Panty Boy Phone Sex with Jamie

Hi to all you panty boy phone sex lovers! I know you’ve probably been wearing panties for a really long time, haven’t you? You just always knew you wanted to wear them and you were obsessed with them a long time before you put your first pair on. But the moment you stepped into a pair of silky panties, you knew you’d found the place where you belonged.

panty boy phone sex
What happened after you put on that first pair of panties? Did you go out and buy yourself a bunch of them? You probably started out by just wearing them at home after you got home from work, but pretty soon you started wearing them to work, too. You couldn’t help it. You just love the feeling of them up against your body, don’t you?

Or maybe you’re a different kind of panty boy phone sex lover. You love stealing panties of women you shouldn’t even be thinking about and jerking off with them. Don’t you just love the feel of those soft panties up against your dick? Do you put them up to your nose and sniff them while you’re stroking your cock? I bet you’ve even snuck into the bathroom of someone and jerked off with their dirty panties while they were in the next room over, haven’t you?

I wonder what would happen if she somehow caught you jerking it with her panties over your face. Do you think she’d be mad at you or do you think she would tell you to keep going while she watched you? Who knows what might happen… but I’d love to talk to you and see what you think might go down.

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Masturbation Phone Sex with Ramona

Masturbation Phone Sex is perfect for girls and guys like us who hate to masturbate alone – what fun is that anyhow? It is way more of a turn on to have someone listening to you jerk off or masturbate than doing it alone, don’t you agree? The best part for me is the orgasm, I can cum multiple times if the call is long enough and I try to cum at the same time as the caller I am talking to. Want to orgasm with me on a masturbation phone sex call?

masturbation phone sex

People ask me if I have a favorite phone sex fantasy, and I tell them as long as we both cum and have fun doing it, then that is all that matters. Everyone has fantasy’s that turn them on or turn them off, and I think staying away from the fantasies that turn us off is the better answer, hehe. Most of you do not have a lot of turn offs, which is great, for neither do I! I like to keep an open mind and try anything at least once… or twice… multiple times on some occasions, lol.  I do not have taboos, so feel free to ask me about anything. All topics are open for discussion, even the forbidden “cannot talk about that publicly” fantasy’s that most callers do end up wanting to talk about. I often will masturbate to these taboo fantasy’s, but it is always more enjoyable when you have someone to masturbate with who is thinking the same kind of thoughts. So, the question now is, what sexual fantasy are you thinking about and do you want to call me and tell me about it so we can masturbate together? I won’t take “no” for an answer 🙂

Cum have masturbation phone sex with Ramona… remember my name you will be M-O-A-N-I-N-G it later!

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Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Jamie

Are you ready to take an erotic hypnosis phone sex journey with me? I’m ready, but you need to be absolutely ready to surrender to me and let me take you to a place of ecstasy. It doesn’t matter what fantasy you have. Just tell me how you want our erotic hypnosis session to be, and I will make that happen for you. I want you to just lie back and close your eyes. Clear your mind of everything else except the sound of my voice. I promise that I will take you to the promised land, but you have to let me in so we can get you there.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Do you know what you want but you are just scared to say it out loud and admit it to yourself? Well, that’s what erotic hypnosis phone sex is good for. I will help you realize your true inner self and you’re going to become the person you were meant to be. Do you know deep down that you’re a sissy but you just are scared to admit it? I will take you under my spell and by the time you awaken, you will be a sissy on the outside, not just on the inside.

Or maybe you know you are meant to give everything you own to me and be dominated financially by me, but you just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Letting me take you under with hypnosis will cure all of those doubts and fears. You will give me every single penny you have if that’s what I tell you to do. I can’t wait until you wake up and just want to give, give give.

