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I have a confession to make. I am addicted to orgasms, yes really, I am. I don’t think there is a day since I was in highschool that I have not masturbated. When I started this gig as a phone sex operator, OMG let me tell you, I had orgasm after orgasm. A caller even bought me one of those magic wand vibrators that I know some of the other girls have too, and it is the best vibrator I have EVER had!! I even lent it to a friend once for only one night (i missed it soooo much) and she messaged me the next day saying she immediately bought herself one off amazon. Apparently she came so hard she couldn’t walk for 20 minutes afterwards (wish I could have been there to watch — yes, I like watching, hehe).

phone sex

Using the magic wand, I did an orgasm marathon one night. I had 9 orgasms over like 7-8 hours, it is still my record to today. Have I tried to beat it? Well, one night I had one of my favorite callers call my phone sex line and it got me in the mood to try. Sadly I got interrupted when the power went out, OOF lol. Maybe you can get me in the mood again to try? I can even get out the vibrator for you so you can hear how powerful it is, sooooo good!!

Speaking of masturbation and phone sex, what gets you in the mood to masturbate? Also, what is your record for number of orgasms? I know it’s different for guys vs girls, I am just curious since I know several of you have very high sex drives and call a lot too. Way better to masturbate with a sexy voice talking to you on the phone than alone, am I right? Now after all this talk about masturbating, I think I need to go get myself off 🙂

Talk soon guys (and girls). Call and ask for Ramona.

mutual masturbation phone sex with ramona

mutual masturbation phone sex

Masturbation is best when shared with others, don’t you think? Sure, we all masturbate alone too, but I get off so much harder when I am on the phone with someone having mutual masturbation phone sex, or that someone is watching me cum. I like hearing the other person moan with me, hearing how turned on they are, hearing them cum with me. I like to visualize myself beside them, wondering what it would feel like to have their hands all over me, to feel their fingers slide inside my pussy when I cum. Am I making you hard yet? (Big Grin)

Let’s have mutual masturbation phone sex together, let’s talk dirty! I could tell you a story, or you could tell me one, but I have a confession — I WILL be playing with myself the whole time. Won’t you join me? Whether your fantasy is wild & crazy, whether your dick is big or small, mutual masturbation phone sex is for everyone. I want to hear you cum — and cum HARD! I want you to pant, moan my name (or even scream it) when you cum!  Imagine ourselves in the same room together, how would things play out? I can tell you right now (or maybe this should be a warning) that most men cannot keep up with me. I’ve met quite a few women who can (yes, I am bi-sexual) but very few men. Can you keep up with me? How many times can you cum in one night? Or, I guess the question is, how many times can you cum in one night, Ramona? Come and find out…

I want YOU to cum with me… yeah, YOU! Pick up the phone and call me, I am waiting! Call for mutual masturbation phone sex with Ramona at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

mutual masturbation phone sex

mutual masturbation phone sex

Hello boys, my name is Ramona. Who knew that I would grow up and become a phone sex operator, but I absolutely love it!  I am a mutual masturbation phone sex freak, addicted to it in fact, where I have to masturbate at least once a day (often twice). A lot of the callers I get are mutual masturbation phone sex freaks, just like me. We really get off together!  That is the great thing about phone sex, it allows us to share our deepest darkest dirtiest fantasies with someone we will never meet. It’s a way to release all that pent up sexual energy too — I know I have a lot of it 🙂

Your ultimate mutual masturbation phone sex session awaits — call Ramona anytime at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

mutual masturbation phone sex

I love getting wet! In more ways than one. I’m Tanya a naughty girl with big fuckable tits who loves getting dirty. Sometimes I think it’s the only reason I get all cleaned up is just to get dirty again. I really love sliding my dildo into my pussy while you listen and stroke your cock. Mutual masturbation phone sex really makes me cum hard. I want to hear you, help you while you help me. I wonder if you’d like to hear how wet my pussy gets after I cum. All you have to do is ask. I enjoy sharing! I also love licking my sweet juices off my favorite dildo and you’re more than welcome to listen to that, too. I think it’s time for some mutual masturbation phone sex, so cum get wet with me and we’ll roleplay any phone sex you like.

Your phone sex Princess, Tanya

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