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hypnosis phone sexYou may already be addicted to erotic hypnosis, but if you aren’t, I will make you totally addicted to hypnosis phone sex.  And even if you are addicted, I will make you more of a hypno addict.  You will not even be able to exist without me or my all-encompassing mind control over you.  You won’t even be able to form a single thought in your melted down mind unless I tell you what to think and what to feel.  You will become my hypno puppet and this means you will surrender to me.  I am that powerful.  You need to call me now. You are already feeling that desperate desire to seek your next hypnosis phone sex fix to feed your addiction.  I can feel your addiction deepening, because you are calling more and more and doing longer calls as I command you to extend your calls using manipulative mind control.

It feels so good to surrender to a beautiful and powerful hypno Goddess like me.  You realize that your life would be perfect if you were to belong to me as a hypno slave.  Unburden yourself and don’t even worry about thinking or making decisions any more.  I will do all of that for you when I take over your mind.  It’s time to do a hypnosis phone sex call if you see me available.  If I am available, you know you are compelled through mesmerizing mind control to dial these numbers now 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for your hypno Goddess Serena.

AIM: Surrender2Serena
Yahoo: Surrendering2Serena

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