck you right now. Take your jeans & shirt off! Get down on your hands & knees. He was still shocked, I could see it in his face, but he obliged immediately. I smacked his hot ass hard enough for it to leave a print of my hand on it. It only lasted momentarily, but there would be more to come. I walked over & took a harness & a riding crop off the wall. I walked back over to him & began strapping him into the harness. What are you doing? He asked inquisitively. No more questions. I already told you, I’m going to fuck you! After getting him strapped into the harness, I hooked him to a leash that was tied to a hook in one of the stables. He didn’t seem to mind. His cock was getting harder by the minute. His cock was massive. This stable-hand was quite the stud. It’s not very often that I get to fuck a man with a large cock. Most of the men that I fuck with a strap on are tiny. This was going to be a blast. I made sure the leash was locked into place. There would be no escape. The harness was nice & tight too. I reached into my purse & pulled out my favorite strap-on. Yes, I carry it with me at all times. It’s 10 inches & very thick. That’s when I removed my own top & riding pants & placed my strap on right over my pussy. It’s the kind that has a pocket for a vibrator. Really hot when you’re thrusting & fucking a man into oblivion. I leaned into the stable-hand pressing my own bulge into his ass. As I leaned in, I bit his neck & smacked that hot ass once again. This time even harder. I grabbed him by the hair & pulled tightly. I began to use the riding crop on him. I used that crop on every inch of his body, every place imaginable until his cock was dripping with pre-cum. He was wiggling around trying his best to stay in place. The more he pulled, the tighter his harness got. Now the only question that remained, I asked myself, which should I fuck first, that hot mouth or that perfect ass. Strap on fetish phone sex drives me wild & the freakier the better! After all, I am Cherry and I am all things bizarre, hot, deviant, erotic, and exquisitely taboo. What can I say, I’m a freak!

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Chloe

If you’ve never tried a roleplay phone sex call with me, you need to! I know some of you guys aren’t brave enough to fuck those taboo girls in your life for real, but you can call me and talk about and it not have to worry about judgement from anyone! I am just as horny as you are and I have taboo fantasies just like you do! I might even have some actual stories to tell you about things I’ve done if you ask me really nicely hehe. I KNOW you want to know. And trust me – all my fucking nasty stories are going to make you shoot your load harder than you ever have before, especially if you’re into taboo fun like I am!

roleplay phone sex

But okay, I know not all guys are into taboo stuff, so our roleplay phone sex call doesn’t have to be about that! We can talk about me being other people. Like maybe you want me to be the barely legal coed next door who you’ve been waiting to fuck for a long time and now that I’m 18, you finally can! Mmmm. Or maybe I’m the daughter of your best friend and you know you shouldn’t fuck me because he would be mad as hell, but I’m so cute you just can’t help yourself. How about the slut in your history class you’ve been dying to fuck ever since I walked into your classroom on my first day of college? I love teacher/student fantasies. But really, I won’t turn ANY of your kinky and taboo roleplay phone sex fantasies down, so let’s fuck! I can’t wait to talk to you and help you bring your fantasy to life!

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Cross Dressing Phone Sex with Jamie

I love big, strong, masculine men like you who are curious about cross dressing phone sex. For some reason, it gives me so much satisfaction to know that under that hair, makeup, lingerie, and a sexy dress is a man you’d NEVER expect to be all dressed up like that. And you totally have the right girl for all of your cross dressing adventures. I’m so feminine and I know exactly what to do to make you feel just as girlie as me.

cross dressing phone sex


I think it would be fun to dress you up and make you look like a slutty blonde bimbo. I think that would be a pretty good look for you, right? I could tell you exactly what to buy to complete your look. I could tell you now, but why ruin the surprise before you call me for cross dressing phone sex? It will be something really sexy, don’t worry!

