Cuckold Phone Sex with Belladonna

You poor pathetic thing – you do try hard, don’t you? No matter how hard you try, however, you know that your cock is wildly inadequate at sexually satisfying a woman like me, so you might as well just give up on trying that shit. I need more cock than that, and I need it hard, fast, and frequently. Don’t worry – I don’t mind if you want to watch. I don’t even mind if you want to get involved… as long as you remember your sad, little place through the whole sordid thing. You do get what I’m saying here, don’t you? You know you’re a weak beta cuck, and that cuckold phone sex is the only kind of phone sex for you. You probably couldn’t fool me into thinking you’re anything but a cuck anyway.

Cuckold Phone Sex

How many hopeful women have you disappointed with that small and useless dick? It’s probably scared of its own shadow at this point. Well, maybe there is a solution. You can finally satisfy a woman like me if you just let another man with a better cock step in and do all the heavy lifting. You may already be living as a cuck to the lovely woman in your life and her raging bull, and if that’s the case then you know cuckold phone sex is definitely for you!! I’d love to hear all about how well he shows you who the man in your cuckold dynamic really is. We all know it isn’t you, but it’s still fun to hear about how you’re reminded of who you are. And if you’re missing out on that and need your fix of shame and humiliation, just call Belladonna at 1 888 70 Hot4U for cuckold phone sex and I’ll make sure you get exactly what you need and deserve!

Cuckold Phone Sex with Delaney

Can you believe my boyfriend cheated on me? Would you ever cheat on a chick who looks like me? He said he’d do anything if I didn’t leave him. And that is how he became my little cuckold phone sex bitch! That fucker thought he’d get away with sticking his dick in some other slut’s cunt…well I say the punishment should fit the crime. I told him I wouldn’t dump him on one condition. He was to be my cuckold phone sex slave and do whatever I say while I force him to watch me fuck any guy and every guy I choose in front of him. And he would never ever have my pussy again. Ever! In fact, I made him sign a contract that he’d never cheat on me again and he agreed that he’d never get to fuck me again or I’d leave him and take him for everything he’s worth. I have to say it actually worked out for me in a sweet way. Now I get to fuck any guy I want in our bed and he can’t say shit about it. And not only that, he has to be my cuckold phone sex bitch for life!

cuckold phone sex

I love making him fluff up my lovers cocks for me and lick their asses and suck their balls while they slam their dicks in me…especially knowing how much it hurts him to see another man have me when he never will again. He’s actually become a pretty good creampie eater to be honest. At first, he hated eating another man’s spunk. But now he loves it because it’s the only time he ever gets to taste my pussy. He’s lucky he even gets that. But I have to admit, I really love having a cuckold phone sex slave for a boyfriend and I LOVE having as many cocks as I want whenever I want. So, in a way, he did me a favor!

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BBC Phone Sex with Paige

All you boys with little dicks are craving that BBC phone sex like crazy!  You can’t get enough of seeing me with that giant black cock stuffing my sweet pussy, drool running out of the corner of your mouth, waiting to taste that sweet cum.  I see your tongue sticking out and you licking your lips, anticipating licking that juice off that cock, out of my pussy while we laugh at you’re your teeny cock trying to grow so you can make it cum too!  I can’t even imagine how you make that little dick of your cum, rubbing it with your thumb and finger ‘cuz you’re too tiny for more than that.

BBC phone sex

I like grabbing your hair and forcing that big black cock down your throat, watching you swallow every drop and slurp it down.  I can see by the look in your eyes that you love it and you’re hungry for more!  Don’t worry, slut, I am going to make sure you get fed all of that huge, creamy cum load you’re starving for…and then some.  I am not going to let you lay a hand on your teeny cock until you have licked, drank, and swallowed every creamy drop that spills from that huge, throbbing black cock.  Open that greedy mouth and stuff those balls in, then deepthroat as much as you can of that big dick!  Look me in the eyes *giggles* while I push your throat up and down on that cock you’re so envious of!

If you behave like a good submissive slut and keep that thing nice and hard we’ll keep letting you clean up the mess.  I hope you are ready to thank me properly, especially if you want me to keep arranging these little parties for you…

I am really looking forward to the next time we can have BBC phone sex.
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Delaney

I love to think about the first time I made a guy my cuckold phone sex bitch. It always gets me so hot! I had started dating this big guy — football player, super tall and crazy muscular. That is what attracted me to him in the first place. He seemed so manly. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I found out that his masculinity didn’t extend itself to his cock. It was just shy of average. But since he was such a big guy, it looked minuscule. It was such a letdown, but I didn’t want to be a bitch about it, so I stuck around.

cuckold phone sex

I was so bummed and was on the lookout for some real cock when I met one of his teammates. A big ebony Adonis of a man who was sporting a serious bulge. It wasn’t too long before I found a way to let Mandingo know that I was DTF. I invited him to my place and we got down to the good stuff in no time. It only took once to get me hooked on that massive stellar cock. It was so good that I stopped caring if my boyfriend found out. He finally walked in and caught me on my hands and knees taking that horse cock like a champ. He just stood there with his mouth open, he didn’t even say a word. We were mid fuck and not about to stop. I told him he could watch or go away, but I saw that his cock was hard and of course, he stayed and watched his teammate put on a fuck clinic. He had a front-row seat and saw the way a real man laid pipe. I was moaning and whimpering, and he had never heard me (or any woman) do that before. He furiously jerked off and came several times. He even encouraged me to fuck his teammate whenever I wanted to so he could clean me up after.

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cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sex

Usually I cage up my entertainers after the circus, but today my dear you will be the one getting locked up! Don’t panic, I have the key it is in the middle of  that big ass ice block beside you! Good luck on that by the way, I doubt it will melt very quickly. Hmm…why do you look so shocked? What? Did you think I was going to be nice to you? Doesn’t the name Cherry mean anything to you? I am a freak of nature & tonight my dear, you will be my display tonight. Just imagine you’ll be on display for the whole world to see. Just watch as they march into the tent, jaws dropping, as they check out my brand new circus freak. Step right up & check out my cuck! What? Don’t tell me that you’re not a cuckold phone sex slut! I know better! That’s it! Step right up! Come and see the cuck! Don’t miss out on the smallest dick in the world! So pathetic! It’s useless. We may even have to provide our patrons with a pair of binoculars. That might be helpful. I mean I can’t charge people to see…well nothing! I bet you can already hear it, can’t you? Do you hear the evil laughs from the crowd as they gawk at you? It will be so amusing to watch as they throw dildos into your cage & shout absurd names at you. It’s going to be HUGE. Not your clitty that you are trying to pass off as a cock, but the show. The show slut, will be HUGE. I think I’ll even bring in a trainer with a real cock. A man with at least 12 inches. That will do the trick! What? Speak up! What’s that? Oh I see, you don’t think you can handle being trained & fucked by a man that large? Too bad, the show must go on cuck! It’s no like you’re getting out of that cage anytime soon! You fucking useless slutty cuckold phone sex freak! Ticket sales are going to explode! Step right up, come & see the cuck! What can I say, I’m a freak!

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