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Creampie Phone Sex with Stella

I am really surprised when I find out how many men have never tasted their own cum. I don’t expect every man to be into cum eating, but it seems like more of you all would be curious about what it tastes like. The first guy that I swallowed with had never eaten his own cum, or anyone else’s for that matter. There was this one man that wanted me swap his cum with me while we kissed, and that was a big turn on for me and we ended up having to go for round two. Then there are those men that call me for creampie phone sex and want to fill my pussy up with their cum. Having a creampie inside of me is one of the sexiest feelings I’ve had. Do all of my creampie men want to eait it? No, but a lot of them do.
Creampie Phone Sex

Do you want to be the one to put a thick creampie inside of your fantasy girl? Do you want to be asked to slurp it out of her while she enjoys the cleanup? Or are you a creampie phone sex caller that wants to watch a woman get fucked hard and filled up all of the way with another man’s hot load? Does your dick swell and rise when you think about watching her play with her runny messy pussy in front of you? It might be even hotter if she asks you to get in there and lick her totally clean. Something about it is so nasty but feeding a creampie to a man from my pussy that someone else gave me is a huge thing for me. It’s OK if we start with your own, but I would really love it if you’d be into eating another man’s creampie.

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Hot Phone Sex GFE Kinky Girlfriend Fantasy

Hot Phone Sex GFE

Oh, hey there. You caught me in the middle of getting ready for a hot phone sex GFE date! This kinky sweetheart likes to make sure every inch of her sexy flesh is ready to please you, baby cakes. Do you love fantasy date night? Are you a man who wishes your GF would enjoy kinky sex? I can guarantee that this curvy brunette loves to get freaky between the sheets! There isnt anything we cant try once, baby!

I will make sure every inch of me is scrumptious! When you run your fingers through my curls and pull I want you to marvel at how silky and soft my mane is. When you run your hands all over my body I want you to feel how smooth my skin is. And when you set your horny gaze on my hairy pussy I want you to noticed how trimmed and neat it is. I love male attention and when you are my fantasy boyfriend I will leave no part of me unkempt. I want our hot phone sex GFE call to be sizzling sexy for you so I become your number one girlfriend.

My tight little body was made for getting sweaty between the sheets! Look at my slender thighs! Can you imagine your face buried right between them? Me too! We could do a streamy 69 even! Dont worry about messing my perfect hair up, getting me all sweaty, or cum stained. I made myself pretty just for you to mess up. I want you to revel in my moans, kisses and sighs and if you like dirty talk I want you to enjoy the slut I turn into when we are all alone. Everything this kinky girlfriend does on a hot phone sex GFE call is for you, baby.

Maybe, you want to bring a 3rd person into our bedroom escapades? I think that would he super yummy! Male or female I am down! I just want to make you cum like you have never cum before. Dont think for a second that I wont be masturbating right along with you. Mutual masturbation is incredible and I cum really loud and sexy too, just in case you like that sort of thing. 😉

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Babysitter Phone Sex with Chloe

I’ve been a babysitter phone sex slut for a while now and I always fuck the dads I’m babysitting for, but nothing compares to the first time one of them fucked me. He came home from whatever he was out doing and I was telling him how I had to get home because if I didn’t, my cunt mother would get upset and ground me. I told him I deserved to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and that she should just keep her fucking mouth shut.

babysitter phone sex

He told me that I was being a brat and that I should respect my elders and never talk about them like that, especially my own mother. He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me down over his lap. My ass was in the air and he pulled my panties down and before I could even say anything, I felt his hand come down REALLY hard on my ass. I was feeling all kinds of different feelings – embarrassed, humiliated, and the one that really surprised me was that I could feel my pussy getting wet. And I could feel his cock getting hard up against my stomach.

Once my ass was tender and red, he told me to stand up and bend over. I thought he was going to spank me some more, but that’s when I felt the head of his big dick up against my bald cunt hole. I knew he was about to fuck me and what he didn’t know is that I was a virgin. He did not have any mercy on me at all. He just shoved his dick inside me all at once and boy did it hurt! I didn’t tell him it hurt, though. I mean, I was afraid to say anything for fear of getting another spanking.

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School Girl Phone Sex with Chloe

I’m not going to lie – I loved the way men would look at me when I was wearing my school girl phone sex uniform. I even taught myself to sew so I could make my skirt shorter than it was when I got it. I don’t know why you’re so surprised. I have always been pretty committed to being a slut. It always made me so happy when I would walk into a classroom and the teacher’s eyes would bulge out haha. Oh, and the most fun was when we would have a substitute teacher and they would see me for the first time. And then, of course, I would use their attraction to me to my advantage. It was always easy to get the subs to give me a good grade on the work we had to do while the regular teacher was out. But eventually the teacher caught on and he asked me why I was getting C’s when he was there and A’s every time we had a sub. So, I had to show him.

school girl phone sex

I walked over to the door and I locked it and then started unbuttoning my shirt as I walked back toward him. He acted like he was soooo offended that I would do such a thing, but he stopped protesting when I got down on my knees and got his dick in my mouth. Once he was nice and hard, I hopped up on his desk and spread my legs and he could see that I was not wearing any panties. Any guesses about what happened after that? I would be more than happy to tell you, but you have to call me first.