I bet you are excited to hear what I’ll get you dressed up in. But what you don’t know is that once we are all dressed up, we’re going to go out and have a girls night at the bar. We will be the prettiest girls in the entire place. I bet men will be buying us drinks left and right. Oh, and maybe we could even pick up a guy and take him back to my house for some sexy fun. That sounds really good, doesn’t it? And don’t worry if it’s your first time… I will teach you exactly what to do, trust me. Before you know it, you will be a better cock sucker than me.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Chloe

What’s even more embarrassing than having a tiny little dick like you do? Well, having a barely legal girl make fun of you during small penis humiliation phone sex, of course! OMG. So, this one guy who called me recently told me that his little penis was smaller than a AA battery. Like, seriously? How the fuck is that useful to anyone? That’s right, it isn’t. I told him that he shouldn’t worry because I’d still be more than willing to talk to him as long as he kept paying and could handle the humiliation. He stayed on the phone with me for a really long time – I guess you losers know your place and have learned to love being humiliated and get turned on by it. That’s pretty fucked up to me. But it’s funny as fuck and I love it.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I know that some of you losers who call me for small penis humiliation phone sex have never even had sex with a woman. I mean, it’s not that shocking because no woman in her right mind would ever even let you try to put that little thing in her. It wouldn’t fit anyway, even if you tried. Do the women you get naked in front of laugh at you when they see your tiny dick? I bet they do! I know I would! I am only 18 so I haven’t had the bad luck to see a tiny dick in person yet, but I know I would laugh so hard if I did.

I love small penis humiliation phone sex so much and I know that even though it might be tough for you to admit it, you do too, shrimpy. All you have to do is call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Chloe and we’ll have some fun.

Phone Sex Tease Paige

I have been called a cock tease all of my life now you can taste some of me with my phone sex tease calls. I love teasing men making them crazy thinking about how I make their cocks feel. I know you will love the way I tease you making you hard then making you beg me to let you cum. I will have your cock up and down and throbbing with such excitement that you will hardly be able to control yourself. Making your cock rock hard is what I love doing and getting you to stroke it for me so you can cum just for me.

phone sex tease

I get so into my phone sex tease calls that I’m getting addicted to phone sex. My heart starts to beat my blood starts flowing and my clit tingling so fast that I can hardly control myself. I know nothing can replace being fucked for real but I’m here to tell you some of my calls have been that intense.

Many people say they had fun with a phone sex tease but very few really experience that hot, sweaty feeling that makes you so fucking horny that you explode all over yourself. I seem to do that so often lately that I’m like bring it on I can hardly wait until my phone rings. I know you would love to experience that kind of teasing yourself well you can just call me and we can explore our naughty sides together. I know you will hang up feeling like you just got fucked totally out of breath laying there with a very satisfy cock. Actually I like leaving my men that way mmmmm, totally exhausted and pleased. I only wish I could give all my caller my wet panties when I’m done with our call just so you can see just how wet they are.

Call me if you’re looking for an intense phone sex tease. It will be sexually satisfying for both of us, call me 1 888 70 HOT4U ask for Paige your new fuck toy.

Naughty Phone Sex with Paige

So you have been thinking about doing your first naughty phone sex call?? Well I’m so glad you are considering me to try your new call on. Let me introduce myself I’m Paige, a sexy phone sex entertainer that would love to guide you through your first call. I will talk about anything you would like I’m very open and very easy to talk too. I have a soft, sexy voice that can be so calming but I also can be very controlling. Guiding you into a very satisfying call will be my goal making your first time with me pleasurable.

naughty phone sex

I can role-play with you becoming any one that you may be fantasizing about like an old girl friend or someones wife. I know you think about things like that so don’t ever be embarrassed to bring them up. Some of you like to think about 2 woman together just talking about it makes most guy’s cum so hard. I can always get another girl on the line so we can do a 2 girl call making it twice as hot. I like to tease guy’s until their cocks go up and down driving you insane. But remember I will never leave you with blue-balls ever.

When making your naughty phone sex call you need to learn to relax and enjoy it so you get to experience the final explosion you want to have. Listening to each other and interacting is a good thing on the calls it helps me to go in the right direction. I do know that some of you prefer to let me do all the talking and you just play and enjoy either way is good. You can’t do anything wrong in phone sex because it’s what you are into or want that makes it so good. I can’t wait for you to call me and try naughty phone sex call with me I know we will have a great time together.

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