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Jamie

Hey! What are you doing in my bedroom with a pair of my panties on? Ugh! You’re such a pervert! You were supposed to be downstairs waiting on my brother to get home, but here you are, rubbing that tiny cock while you are wearing a pair of my pink, lacy boy shorts. What do you think your best friend is going to think when he finds out that you were up here in my room doing this? Do you think he’s going to enjoy knowing that his best friend of 20 years is a panty boy phone sex lover?

panty boy phone sex

Well, I won’t tell him, but you’re going to have to indulge me in a fantasy I’ve had for a long time. I want you to pull those panties to the side and let me fuck you with the strap on I fuck all of my girlfriends with. I’ve always wanted to do that to a man (if you can call yourself that) and now I’m going to get my chance. Oh, you don’t want to let me? Okay, fine. But if you don’t put your legs in the air right now, my brother is going to see this picture of you that I took before I let you know I was here. You’ll let me as long as I don’t show him? That’s what I thought! And you never know, you might even like it. A panty boy phone sex slut like you is probably aching to have his ass filled up, anyway. You really should be glad that you are letting me fuck you, because one other thing you don’t know yet is that I heard you moaning my brother’s name while you were touching yourself through my panties. What do you think he would say to THAT?

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Taboo Phone Sex with Ramona

Taboo phone sex covers a wide variety of fantasies and some fetishes. Most kinky forbidden fantasies are put into this category because they are considered actions that society frowns upon. From things we cannot talk about here (they are really taboo and I could get in trouble for talking about it) to things like cheating on your wife – you will be more turned on simply because you know it’s wrong, but you do it anyhow. Does a taboo phone sex fantasy come to mind now? Almost everyone has the dirty thoughts that can get us into trouble, you are not alone. Yes, that means I have similar thoughts too, hehe. I would be happy to share my taboo sexual fantasies with you.

taboo phone sex

You do not have to worry about me with taboos — I do it all! Anything goes essentially, I rarely say “no” as I like to keep an open mind and be able to offer taboo phone sex with no limits. If you are like me, then you have kinky fantasy’s in that head of yours that I really, really am wanting to hear about. There are no restrictions with me, tell me whatever is on your mind, I don’t care how crazy it may sound. Phone sex shouldn’t be boring anyhow, so let’s provide the entertainment, and get a party started, yeah!  Should also be clothing optional, don’t you think? Most definitely, I say! Once you are ready to party, give this hot red head a call. Hot taboo phone sex numbers ready to take your fantasy to the next level… are you ready for me?

Best time to call me is 1230pm thru 7pm Central time (CST).  Just ask for Ramona, 1-888-704-6848.

Size Queen Phone Sex Slut Maxine


This size queen phone sex slut love big monster cocks. Give me a big chubby to milk and I am a happy girl! My name is Maxine and you should know that this cock teasing vixen knows how to dress to titilate the male imagination. I wear expensive silk stockings and lacy satin garters.This girly girl practically lives in high heels too! If you are looking for a sexy package to unwrap and have your wicked way with I am the perfect fantasy girlfriend.

 I want to please you and hear your satisfied moans of pleasure as I suck your cock. It might sounds dirty but an ex boyfriend told me I can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Big dick makes me want to have steamy foreplay that ends up in your cum dripping down my chin or my inner thighs! This size queen phone sex slut would love to wrap her long legs around your waist and dig her heels into your sex ass while you pound my pussy into oblivion! Hold me down and impale me on your meat!

If you only have a tootsie roll of a dicky, its ok too. You can call me and confess you are a size queen phone sex slut too! Want to share a big one with me? Or, if you are new to being cock curious I can show you have to lick on that big pole till it explodes baby gravy all over both our faces! I love small penis humiliation lovers! I may be a size queen but I know how to share, baby! Give me a call and lets get nasty together! Whether you have a tiny cock or a meaty cock, I promise you wont regret have some fantasy fun with yours truly.

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